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Hello again, everyone. I am proud to announce the first scene of the Planet Earth series, we're starting off fresh this time!

The schedule for this series is up to 2-5 days apart!


I know I'm late, sorry.

📣 Hey guys! Another blog by Liger, I'm happy to announce that I am going to create a brand-new blog series to make up for the Animal Safari and Wild series that's going to replace the Your Dose of Fun Facts series that not many people seem to find appealing. 📣

Yush, I have returned with another blog.

Get your popc-

Er- uhm.

Another month of 2021 technically over...

- FacterLiger0804



We have suggestions :))

Something preeetty weird happened

Well, for starters, dinosaurs were a diverse group of "reptiles" that appeared on our planet in the Triassic Period, then mysteriously were wiped out in the Cretaceous. The birds on our planet today are avian dinosaurs, being related to these beasts.

So, I clicked the Blog button...