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Today we will be talking about our theories for Spider-Man.

These are my top films with Tom Hanks in them! This is also part of a new series i'm working on!

Today I am going to rank my top ten movie series of all time. I hope you enjoy!

My highest taken quiz has finally hit 500 takes! Thank you so much for taking it!

Today I am giving my theories on Star Wars movies and TV shows!

I have now been on JetPunk for 3 years! That's a huge accomplishment! Thank you guys SO


I finally reached 5000 takes! I just want to thank you guys so much!

Today I will be telling you the life story of George Washington. The first president of the United States of America. I hope you enjoy the blog today!

Today I must thank all of you for taking my quizzes. I am now at 4000 takes!

Today I will be ranking my favorite streaming services!

Today I will be ranking my top 10 Youtubers of all time! This is not the right ranking. It's just mine. I hope you enjoy today's blog!

Today I am ranking my 15 JetPunkers of all (JetPunk) time! (With hyperlinks to all of them) And I hope you enjoy today's blog!

-DarthKnight... And don't ever forget to Laugh Daily!

Hello and welcome to another one of my blogs. This is part 3 in the "The DarthKnight Story" blog mini-series. I hope you enjoy it very much. It is also the finale!

Hey guys this is my second installment of my "The DarthKnight Story" mini-blog series! And I hope you enjoy! :):):)

Today I am going to rank my top twenty Marvel and DC comics characters!! And I hope you enjoy!

Today I am going to rank my top 20 actors! And I will tell you some more jokes! And I'll do a couple of other things as well! I hope you enjoy today's blog! Happy quizzing JetPunkers!

This is the true story of how I got my start here on JetPunk!!!! I hope you enjoy the blog.

This will also be a mini-series for blogs.

Today I ranked my top ten sitcoms of all time! I hope you enjoy today's blog!!

Thank you people so much for playing my quizzes 3000 times!!! Yay!

Today I am going to tell you guys the chronological order of the Star Wars universe

Today I will be telling you what the chronological order of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is (Including shows as well)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I will be answering a huge question. Where have I been in the past weeks????

Tell me your theory's in the comments!!!

Today I finally reached 2000 plays on my quizzes! Thank you to anyone who rakes them!!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite Christmas songs are okay????

I ranked my top 100 movies of all time today!!! And you will be reading this in 3...2...1 read!!!!!

Today I ranked my top ten shows of all time!!!!!

Please read today's blog. It is very interesting.

On my blogs and quizzes you can find only nerdy things. I hope you enjoy today's blog

Today I ranked my favorite Christmas movies

Today I ranked all the MCU movies (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

What is your favorite ever created?!?!?!

Who is your favorite actor or actress out there?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!??

What is YOUR favorite movie of all time ever created

Today I thought of another challenge for you guys. Make sure you read to find out the details and good luck to win! :) :)

Pandora49 V.S. Neilvedwan V.S. ThatOneGuy25?!?

Make sure you go read the I Have Challenge for you blog after this!?!

I finally reached 1000 plays thank you all for playing my quizzes -DarthKnight

Cobra Kai V.S. The Mandalorian!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Whats your Favorite?

Do you like Dogs or Cats better? That's today's question

Similar to the quiz creation challenges!?!

What comic company is your favorite?!?!?!

I'm back again guys! I hope you like the blog/blogs! :0 :)