My Quizzes and Common Genres

When I make quizzes, I tend to focus on concepts that haven't been done before. I always want quiz-takers to try something new when they come across my quizzes, whether that be a new format for a quiz or a subject that they're not used to taking quizzes on. This creates a more challenging experience when taking my quizzes. Any quizzes I have made that have been made before by other creators (i.e. Car Logos), I try to expand on and improve. With my Car Logos quiz, I provided other logos that users may have not seen before (Oldsmobile, Škoda, etc.) This allows the quiz-taker to think and approach my other quizzes with good intent knowing it will provide a sort of challenge for them. Some common genres you'll see me cover are things such as: Cars (Models and Brands) Classical Music (Composers and Instruments) History (Notable People and World History) Geography (Countries in Particular) Words (Structures and Forms) Gaming (Xbox and Nintendo) If you ever stop by to take one of my quizzes, let me know if you felt like any information was incorrect and I will be sure to reply with my answer. Sometimes I realize I have made a mistake and will fix it, and other times I will argue why I think this is correct and this is incorrect. This is not to be rude in the slightest to a quiz-taker because I do appreciate any sort of feedback that you are willing to give me. Jetpunk has allowed me to test my knowledge over the past three years and I look forward to continuing to make quality quizzes for your enjoyment. As always, see you later and thanks for reading! =) -Sean
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