Denmark Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Denmark?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: December 8, 2019
First submittedFebruary 20, 2014
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Official language
Name for the country
in that language
Capital city
Most populous island
Main peninsula
Theme park opened in 1843
Tivoli Gardens
Bordering country
Colourful plastic bricks
Second largest city
Northern Atlantic island group
Faroe Islands
World's largest island
Shakespeare play set in Denmark
Current monarch
Margrethe II
Major Christian branch
Statue in the harbor of the capital
The Little Mermaid
"Autonomous" hippie
neighborhood of the capital
Fairy tale writer
Hans Christian
Existential philosopher
Søren Kierkegaard
Most popular beer brand globally
Explorer and namesake of a strait
Vitus Bering
Seas that Denmark borders
North Sea
Baltic Sea
Level 37
Apr 1, 2014
How did I forgot Zealand? Of all the answers...
Level 57
Jan 19, 2015
You should probably accept HC Andersen. That is how he is mostly referred to in Denmark.
Level ∞
Oct 19, 2016
Okay, but in the future you can save time by just typing last names.
Level 25
Jun 20, 2015
I would argue, that Tuborg is the most popular beer brand! ;)
Level 63
Jan 28, 2020
I thought the same. Maybe the question should specify that it is the most popular brand worldwide. There is no doubt that Tuborg is the most popular brand among Danes. As a teenager who knows a lot of young people, it is a well-known fact that Tuborg tastes better than Carlsberg. You could argue that Carlsberg owns Tuborg, but in common use Tuborg is the more popular of the two (among Danes).
Level ∞
May 30, 2020
Added "globally" to the question, thanks.
Level 44
Oct 13, 2016
As already mentioned, please accept själland/sjaelland for zealand but also jylland for jutland.
Level ∞
Oct 19, 2016
Level 70
Jun 7, 2017
And please accept 西兰 for Zealand, thankyou.
Level 73
Jun 7, 2017
haha, good one @Malbaby XD
Level 66
Mar 24, 2020
Please can you accept Vesterhavet or West Sea for North Sea?
Level 57
Jun 5, 2017
Great quiz. I was pleasantly surprised to get 13
Level 56
Jun 5, 2017
Happy Denmark Day! My friend is Danish and we've been counting down the days.
Level 67
Jun 5, 2017
Aarhus sounds like a very, very, very fine house.
Level 78
Jun 5, 2017
:) With two cats in the yard?
Level 81
Oct 7, 2018
very, very, very fine *hoose
Level 57
Jun 6, 2017
Should have got more - was just in Copenhagen yesterday
Level 75
Jun 8, 2017
No chance for me of getting Kierkegaard - he's not mentioned in Monty Python's Philosophers Song
Level 55
Jun 13, 2017
May I get Faeroer for Faroe Islands?
Level 81
Oct 7, 2018
Dang. Tried Danemark. So close . . .
Level 41
Mar 10, 2019
really good quiz btw from denmark
Level 53
Feb 29, 2020
Accept 'dansk' for language? I tried that first before going back and writing Danish.
Level ∞
May 30, 2020
Level 33
Aug 9, 2020
I love these country quizzes but makes me realise how much I don't know!