The power of us

hi, guys, it is me or the one and only RKN I am here doing my first blog because I want to achieve something. The thing that I want to achieve is that I want to be more popular than Quizmaster. Right now he has nearly got over 168 million subscribers. I want to get over him so when I make new quizzes on jet punk, can you subscribe to me because quizmaster (known as the creator) should obviously have more because he made it and it is now kid of getting boring now so if you subscribe to me, then we will have a competition then. If we do get over 168 Million subscribers then I will give you the opportunity let me know what quiz you would like and for everyone including me to subscribe to you so then we will have close competition. How do we know when they will Subscribe us because of our Username. Well no fear, RKN is here. What I mean is if you comment down below about your Username Then I will on my next blog which will be called Subscribe King and that will tell you all your names on there but you have to comment and Subscribe to me to know that you want to take part in it an also know if you are a true fan of me. That is all for my first blog and hopefully, those all players to subscribe to me and also try and beat Quizmaster.
level 67
Oct 27, 2019
Um what
level 59
Oct 30, 2019
Good luck, bucko
level 41
Nov 15, 2019
Firstly, it's the number of takes not subscribers. Secondly, how are you planning to overcome Quizmaster in number of takes when all of his quizzes are by default featured? Btw, I think you meant 'it's now kind of boring' not 'it's now kid of boring'.