Music by Letter - E

Identify these musical things that start with the letter E.
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Quiz by kiwirage
Last updated: February 15, 2018
First submittedFebruary 19, 2017
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Beatles song "_______ Rigby"
Reflection of sound
Wood used for black piano keys, once
1983 hit "Total ______ of the Heart"
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
Irish singer of "Orinoco Flow" fame
Bonus performance at concert's end
"Rocket Man" singer who was knighted
in 1998 (first name)
The Bangles: "Walk like an ________"
Diana Ross and Lionel Richie duet:
"_______ Love"
Instrument that looks like a small tuba
International song contest won by
Celine Dion in 1988
He lived at Graceland
Rapper also known as Slim Shady
Composer of "Pomp and Circumstance"
Nickname of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony
"Don't cry for me, Argentina" musical
The Duke of jazz
1988 power ballad:
"____ Rose Has Its Thorn"
Mournful song of lament
Son of Julio Iglesias
Jay-Z's state of mind
Level 71
Feb 13, 2018
Awesome job on this one, kiwi! Great mix of genres and eras, and just the right level of challenging!
Level 71
Feb 13, 2018
Excuse the tangent, but I don't know the answer to this: If, when submitting a comment, I click on the box to also send it to Quizmaster, is that also going to the originator of the quiz (if other than Quizmaster), or is it JUST going to Quizmaster? If just Quizmaster, I really apologize for sending compliments on other people's quizzes (as if I'm not annoying enough). You always do a great job, too! :-)
Level 65
Feb 14, 2018
I just now realized there's a box to tick. I'm level 56. Shame!
Level 80
Feb 14, 2018
The check box is (relatively) new...
Level ∞
Feb 14, 2018
Just me. All comments should go to the owner even if you don't check the box.
Level 71
Feb 14, 2018
Oh, okay! So if the quiz creator's not you (you being Quizmaster), the creator gets *all* comments as a matter of course, but you only get them if we check the little box? Assuming I'm understanding properly now, I'm very sorry for all the comments I sent to you all those times I checked the box thinking that's what I had to do to contact the creator! MY BAD.
Level 71
Feb 14, 2018
Yeah, PotatoBoy, don't feel badly ~ the checkbox wasn't always there!
Level 81
Feb 14, 2018
ESC should also be accepted for the song contest.
Level 75
Feb 14, 2018
Nice to see another muso quiz featured from the king of music quizzes :) Eminem's other moniker was my new fact for today...
Level 74
Feb 14, 2018
Excellent quiz. Love the variety.
Level 69
Feb 14, 2018
I guessed Eva. What a bummer.
Level 70
Feb 14, 2018
Should be 'EVA'........ Evita was the stage show and sometimes nickname of Eva Peron. The question asks 'Don't cry for her?..... that is Eva Peron.
Level 62
Feb 14, 2018
You're right, sorry about that! I've submitted an adjustment to the clue to make it clearer.
Level 48
Mar 24, 2018
Why there was not great 90's band E-rotic? :)
Level 70
May 19, 2018
I tried "Walk like an Elephant"...... worth a go I thought.
Level 66
May 19, 2018
Elgar of course being Garth Elgar of Aurora, Illinois and public access television fame.
Level 52
May 19, 2018
Exsqueeze me, but it's Garth Algar :o)
Level 84
May 20, 2018
^ Does this guy know how to party, or what?!
Level 63
May 19, 2018
The song contest isn't Eurovision, that is the company that made it, the contest is the Eurovision Song Contest.
Level 77
May 19, 2018
Now that we have the like box for comments, can we also have a thumbs down box for comments like this one.
Level 64
May 21, 2018
Can we add elegie as an alternative spelling please
Level 72
Aug 4, 2018
Is it just me or is it faintly ridiculous that 91% got "Rocket man" whilst only 19% got the Beethoven? One has stood the test of time over two centuries and I somehow doubt that the other will. Glad to have bucked the trend by getting the Beethoven but not the other. Also got the next three least-guessed answers but only received 2 points in total.
Level 67
Aug 20, 2019
For one the asked for the person for the other the music piece If beethoven would have been the answer and a random (meaning not one of his 3 best known) song was the answer for elton john I think the percentage would not be very different than is the case now.

I can only think of 2 elton john songs without looking it up, circle of life and candle in the wind.. btw,

Level 90
Aug 29, 2018
Elton John is a stage name, his first name is Reginald.
Level 56
Oct 18, 2020
No he legally changed his name to Elton Hercules John in 1972