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This blog will explain the 10 questions with the most populations!

The Jetpunk homepage theory explained.

It will totally help if your quiz somehow makes it on the front page.

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This blog will compare the Villagers in the game of Minecraft by the biome.

Have you wondered who the 5 most taken quiz makers are on Jetpunk?

Although there is somewhere you can find these, I will provide extra information about each.


You might already know what the quiz is very popular

It will definitely surprise you...they are very similar!

This is a blog about the history of Jetpunk Homepage through images!!

I bet you will enjoy this! So cool!

Ever since the blog section has been updated, there has been an explosion in the quality, quantity, and energy of blogs!

Now available in French!

I have finished 10 All about blogs!

More, more, more rickrolls!

This blog will give a shoutout to them!

Thanks for your patience! This is for you MG😄

Sorry for the miscommunication and glitches on the poll of the last blog :)

Just a fun blog I thought you might like!


Some cool Facts I put together.

Question: Does the quizmaster still make Jetpunk Charts?

Life question: Why do circular pizzas come in square boxes?

Tinklepork is cool

This is my first blog, for more info, visit here