Statistics for Wednesday Whimsy #4

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We must reach the end of this tunnel eventually - it has lasted so long already!Eleven
Someone had better not scrape rusty nails across the side of my new carPeru
Ever since I lost my last job, I haven't been able to cover monthly paymentsVermont
Meet me in five minutes on the tarmac, Adam; I am waiting eagerly for youMacadamia
I am afraid that this is going to be a very unfortunate series of events indeedBeaver
With some thyme and basil I concocted a delicious dinner for my whole familySilicon
You are not qualified to be the hero - this is a problem only Superman can fixLemon
The police chief decided to give Hank a raise due to his excellent field workAnkara
If I really had to choose, I would prefer a Riesling to a Chardonnay any dayAries
We're so filthy from the mud run, we almost need to scrub our bones cleanBourbon
We must give the alien a warm welcome as soon as it arrives on this planetSitar
I consider it really important that you speak to your teacher about this matterEritrea

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