Suggested Quizzes

Based on All Islands on the World Map by Scambigol

0 Island Countries Quiz0-74%4.99322,952
1 Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds0-49%4.981,946,078
2 Countries of the World with an Empty Map0-77%5.001,290,977
3 Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds0-70%5.001,269,577
4 Random Countries on the World Map0-80%5.00264,360
5 All 1M Cities by Proximity0-79%5.00199,087
6 US States with an Empty Map0-88%5.00174,236
7 Countries by Clue #10-81%4.93121,575
8 100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Map0-63%4.95121,566
9 100 Biggest Cities on a World Map0-61%4.98117,783
10 Countries of Europe with an Empty Map0-93%5.00108,463
11 Countries With the Most Islands0-80%4.8756,109
12 15 Biggest Island Countries0-80%4.9849,343
13 Countries with Multiple Big Islands0-81%4.9139,275
14 Asian Island Nations0-81%4.8432,739
15 Most Dispersed Island Nations0-76%4.9415,474
16 Countries of the World Quiz0-55%5.0014,742,071
17 US States Quiz0-74%5.005,910,801
18 United States Map Quiz0-64%4.982,755,241
19 Europe Map Quiz0-64%5.002,371,442
20 World Capitals Quiz0-41%5.002,329,691
21 Africa Map Quiz0-59%5.001,167,997
22 Random Capital to Country0-60%4.991,109,872
23 Country Flags Quiz #10-90%4.971,034,909
24 East Asia Map Quiz0-82%4.99868,028
25 South America Map Quiz0-78%4.99800,944
26 US State Capitals Quiz0-60%4.99771,305
27 Countries that Start with B0-64%4.97764,020
28 Middle East Map Quiz0-82%4.99761,218
29 Countries that Start with A0-72%4.97676,138
30 Countries that Start with C0-73%4.95603,081
31 Biggest Countries by Population Quiz0-79%5.00598,754
32 Countries of Europe Quiz0-86%5.00590,617
33 Countries that Start with S0-69%4.94587,020
34 Europe Capitals Quiz0-71%4.99573,596
35 Countries of Africa0-79%5.00523,163
36 All Country Flags of the World0-46%5.00502,749
37 Countries that Start with G0-72%4.97482,391
38 Biggest Countries by Area Quiz0-80%4.99443,790
39 Countries that Start with M0-70%4.95440,346
40 Countries that Start with E0-66%4.93421,613
41 Countries that Start with I0-77%4.91405,121
42 Countries that Start with P0-77%4.90398,566
43 Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-57%4.87371,570
44 Countries that Start with N0-72%4.92365,674
45 Random Country to Capital0-65%4.96361,889
46 Country Flags Quiz #20-75%4.99361,590
47 Countries that Start with L0-77%4.96352,775
48 Countries of Asia Quiz0-81%5.00345,795
49 Asia Map Quiz0-68%4.99340,992
50 Country Shape Quiz #10-81%4.93332,465
51 Countries in World War II Quiz0-70%4.81325,820
52 Countries that Start with T0-72%4.86304,271
53 Canada Map Quiz0-69%4.98303,690
54 Oceania Map Quiz0-43%4.96286,661
55 Biggest Cities in the World Quiz0-52%4.82273,600
56 Countries that Start with U0-85%4.98265,596
57 Counties of England Quiz0-56%4.93250,520
58 UK Cities Map Quiz0-66%4.85248,565
59 Africa Capitals Quiz0-56%4.97248,224
60 Country Flags Quiz #30-60%4.96240,172
61 Flags of Europe Quiz0-71%4.98234,684
62 Asia Capitals Quiz0-64%4.95222,060
63 Countries with the Longest Coastlines0-85%4.89209,639
64 Countries that Start with K0-66%4.96199,225
65 Countries with the Most Tourists Quiz0-79%4.88191,726
66 Europe Cities Map Quiz0-83%4.98183,197
67 Counties of England Map Quiz0-51%4.83183,102
68 Word Scramble - U.S. States0-80%4.88182,964
69 Northernmost Countries Quiz0-90%4.98181,884
70 Countries of Oceania0-85%5.00181,434
