How Collaborative Quizzes Work

JetPunk recently introduced the ability to share your unpublished quizzes with others to allow for collaboration between users. The way this works is rather simple.

The first step is to allow other's to see your quiz. You can do this by going to Step 1 of any quiz, heading to the Advanced options on the right hand side, and clicking "Go" where it says Collaboration. This brings up this screen:

To add users, you need their user id, this can be found in various ways:

  • Going to the quiz page, the user id is the (up to) 7 digits at the end of the url.
  • Going to any quiz of theirs, the user id is the digits before the quiz name in the url.
  • If they do not have any quizzes posted, then the only way is for them to make a quiz, go to the Preview page and read the number after "/user-preview/" but before the final number (this is the quiz id).

Once you have their user id, you can simply type this into the input boxes. Up to 3 users can be added for sharing at once. Once you've entered the ids, you can click Submit to open the quiz up to others.

The way other users can access your quiz is by giving them a link to the editor for your quiz itself. Since sharing your quiz only allows them to access it, there is no way for others to know you've shared it with them without providing a direct link. This choice was made to stop users being spammed by quiz shares.

The Collaborating actually works is done on a single-editor / read-only basis. This means the first person to open the quiz can edit the quiz, and all others that open after that can only read / preview the quiz. To be able to edit the quiz, the other editor must close the quiz, then you can refresh and begin editing.

Only the owner can submit, schedule and edit collaboration for the quiz. So you don't have to worry about other users submitting your quiz before it is ready. This also means that if for some reason you get "locked out" your quiz because another editor has left the page open, you can simply open the collaboration options again, remove all users, and then submit to regain control again. If you wish to reshare with those users, you can re-add their user ids and go again.

Once users are removed, they can still make changes on the quiz, but they won't be able to save them. So as soon as you take them off you don't have to worry about them still editing the quiz.

That's about it! Collaboration is just a way to allow other users to help out with your quiz while you're not working on it. If there's any questions you're free to ask them below.

level 27
Sep 19, 2019
didn't work Is there something i did wrong or something that must be done for it to work I got the code and typed it in ???
level 55
Sep 19, 2019
You need to send them the link to it, and you need to exit out of the quiz (just click off the edit-quiz page). Then they can go to the link and start editing. Once they've finished they need to leave to let you edit again (or remove them from collaboration).

If you're just using it for testers, then send them the preview link, this doesn't require you to leave the page.