Philippines Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the Philippines?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: May 16, 2020
First submittedFebruary 5, 2014
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Capital city
Most populous city
(a part of the metro area above)
Quezon City
Second biggest metro area
Largest islands
Type of natural disaster
that struck in 2013
Controversial current President
Rodrigo Duterte
Former first lady / shoe collector
Imelda Marcos
Explorer who died
in the Philippines in 1521
Countries that occupied
the Philippines
United States
Most-spoken language
Filipino (Tagalog)
Volcano that erupted in 1991, the
biggest eruption in 108 years
Mount Pinatubo
Slang term for a person from the
Philippines (hint: starts with P)
U.S. general who was also a
Field Marshal of the Phillipine army
Douglas MacArthur
Hills that turn brown in the dry season
Chocolate Hills
Boxer who was a world champion
in eight divisions
Manny Pacquiao
Level 83
Jun 12, 2014
Tornado, hurricane, cyclone... forgot what one of those things was called in that part of the world.
Level 74
Jun 12, 2014
Can you accept hurricane & cyclone please? They mean the same as "typhoon"
Level 78
Jun 13, 2014
Except for their location. In the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans they are hurricanes, in the Indian Ocean they are cyclones, but in the western Pacific they are typhoons. Tornadoes are a completely different critter.
Level 79
Nov 30, 2015
@ander that is not definitive. In Australia (western Pacific) they are called cyclones and we get them quite regularly.
Level 81
Aug 14, 2018
That's like saying it's not water because someone is drinking a glass of the same stuff in Kyrgyzstan. Then we have to call it something different just to be "right" to whoever arbitrarily made up a silly rule for everyone else.
Level 67
May 23, 2020
@someone that is how things usually work though, that why we call a chair a chair and not a couch, eventhough you can sit on both. Why we call one thing rain and another snow, while it is both precipation etc. (it is actually hard to find words where those distinction aren't there)

(but if I was in charge of naming things, I don;t think I would make the distinction in this case, but, it is how the language evolved.)

Level 32
Jun 16, 2014
I'm a little disappointed that you chose to add people like Imelda Marcos and Manny Pacquiao in the quiz over someone like Agapito Flores or other people who actually made the world a better place.
Level 81
Aug 3, 2019
Fame versus who?
Level 73
May 17, 2020
Person who some Filipinos erroneously believe to be the inventor of the fluorescent lamp? Agapito Flores.
Level 25
Nov 15, 2015
I LOOOOVEEE PH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO #ALDUB
Level 48
Mar 27, 2018
got them all with 3:14 remaining time..
Level 46
Oct 5, 2019
Isn’t Samar larger than Negros?
Level 18
May 8, 2020
Palawan is also an island.
Level 74
May 17, 2020
disapponted angeles city didn't make the was voted as having the best hookers in the world in 1996 by hustler magazine
Level 74
May 17, 2020
quezon city was answered correctly by 27 percent more people than was duterte? weird
Level 67
May 23, 2020
Maybe because Quezon city has been a city longer than Duterte has been president?... And not everybody is into politics, imo locations are much easier to remember than names. Political leaders come and go, cities tend to stick around a lot longer ( though sometimes are renamed along the way..)

not so weird to me, unless you life in the Philippines or a country next to it.

Level 66
Jul 2, 2020
The Philippines was also struck by an earthquake one month before Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit. If the answer could be accepted too that would be great
Level 58
Jul 8, 2020
I thought Davao was more populous than Cebu. Well, guess I'm wrong...