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Hi! I have barely made blogs for months. This is part 1 of my new series, Random Facts. Plus, there is a bonus(squeee!).

I really need something. Please read this blog.

This is a blog about how I became a jetpunker.

This is important. Please look.

I tried to make it more descriptive. Hope this is good.

Note: Text in italics means Amy is thinking.

Amy Blyde is a 13-year-old girl who has black hair that is always in a ponytail. She wears glasses. Something unexpected is about to arrive.

This is the last AJS I'm going to be making. Also, there is a new prize for solving Easy(mainly because the same people keep solving Easy)!

Shoutout to turnbacktwo for solving Easy on the last blog!

I wanted to make one where they were in school. I like to dance.

This blog is a test to see if I can use photos effectively.

Another blog by me. It is a bit typical.

The typical blog. I wanted to try to make it a bit funny

Make sure to read to the end because there is a bonus!

Much more interesting than the first AJS. Pokemon I like and an SRQ.

The first episode of my new series, my favourite foods, and an SRQ.

This blog is a bit long because before I was level 30, I had a million billion ideas.