71 Smallest Countries by Population and Area0-70%4.98180,555
72 Countries of North America Quiz0-82%4.98179,502
73 Countries with the Most Borders Quiz0-68%4.95174,563
74 Spanish-Speaking Countries Quiz0-81%4.98170,527
75 Countries Bordering Russia Quiz0-85%4.99168,434
76 One Border Countries Quiz0-64%4.97167,728
77 Country Shape Quiz #20-75%4.97166,968
78 South America Capitals Quiz0-75%4.97166,146
79 Countries with Four Letters Quiz0-80%4.99158,776
80 Biggest Metro Areas in the USA0-54%4.98158,049
81 Majority Muslim Countries Quiz0-77%4.97156,853
82 USA States in Alphabetical Order0-72%4.98154,629
83 Landlocked Countries Quiz0-73%4.99154,006
84 Top Five Countries By Category #10-71%5.00154,056
85 Countries that Start with V0-75%4.98154,027
86 Countries of South America0-91%4.99149,593
87 Countries Bordering France0-90%4.94147,436
88 World Map without 12 Countries0-75%4.99147,312
89 World Capitals by Proximity0-51%4.91146,761
90 Countries with the Most Billionaires0-80%4.92140,673
91 Most Populous Countries A-Z0-78%4.98138,514
92 Countries Bordering Germany0-88%4.99135,304
93 Europe by Borders in 30 Seconds0-84%4.98132,471
94 Countries with the Biggest GDPs0-86%4.87130,380
95 "Land" Countries0-80%4.96128,502
96 United States Cities Map Quiz0-76%4.95126,535
97 Flags of Asia Quiz0-66%4.99124,147
98 Canada Provinces and Territories Quiz0-76%4.99122,920
99 Richest Countries by Per-Capita GDP0-76%4.88122,134
100 Country Shape Quiz #30-62%4.89121,772
101 Countries with the Most Military Troops0-80%4.91121,494
102 Countries and Languages Quiz0-66%4.81121,212
103 EU Countries Quiz0-88%4.98116,943
104 Cars by Country Quiz0-76%4.94114,829
105 Countries with Five Letters Quiz0-70%4.97112,975
106 Countries with the Longest Total Borders0-75%4.99112,792
107 Five Most Populated Countries by Continent0-83%4.99112,128
108 Countries with Nuclear Weapons0-80%4.88111,876
109 Southernmost Countries of the World0-75%4.99111,451
110 British Commonwealth Countries Quiz0-61%4.91111,145
111 Biggest Cities by Language Quiz0-70%4.91109,940
112 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy0-80%4.85107,587
113 Countries with Z0-73%4.98105,595
114 Europe Capital to Country0-80%4.98104,299
115 Five Closest Countries by Country #10-77%5.00101,905
116 Longest International Borders0-76%5.00101,264
117 French-Speaking Countries Quiz0-51%4.81101,028
118 Countries of Africa with an Empty Map0-88%5.0098,279
119 Megacities on a World Map0-75%4.9789,277
120 European Countries by Clue0-82%4.9787,080
121 Countries of Asia with an Empty Map0-89%5.0083,064
122 Countries by Military Spending Quiz0-90%4.9280,726
123 Countries by Clue #20-77%4.9278,324
124 15 Largest Cities in Europe (with a map)0-92%4.9376,981
125 Countries of the World with an Empty Map - Hard Version0-87%5.0076,439
126 Countries with the Highest HDI0-86%4.8470,797
127 World Capitals by Map0-60%4.9870,697
128 Countries in a Ring of the World Map0-87%5.0059,910
129 Countries in Random Squares of the World Map0-95%4.9956,110
130 All Counties of the United States by Proximity0-67%4.9552,949
131 Countries of the World in 1914 with a Map0-88%5.0052,275
132 Countries of Europe After World War II0-96%4.9851,553
133 Seas on the World Map0-73%4.9748,893
134 Countries of Europe in 1815 (with Map!)0-47%4.9944,386
135 Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-76%5.0042,547
136 Top World Languages on a Map0-36%4.8940,356
