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1,8792021-04-06Random Portuguese Words
1,5452019-08-01Countries by Shape and Flag
1,1122019-09-10UEFA Champions League Winning Cities (with a map)
1,0462019-03-05Logical Sequences
6832018-01-09Animals in Different Languages
6122016-03-08Logical Sequences #2
4292016-03-08Logical Sequences #4
3622016-03-03Most Popular Pets Names
3392016-03-08Logical Sequences #3
3232019-12-11Top 10 African Countries by Area (with a map)
3182016-09-29Electors of the Holy Roman Empire (1376)
2802017-02-19Electors of the Holy Roman Empire (1792)
2272016-10-26European Countries Without N
2162019-09-13Biblical Figures A - Z
1952016-10-25U. S. States Bigger Than United Kingdom
1812016-10-25European Countries Without R
1792016-09-22UEFA Champions League Appearances by Nation
1782016-11-13World's Oldest Republics
1782016-09-29European Democracies in 1939
1622019-09-10Davis Cup
1502016-10-17Países Africanos por Área (com mapa)
1362018-06-14Famous Canadian Singers - Picture Quiz
1352016-10-18Os Melhores e os Piores Países para Mães (com mapa)
1322016-10-18Países com Mais Basílicas (com mapa)
1322016-10-26African Countries Without N
1262016-10-26Oceania Countries Without N
1202016-10-27Top 12 U. S. States by Seats in House of Representatives
1202016-10-01The Best/Worst Countries for Mothers (with a map)
1192016-11-13Famous Books Based On Image
1172016-03-16Top 10 African Countries by Area
1162016-10-26Asian Countries Without N
1112016-09-22Major Professional Sports Teams
1072014-08-01Ten Famous Trains
1062016-10-24American Authors A-Z
1012016-10-26European Capitals With No Vowels
1012016-03-08British Authors A-Z
972016-10-01Countries with Most Basilicas (with a map)
962016-09-29Democracy Index
892016-10-25U. S. States Between Denmark and Sweden
882016-10-26American Countries Without N
852016-10-28U. S. States Smaller Than London
812016-10-18Sequências Lógicas II
812016-03-03The Best/Worst Countries for Mothers
792016-10-17UN Secretaries-General's Nationalities (with a map)
792018-01-19Primeira Liga Winners
782018-01-05European Tour
772016-10-18País Mais Parecido (em População)
762016-10-19Sequências Lógicas
762016-09-29European Democracies in 1955
762016-10-28Chess Pieces From Other Languages To English
742016-03-24Top 10 Literary Cities
732014-05-09Body Parts in Different Languages
732016-10-26Top 10 U.S. States by Percentage of Bachelor's Degree
722016-10-18Português Língua Oficial - Capitais de Países
712016-10-17Países Africanos por Área
692018-02-09European Countries Beginning with the Letters E U R O P E
672016-10-19Índice de Democracia
652016-03-12Intruder on Oscar Wilde quotes
642016-03-13Intruder on American History Quotes
622018-02-09African Countries Beginning with the Letters A F R I C A
592016-11-1320 Worst Songs of All Time
582016-10-18País Mais Parecido (em área)
572016-10-09Nationality of the Presidents of the European Commission
572016-09-22Proposed States
562018-01-20Most-liked Instagram Pictures
552016-10-26U. S. States Capitals Without N
552016-10-24Top 5 U. S. Biggest Islands by Population
542016-09-29Democracy Index II
542016-10-17Nacionalidades dos Secretários-Gerais da ONU (com mapa)
542016-03-08Cities with Most Basilicas
532016-10-18Organic Food - Top Ten Countries
532018-02-09Asian Countries Beginning with the Letters A S I A
522016-03-07Europe A-Z
522016-10-18Sequências Lógicas IV
522018-02-10World Capitals Beginning with the Letters C A P I T A L S
512016-11-08New General Knowledge #1
512018-02-092018 Winter Olympics - Virtual Medal Table
492016-10-18Organic Agricultural Land - Top Ten Countries
492018-05-29Biggest Countries' Neighbors
482019-12-19Which City Is More Than New York
482016-10-26Top 10 U.S. States by Percentage of Advanced Degree
472016-11-11Countries Based On Image
472016-11-30Intruder on Shakespeare plays
462018-02-09American Countries Beginning with the Letters A M E R I C A S
462016-09-29Democracy Index III
462016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (World)
452016-03-10Most Recent Countries with Gold Medals in the Olympics
442016-10-26U. S. States Capitals With No Vowels
442016-10-18Sequências Lógicas III
432016-03-14FIFA World Coach of the Year
422016-10-26Top 10 U.S. States by Percentage of High School Graduates
422016-11-02Cities of the World in Portuguese
422016-11-12Cities of the World Based On Image
412016-03-24Authors of the World A-Z
412016-10-20Faith in Other Languages
412016-10-01Countries with Most Basilicas
402016-10-02Capitals of Countries where Portuguese is Official Language
