Azerbaijan Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Azerbaijan?
Quiz by burntfrost
Last updated: May 22, 2020
First submittedMay 13, 2014
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Capital city
Country from which Azerbaijan gained its independence in 1991
Soviet Union
Sea on which the capital is located
Caspian Sea
Countries bordering Azerbaijan
Branch of Islam practiced by 89% of the population
Mountain range in the north of the country
E word that describes a disconnected part of a country surrounded by foreign territory,
such as Armenia's "Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic"
Azerbaijan has 400 of these "volcanoes", the most of any country
(note: they are not actual volcanoes)
Mud Volcanoes
Region that suffered an ethnic war from 1988–1994, a conflict that is still unresolved
The national animal is a specific breed of ...
Despite being an Asian country, Azerbaijan participates in this song contest
At the start of the 20th century, Azerbaijan was producing more than
50% of the world supply of ...
Sport that accounts for 22 of Azerbaijan's 42 Olympic medals
Chess player, born and schooled in Azerbaijan, who was the champion of the world
from 1985–2000
Garry Kasparov
Level 65
May 22, 2020
Great quiz. Also, Turkey borders Azerbaijan as well.
Level ∞
May 22, 2020
Level 86
May 22, 2020
Is the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic officially part of Azerbaijan? If so, isn't Turkey also a bordering country?
Level 77
May 22, 2020
Yes it's an undisputed part of Azerbaijan. There's a mistake in description ("Armenia's"). Turkey is a bordering country
Level 77
May 22, 2020
Also I'd ask for Karabakh, it's the main (noun) part of the name.
Aliyevs were on power long enough, could be a question. Or the city that has no connection to cannabis 😃
And after asking for the sea, you could ask for the capital's elevation rounded to 10 meters 😈
Level 71
May 23, 2020
Could you accept Nagorny Karabakh, please? I've only ever heard it named like that, and it is an alternative transliteration.
Level ∞
May 23, 2020
Level 82
May 23, 2020
Two comments: (1) Yes, as mentioned in previous comments, Nakhchivan belongs to Azerbaijan, not Armenia, and (2) "Nagorno" is from Russian for "mountainous", so when they use one local word to describe the place, it's "Karabakh". So maybe the clue should be "Nagorno _____" instead.
Level ∞
May 23, 2020
Yes, Nakhchivan is part of Azerbaijan. However, it is surrounded by other countries. That is what makes it an exclave.
Level 82
Jul 22, 2020
Yes, but the problematic portion of the question reads Armenia's "Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic". The way it is stated makes it seem as though the territory is owned by Armenia.
Level 65
May 29, 2020
Lol I accidentally wrote "Gasparov" instead of "Kasparov" and got the Oil answer because it accepted "Gas."
Level 88
Aug 7, 2020
Interestingly judo, taekwondo and boxing make up 15 of their other 20 medals. Note to self, don't pick a fight with an Azerbaijani.
Level 45
Aug 17, 2020
It says "Armenia's 'Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic'" which makes it seem like the land is part of Armenia, when in reality it is an exclave of Azerbaijan. The question should be reworded to say "Azerbaijan's 'Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic'".