Fan-Art Fridays: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Welcome to week five of Fan-Art Fridays! This week is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Before we get started, I need you to tell me your opinion on something. Doing this series every week is very taxing on me, considering I am also trying to find time for other blogs, my fanfic, and drawing a 100% complete Pokédex. I am considering doing this every two weeks. Would you guys be okay with that? Anyway, let's get started!

!Disclaimer! I know that two of them are small, ImgBB wouldn't let me change the size.

#5 By Christthekid16


This looks really cool, and I appreciate the fact that it is pencil and paper, and not some online art tool. The characters in general look really good, but I love the little interaction with Piranha Plant and Kazooie. If you find Kazooie and Banjo's back, you'll see that she is scared of Piranha Plant. I very much appreciate those little details. Great job!

#4 By Rimuin


Now, if you are confused about what this is, this is a nod to the fact that Sephiroth, Cloud, and Sora are all SquareEnix characters. I love Sephiroth and Cloud's facial expressions, Sephiroth looking quite annoyed and Cloud accepting the fact that this is happening. I also like that the artist put in the time to draw Hollow Bastion in the background as well. Amazing work!

#3 By HiGuys92


This is awesome! I love Minecraft, I love Super Smash Bros., why not put the two together? I love the very intimidating looks on Steve and Alex's faces, and Mario is just scary. I especially love that the Zombie is in the corner with a question block, a coin, and a bunch of power ups on him. The Enderman is probably my favorite though, like, he looks amazing. Awesome job!

#2 By Daniel Cortes


Zoom in on this please! I saw this for the first time a while ago, and I was blown away! The characters are all drawn in the Cuphead style, and I like that. But another thing I like is that he included all of the special Mii costumes, Sans, Cuphead, and Shantae to name a few. I am putting a link to the video so that you can see all of the charcaters close up. Absolutely wonderful job!

Every Smash Ultimate Fighter drawn in Cuphead Style | Sora Included - Rubberhose

#1 By Jorge Marme


You never see it coming... This is the LAST SURPRISE of the day! Joker and Arsene take the number one spot! Anyway, this is impeccable. I love it! Now, I don't play Persona myself, but I really like Joker's inclusion in SSBU. Joker looks really good, but I especially love Arsene. He just looks awesome and I love his giant hat. Another thing I like is the flaming Persona hat as the background. Great job!


Well, there it is. The game that has been in voting since basically the beginning is finally here! I hope you guys enjoyed the art this week. Like I said at the beginning, I am considering moving this to every two weeks.

This weeks voting options are...

Ready for a throwback? Pac-Man!

Final Fantasy VII

Pokémon Legends Arceus

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Thans for reading! ZQ

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