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Have you ever wondered where South Park is located? I think I have found it.
Ein Pseudo-Badge für Österreich!
Ein Pseudo-Badge für die Schweiz!
This is a constantly updated list of movie and literature villains, which I hate passionately. I'm open to suggestions.
I'll continue adding quotes and jokes here, whenever I find good ones. If you know any, write them in the comments.
This is a short summary of the history of the Kingdom and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Our history teacher asked my class to assess how the world should remember Winston Churchill. This is my essay in which I hope to give some insight into the good and evil of this famous political figure. Nevertheless, the information I give on him is only a small amount of his biography. Do not therefore, base your opinion on him merely on this essay.
With this blog post I hope to wake awareness regarding Nursultan Nazarbayev and all the shady things he did.