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Quiz by shimpals
Last updated: May 26, 2014
First submittedMay 26, 2014
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Earth's natural satellite
Gravity so strong that no light can escape
Black hole
A shooting star entering the earth's atmosphere
Force of matter attraction
"Seven Sisters"
We are all made of ____ _____.
Star stuff
Nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way
Photo of thousands of galaxies, taken by this telescope
Hubble Space Telescope
July 1969: "The _____ has landed"
Cloud where stars are born
Black hole's point of no return
Event horizon
Human time capsule sent to extraterrestrials
Three celestial bodies in a straight line
Location of the highest observatory in the world
Atacama Desert, Chile
"The Big Dipper" or "The Great Bear"
Ursa Major
Level 37
May 27, 2014
Accept m31 for andromeda
Level 12
Jun 18, 2014
Level 39
Jul 22, 2015
I think Subaru should be accepted for Pleiades
Level 52
Aug 21, 2016
Accept Schwarzschild Radius for Event Horizon
Level 20
Feb 12, 2017
Event Horizon is actually way more common
Level 20
Feb 12, 2017
Also schwarzschild radius too much complicated
Level 26
Mar 6, 2019
The event horizon and the Swarzchild radius are two different things. The Swarzchild radius is the amount of force that an object must be squeezed into to create a black hole. The Event Horizon is the point where light can not escape the black hole. They are very different things.
Level 23
Feb 23, 2017
Star Stuff is completely unscientific, need to have better vocabulary. For example, Star Matter
Level 21
Dec 31, 2017
star stuff? accept "stellar material" from smarter people
Level 67
Jan 2, 2019
To the people demanding "more intelligent" answers than star stuff. It is a (well) known expression. Not just a definition of what we are made of. Otherwise the answers could be quite divers, blood and bones, atoms, carbon etc etc. (like on another quiz, what do you count when you want are trying to fall asleep. well you could basicly count anything, beer bottles works well.. but the expression is sheep)
Level 63
Mar 12, 2019
Thank you!
Level 67
Jan 2, 2019
only 35% got ursa major :o that totally surprised me. I really wonder why so few people knew that one ( usually the percentages do not really surprise me, and if they do I can usually come up with a plausible reason, this is the first time I really wondered why it is this low I would have expected about 60%). I think it is the most known one
Level 38
Apr 24, 2020
It took me a while as well, because I tried "Ursa Maior" (which, I believe, is the original Latin spelling)