Stewart's Blog

Blog for JetPunk user Stewart.
Just 8 months after Even Split was released, I've created another new minigame for JetPunk. This time, it's all about Flags and Shapes of countries!
One of the biggest updates to JetPunk in a long time, and it's all about Maps! Clickable Map Quizzes have had a massive overhaul, we now have a fully comprehensive SVG Guide, as well as making the whole SVG experience on JetPunk much nicer.
How has global lockdowns and closed schools affected who is using JetPunk in 2020? Turns out, quite a lot has changed in just a couple months!
Ever wondered which quizzes are taken the most by people from different countries? This blog enlightens that idea by showing which quizzes received the most traffic from five different countries of origin.
Starting today, you'll be able to use JetPunk to create and take quizzes that we call Tile Select. Just go here to get started.
Ever wondered which user written blogs actually get read? Well this blog hopes to enlighten that using basic statistics from Google Analytics.
Filter user quizzes by language on their profiles as well as recent user blog page and more!
JetPunk recently introduced the ability to share your unpublished quizzes with others to allow for collaboration between users. This short guide aims to explain how this works and how to use it.
Introducing a way to schedule your quizzes for the future, collaborate with others on a quiz as well as some other minor changes.
We recently updated our random quizzes so that they can now be created by all users. On top of this we added a brand new feature - Randomized Maps!
On JetPunk, we have what's called type-ins. These use regular expressions to pattern-match what the user has entered into the text box against set expressions. For example, the expression might simply mean "type DOG exactly", so the user would have to type in the word "dog". This blog post will hopefully provide all the tools and knowledge to use these to their fullest capabilities.