How Did I Get Here?


Somehow the site of JetPunk has put me into the top 1,000 quiz makers in terms of total plays. This is utterly idiotic. Why have I been allowed into the top 1,000? I just don't understand. Have I ever made a quiz of any quality? Have I ever added any value to the overall community on JetPunk? The answer to both of these questions is obviously not. I have done nothing but push quantity over quality, and yet here I am. This should not be allowed. I do not deserve even this extremely fleeting and mediocre success on the internet. The Jetpunk community as a whole should be ashamed of itself.

In all seriousness I would like to thank the community for getting me to this point. My success depends on you playing my quizzes and I thank you sincerely for doing so.

Level 55
Jan 6, 2021
Wow. Well this is something
Level 28
Jan 6, 2021
Level 58
Jan 13, 2021
Oh, now I see. I'll delete that comment then. Maybe some different wording? In all seriousness = All jokes aside? Congratulations though!