Kill Bill Trivia

How much do you know about this epic revenge saga?
Quiz by JustinBurgess
Last updated: November 10, 2014
First submittedNovember 8, 2014
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Every bloody little detail...
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Who is seeking revenge?
The Bride
What is her real name?
Beatrix Kiddo
What is her codename?
Black Mamba
Who did she work for?
What was his codename?
The Snake Charmer
Who was #1 on the list?
O-ren Ishii
What was #1's codename?
Who was #2 on the list?
Vernita Green
What was #2's codename?
Who was #3 on the list?
What was #3's codename?
Who was #4 on the list?
Elle Driver
What was #4's codename?
California Mountain Snake
When assembled, what are all of the above?
The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
Who assisted them in the massacre?
Sofie Fatale
Who trained all of the above?
Who made their swords?
Hattori Hanzo
Who is Bill's "father figure"/mentor?
Esteban Vihaio
How many are killed at the massacre?
How many were really killed?
What event is taking place at the time?
Wedding Rehearsal
What is the name of the groom?
Tommy Plympton
What is the name of the pianist?
What is the name of the Sheriff called to the scene?
Earl McGraw
Who witnesses the death of #2?
What cereal contained the gun?
What is the name of #1's gang?
The Crazy 88
Who is the head of the gang?
Johnny Mo
Who is #1's personal body guard?
Gogo Yubari
What is her weapon of choice?
Ball and Chain
Where does the showdown take place?
The House of Blue Leaves
Who does the waiter supposedly look like?
Charlie Brown
Which boss does #1 behead?
Boss Tanaka
What does #3 shoot The Bride with?
Rock Salt
What is the name of the grave she is buried in?
Paula Schultz
What has #3 supposedly pawned?
His Hanzo Sword
How is he related to Bill?
He's His Brother
What drink does he make for #4?
Frozen Margarita
How is he killed?
Black Mamba
How did #4 kill Pai-Mei?
Poisoned Fish Heads
Whose sword does #4 fight with?
The Bride's
Whose sword does The Bride fight with?
How is #4 defeated?
The Bride Snatches Out Her Eye
Who does the Bride find in Bill's home?
Her Daughter
What does Bill shoot The Bride with?
Truth Serum
How does the Bride kill Bill?
The Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Level 18
Oct 7, 2015
it wasn't a wedding, but a wedding rehersal
Level 45
Nov 1, 2015