137 15 Largest Cities in Asia (with a map)0-86%4.9639,407
138 Pixelated Europe Map0-96%4.9037,327
139 All 3,142 Counties of the United States on a Map0-21%4.8437,327
140 Countries in Southeast Asia With an Empty Map0-90%4.9634,058
141 Countries of Europe Before World War I0-96%4.9934,049
142 Walking Across Borders with Hints #10-66%4.8433,591
143 Global Cities on a World Map0-95%4.9633,021
144 The Only American Country ...0-75%4.9232,582
145 The Only African Country ...0-70%4.9632,545
146 Countries in an Empty Ring of the World Map0-70%4.9631,879
147 15 Largest Cities in South America (with a map)0-66%4.8730,219
148 Countries of Europe in 14440-35%4.8928,843
149 15 Largest Cities in Africa (with a map)0-73%4.8528,506
150 Megacities on an Empty Map0-75%4.8627,613
151 European Landmarks Map Quiz0-66%4.9726,872
152 African East Coast0-88%4.9426,759
153 Pixelated Africa Map0-89%4.9725,709
154 Top Asian Languages on a Map0-52%4.8925,418
155 250 Biggest Cities in Europe With a Map0-40%4.9324,902
156 World Geography on a Map #10-64%4.8624,821
157 African Great Lake Countries with an Empty Map0-90%4.9524,597
158 Bordering Countries by HDI Difference0-77%4.8423,111
159 Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Empire on a Map0-94%4.9622,743
160 Colonies of Africa with a Map0-56%4.9120,980
161 Countries of North America with an Empty Map0-91%4.9920,900
162 All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe on a Map0-14%4.9718,672
163 Countries in a Strip of the World Map0-92%4.9918,617
164 Zone 1 London Underground Stations - With a Map0-49%4.9618,519
165 Countries Connected in the World Map0-88%4.9618,181
166 Countries by Wikipedia Descriptions #10-70%4.8618,035
167 Which City In the United Kingdom?0-80%4.9117,612
168 Capital Cities in a Ring of the World Map0-76%4.8616,866
169 Bordering Countries by Clue #20-85%4.9316,250
170 Bordering Countries by Clue #10-85%4.8416,239
171 Countries in a Blue JetPunk Fish of the World Map0-81%4.9515,901
172 Layers of the Earth and Atmosphere0-55%4.8814,137
173 Which City in Canada?0-65%4.819,590
174 Tectonic Plates on a Map0-41%4.928,480
175 Every 1,000,000+ City on a Map0-35%4.948,182
176 All First-Level Subdivisions of South America on a Map0-22%4.845,002
177 Large Countries with Small Economies0-72%4.823,183
178 Countries with the Most Winter Olympics Medals0-84%4.8399,476
179 Countries that Border China Quiz0-85%4.9598,193
180 Mediterranean Countries Quiz0-85%4.9996,487
181 Geographic Groups of Two #10-72%4.9694,828
182 NATO Countries Quiz0-90%4.9893,089
183 Most Populous Countries in 20500-80%4.8392,274
184 Regions of Spain Map Quiz0-64%4.8191,718
185 Summer Olympics Host Cities0-73%4.9690,771
186 Countries with the Highest Maximum Elevation0-75%4.9389,483
187 Countries by Borders #10-85%4.9989,340
188 Top Wine Producing Countries Quiz0-80%4.8789,327
189 Most Populous Countries in 19000-77%4.8889,122
190 Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII0-72%4.9887,484
191 Top Crude Oil Producing Countries0-75%4.8687,228
192 Independence from Whom0-83%4.9986,626
193 Five Closest Countries by Country #20-81%5.0084,570
194 World Map without 12 Countries #20-75%4.9883,866
195 Northernmost Countries A-Z0-83%4.9982,582
196 Countries Closest to Spain0-80%4.8782,386
197 Countries with Six Letters Quiz0-59%4.8682,085
198 Border Crossings Quiz #10-87%4.9980,938
199 Countries with the Highest Population Density0-54%4.8380,587