Jordan Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Jordan?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: May 22, 2020
First submittedJanuary 2, 2016
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Capital city
Official language
Countries that border Jordan
Saudi Arabia
The country of Jordan is named for a ...
Former name of the region
Current king
Abdullah II
Current queen consort
Queen Rania
Former king, 1952–1999
Sea that Jordan borders via the Gulf of Aqaba
Red Sea
Inland sea whose shores are the world's lowest point on land
Dead Sea
Ancient city that is Jordan's most popular tourist attraction
Jordan was a "protectorate" of this country from 1921–1946
United Kingdom
Region, starting with L, that Jordan is a part of
The Levant
Filmmakers sometimes visit Wadi Rum because it resembles the surface of ...
Official name of Jordan
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Chickpea dip often served with pita
Level 78
May 23, 2020
Got Ranier on the brain for the queen and never could quite get the correct name.
Level 82
Sep 27, 2020
I only missed that one because I spelled it wrong.
Level 49
Jun 11, 2020
Very nice!

Can we accept "houmous" as well as "hummus" please?

Level 63
Jun 22, 2020
Seconded! Love the quiz, and houmous for hummus would be a good shout :)
Level ∞
Jun 22, 2020
Houmous will work now.
Level 70
Jul 27, 2020
Is hummus officially from Jordan then? I think they have some competition in this respect, namely every other country in the Middle East.
Level 85
Sep 27, 2020
I swear, every time I see that temple I'm thinking that's where they keep the Holy Grail.
Level 82
Sep 27, 2020
Tourist tips for those going to Jordan: Petra is indeed impressive but the price is exorbitant and you might end up feeling it's not worth it. CouchSurf or make friends with some of the bedouin in the area and they can bring you in the back way where you don't have to pay. If you take a day trip in from Israel it's even more expensive than if you are staying in Jordan.

Jerash is one of the best-preserved Roman cities I've ever seen. Umm Qais up north is nice, too. Both are *way* cheaper than visiting Petra, and in my opinion Jerash is better.

Wadi Rum does indeed look surreal and extraterrestrial. Very similar to the landscape in Northeast Saudi Arabia.

The Dead Sea can be visited from both the Jordanian and Israeli sides. The Jordanian side is cheaper and less crowded. The Israeli side is nicer.

Aqaba is beautiful, too.

Level 56
Sep 27, 2020
Intresting, thank you for the tips.
Level 52
Sep 27, 2020
As with all of these tourist attractions, you pay for the restoration, the upkeep, the security guards, etc.
Level 82
Sep 27, 2020
Nah. With this one you are paying for the international celebrity of the place and they are price-gouging. I mean, I'm sure that upkeep and security costs of Petra is not literally 8x as much as Jerash. But that's how much more the ticket price is.
Level 54
Sep 27, 2020
where would you recommend to travel; Jordan or Oman?
Level 82
Sep 27, 2020
I've never been to Oman. I have friends who visited or even lived there; they all said it was great. But I can't make a comparison from personal experience. To me Jordan seemed more interesting, and it was also on the way since I was coming from Saudi Arabia and headed to Egypt (2010) and Israel (2014). In 2014 I stayed in Jordan for a few weeks before moving on.
Level 22
Oct 1, 2020
I disagree a bit. I thought Petra was soo worth it!! Good advice in general though.
Level 57
Jan 21, 2021
I see that the ticket price has indeed rocketed since I was there in 2004 but even at today's prices it has to be worth it. If you are visiting Jordan, you surely have to go to Petra. Wadi Rum is also stunning