Music by Letter - B

Can you identify these musical things that start with the letter B.
The previous quiz in this series can be found here (Quiz A)
Quiz by kiwirage
Last updated: December 10, 2019
First submittedFebruary 18, 2017
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Scottish Highlands instrument
Former "Destiny's Child" singer
Period of music from approx. 1600-1750
B.B. King's musical genre
Male voice between bass and tenor
Street performer
"Love Shack" band
Joel or Idol
Conductor's stick
Cellist's stick
"Don't Worry, be Happy" singer McFerrin
Pop diva Spears
Classical composers called
"The Three Bs"
Band often abbreviated as BSB
Backstreet Boys
U2 album: "Achtung ____"
Double reed orchestral instrument
A metronome indicates this
Rossini opera "The ______ of Seville"
Brazilian music genre
Bossa Nova
Street for New York musicals
Repetitive orchestral work by Ravel
David Bowie's final album
Level 74
Feb 18, 2017
Fantastic. From Bach to Backstreet Boys.
Level 61
Mar 23, 2018
Definitely typed in “Bachstreet boys” the first time
Level 67
Mar 23, 2018
I feel like someone should make pop-sounding mixes of classical music, and release them under this name.
Level 62
Mar 23, 2018
Oh, it's been done...
Level 61
Feb 18, 2017
23...didn't get bow for the cello! Wtf! Doh. Good quiz
Level 65
Feb 19, 2017
Very nice! Am not a musical person, however, and left with 8.
Level 82
Nov 29, 2017
Nice, but busker is a hard word to know when you're not a native english speaker.
Level 76
Nov 29, 2017
I live about an hour from San Francisco where they have plenty of buskers, and I've never once heard that term.
Level 65
Nov 30, 2017
I find that quite odd, since I'm from Slovenia and I've heard the term. I can't really tell you where, but it must have left an impression since I even remembered it.
Level 78
Mar 23, 2018
I'm in the upper south US, and I've never heard of it. All I could think of for street performer was Bojangles, nickname of Bill Robinson who began his career that way. (Also tried Bye-Bye for Bowie's last album - it was worth a shot.)
Level 27
Aug 23, 2018
i live in the UK and i have always called them buskers
Level 81
Nov 30, 2017
I think I got it from Kingdom of Loathing, a game. Haven't really heard it otherwise. - But.. how can you have a music quiz with answers that start with B and not have a single Beatles question?
Level 67
Mar 23, 2018
I know it from a silly song called "The Mexican Scotsman" by the band Enter the Haggis.
Level 67
Aug 20, 2019
I ve heard it here first a few months/weeks ago. I only knew the term street performers (or -artists -musicians)
Level 50
Mar 23, 2018
"Do you know your musical B's?"

"Beethoven, Bach..."

"Don't forget Brahms please!" - Beethoven's Wig 2

Level 78
Mar 23, 2018
Wikipedia says that after the movie "10" came out, the Ravel estate received over a million dollars in royalties for that piece, making him the best-selling classical composer at the time. It's interesting what a single movie can do for a dead man's career.
Level 70
Mar 23, 2018
Ah, Bach.
Level 61
Aug 26, 2018
I'm partial to the fugue.
Level 66
Dec 24, 2018
Always appreciate a good Radar O'Reilly reference
Level 55
Mar 25, 2018
Perhaps 'busker' is a British term - is it? It's certainly the commonly used name for street musicians here.
Level 22
Mar 26, 2019
I got all of them! Loved the quiz
Level 53
Apr 14, 2021
oh so thats where the moaning rhythm heaven song got there name from, couldve been a little more original