Inverted Thinking


I just attempted my own quiz, Capital Cities Matching Countries By Last Letter. I figured I would just do it to brush up. It's my own quiz, after all.

Holy euphemism, is it hard. I had to reset the timer 3 times (I think) to get them all before running out of time. So, 4 rounds of 6 minutes each. The full World Capitals quiz is only 15 minutes. I can say the alphabet backwards, but that apparently doesn't help.

Level 58
Apr 19, 2021
Ummm...I know you are a hit with quizzes, but you are also new with blogs so I think I can give you advice here. To be short, honest, and maybe rude depending on interpretation, please don't create five sentences non-sensible blogs that don't relate to an educational topic, fictional stories, puzzles or challenges, or really anything of that quality sort.