402016-10-20Famous Portuguese People A-Z
392016-10-19Democracias Europeias em 1939
392016-10-19Índice de Democracia II
392016-10-27U. S. States Bigger than London
392016-03-24Famous Opera Houses
392016-09-27UEFA Champions League Coaches 2016/17
382016-03-10Famous Cups in Sports
382016-11-11Movies Based On Image
372016-03-14UEFA European Championship A-Z
372016-07-21Newspapers of the World
362019-09-10Fed Cup
362016-10-17Digressão Internacional por População
362016-09-29Closest Country by Population
362016-09-29Closest Country by GDP
352016-10-24Countries Between Northern Mariana Islands and Guam
352016-10-20Freedom in Other Languages
342016-10-18Organic Agricultural Land - Top Ten Countries II
342016-03-21European Football Stadiums
342016-10-21GDP in the EU
342016-10-27U. S. States Between Berlin and London
332016-10-21Most Obese EU Countries
312016-10-19Democracias Europeias em 1955
302016-10-19Índice de Democracia III
302016-03-08Defunct Premier League Stadiums
302016-10-16Non-European Best Foreign Language Film
302018-05-28National Personification with Images
302016-10-19Digressão Internacional por PIB per capita
292016-10-16Best Foreign Language Film
292016-09-29GDP Per Capita Tour
282016-10-21Hope in Other Languages
282016-03-16Civil Wars Quiz
272016-10-24Countries Between California and Texas
262016-10-02Countries Population Tour
262016-10-18País Mais Parecido (em PIB)
262018-01-12Cities in 3 Languages
252016-10-30American Tour
252016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods in USA
252016-10-25First Countries by Population Threshold
252016-09-29GDP Per Capita Tour III
252016-10-21EU Countries with Government Surplus (2015)
242018-01-09Animals in 3 Languages
242016-10-28Chess Pieces From Spanish To English
242016-10-30Asian Tour
242016-11-01African Tour
232016-03-08Biggest Quiz
232016-03-24Film Festivals Awards
232016-10-17Nacionalidade dos Presidentes da Comissão Europeia
232016-09-29GDP Per Capita Tour IV
232016-11-16Football Teams From Europe
222016-09-29Closest Country by Area
212016-10-27Oceania Capitals With No Vowels
212018-01-09Animals in 4 Languages
202016-10-21Least Obese EU Countries
202016-10-28Chess Pieces From Other Languages To English II
202016-10-25U. S. States Between Senegal and Uganda
202016-10-18Organic Beehives - Top Ten Countries
202016-09-25GDP Per Capita Tour II
202016-10-25First U. S. State by Population Threshold
202016-10-26African Capitals With No Vowels
202018-01-12Countries in 3 Languages
202016-10-18Organic Food - Top Ten Countries II
192018-05-28Football Players Associated with a Club
192016-03-10Olympic Codes
182019-12-19Oscar For Best Picture
172016-10-26Asian Capitals With No Vowels
172016-07-21Major Dictionaries
162016-10-26American Capitals With No Vowels
162016-10-24Countries Between Texas and California
162016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (Europe)
152016-10-17Óscar de Melhor Filme Estrangeiro
152018-01-13Capitals by Founder
152016-10-24Countries Between Rhode Island and Delaware
142016-10-28Chess Pieces From English To Spanish
142016-03-14Queen's Quiz
142016-03-10Olympic Codes #2
142018-05-23National Personification
132016-11-30Intruder on Mark Twain quotes
132016-03-10Olympic Codes #3
122016-10-19Digressão Internacional por PIB per capita III
122016-10-24Top 3 Most Used Contraceptive Methods (by Region)
122016-10-28Chess Pieces From Other Languages To English III
122016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (Latin America & The Caribbean)
112016-03-17Age of Majority
112016-03-09Fed Cup Champions
112016-10-21Most Capped Players
112016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (Northern America)
112016-10-19Eleitores do Sacro Império Romano (1792)
112016-10-19Eleitores do Sacro Império Romano (1376)
102016-11-08Strange Fruit
102016-10-19Digressão Internacional por PIB per capita IV
102016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (Africa)
92016-03-10Somewhat Olympic Sports
92016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (Oceania)
92016-10-21Government deficit/surplus in the EU
92016-03-16Google Acquisitions
92016-10-17Óscar de Melhor Filme Estrangeiro Não-Europeu
82016-10-24First Countries by km2 Threshold
72016-10-24Most Used Contraceptive Methods (Asia)
72016-03-02Nobel-like Prizes
72016-10-24First Countries by mi² Threshold
62016-10-25First U. S. State by Area Threshold
32016-10-19Digressão Internacional por PIB per capita II
32016-09-29Users With The Best Ratios
32016-11-30Intruder on Famous Quotes
12016-09-29Users With The Best Ratios II
02016-09-29Users With The Best Ratios III