Singapore Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the city-state of Singapore?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: May 30, 2020
First submittedDecember 19, 2015
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Meaning of "Singapore"
The Lion City
Official languages
Singapore Dollar
Country which founded the modern city in 1819
United Kingdom
Country which invaded Singapore in 1942
Prime Minister from 1959–1990, often considered a "benevolent dictator"
Lee Kuan-Yew
Singapore's latitude (to the nearest whole number)
1° North
Term used to describe the economies of Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea
Four Asian Tigers
Singapore has the second-busiest ___ in the world, after Shanghai
Famous shopping street, once the site of spice and fruit plantations
Orchard Road
Popular but stinky fruit which is banned on the subway
Famous water-spitting statue
Candy that was banned in 1992
Chewing gum
Gin cocktail with cherry and pineapple
Singapore Sling
Weapon used to inflict corporal punishment
Term for an open-air food court
Hawker Centre
Sea on the eastern end of the Singapore Strait
South China Sea
Singapore has the lowest TFR in the world. What does TFR stand for?
Total Fertility Rate
Level 75
May 30, 2020
TFR is 2nd behind Vatican City?
Level ∞
May 30, 2020
Nope. Vatican most likely has a very high TFR as has been pointed out several times before.

Level 68
Nov 6, 2021
Even so, are you sure the question about fertility rate is right? Wikipedia and World Bank both say that Malta and South Korea are lower than Singapore.
Level 73
Jun 1, 2020
I knew that chewing gum was banned, but I didn't put it in because I didn't know that it was CANDY?
Level 67
Jun 2, 2020
Unless this is meant as one of those british-american arguments. It is sweet and has no nutritional value, taken for enjoyment ( or habit, nerves, trying to quit smoking etc ;) ) not for nourishment. So makes sense, where else would you place it.

I do have to admit that hubbabbubba or bubalicous or another name was bazooka I think, feel more like candy than sportlife or stimirol, or something*, those aren't usua;;y in bright colors and taste like mint. I guess the ones you could call bubblegum feel more candy, but well neither are vegetables, or grain or fruit or meat etc

* other brands áre available ;)

Level 72
Jul 21, 2020
Very amusing
Level 80
Sep 4, 2020
For me the distinction is hidden behind the rather vague word "taken". Candy is something you eat.
Level 85
Apr 22, 2021
The difference for me is that candy is consumed. Gum is eventually discarded.
Level 63
Oct 22, 2020
I tried bubble gum. Isn't that the same thing? Only got 7 on this quiz. Not good.
Level 67
Jun 2, 2020
anyone else typed frame rate? I couldn't stop myself.. :D
Level 40
Jul 20, 2020
20/21 8-)
Level 61
Jul 23, 2020
Harbor/harbour should work for port right?
Level 58
Mar 3, 2021
It really should
Level 61
Aug 16, 2020
malay can also be called bahasa melayu, which won't work when typed in.
Level 73
Oct 22, 2020
That's like asking why 'hanyu' wouldn't be accepted (which admittedly would be easier to write), or 'the language of English'. Why have it easy when you can make it more complicated for yourself?
Level 40
Sep 5, 2020
i live in singapore yay
Level 86
Oct 22, 2020
Surprisingly easy for me. Only missed three.
Level 83
Oct 22, 2020
blah. As usual I missed the question aimed at alcoholics. :-P
Level 73
Oct 23, 2020
Look, alcoholics have a severe handicap when it comes to quizzes, so they need a spot of assistance, don't they?
Level 83
Oct 25, 2020
yeah it's fine
Level 62
Oct 22, 2020
I think Singapore is a Sanskrit name. "Singh(sing)" means lion and "Pur(Pore)" means city.
Level 60
Oct 22, 2020
Yes, it does come from Sanskrit. Singapore (Singapura in Malay) comes from the words you mentioned in Sanskrit
Level 50
Oct 23, 2020
It's more Tamil than Sanskrit, really. Singam is Tamil for lion, closer than the Sanskrit equivalent of sinha.
Level 57
Oct 22, 2020
I am pretty sure it is Tamil, singa meaning lion. Sanskrit and Tamil are pretty similar, though
Level 22
May 1, 2021
but it's actually took from Malay, Singa means lion, and Pore/Pura means temple or city

It may be true from Sanskrit but it is actually from Malay because it is a Malay land which was originally named Tumasik

Level 35
Oct 22, 2020
who else was really helped out by this quiz because they have watched the Formula 1 race before in Singapore?
Level 34
Jan 15, 2021
I watch it but it didn't help me in this
Level 65
Jan 1, 2021
extremely difficult
Level 45
Jun 9, 2021
Singapore TFR is not the lowest in the world now (2021), it's Taiwan now, maybe update the quiz?
Level 22
Oct 1, 2021
No one in singapore drinks singaporean slings.

that's why it was so hard for me as a singaporean