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Cities Whose Names Start with Saint

Name the biggest U.S. and world cities whose common names start with "Saint", "San", "São" or "Santa".
  • For the U.S. list, the population is city proper
  • For the world list, the population is for the entire urban area
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City Population
U.S. City
1.41 mil
1.36 mil
999 k
837 k
375 k
334 k
318 k
295 k
250 k
214 k
Urban Population
World City
21.7 mil
7.45 mil
6.60 mil
5.30 mil
3.55 mil
3.20 mil
2.35 mil
2.20 mil
1.98 mi
1.89 mil
1.81 mil
1.78 mil
1.39 mil
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You left out the oldest city in America, St. Augustine
Nov 4, 2011
It's "name the biggest", not "name the oldest". St. Augustine is less than 20,000 population.
Jul 24, 2014
You missed Sao Tome, the capital of Sao Tome and is named that way in honor of Saint Thomas :)....and what about Santa Monica? I am not from USA so I don´t know the story about Santa Monica! :)
Oct 20, 2012
I thought of those too but they don't have big enough populations.
Mar 27, 2014
Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine!
Jan 17, 2015
If this quiz were about ALL cities with saint names and not just the biggest, there would be probably ten thousand answers.
Jan 30, 2015
Ones I noticed missing included Santa Fe, San Luis Obispo, San Fernando, San Rafael, Santo Domingo, St Augustine and a few others. Only two I was surprised didn't make the list were Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Santa Fe (New Mexico) but looked them up and neither is big enough.
Jan 30, 2015
oh wait... Santo Domingo is on here. and I got it. I guess they're using the generous figures or something. Wikipedia has urban population at under a million and metro population at 2.9.
Jan 30, 2015
Made it to the end, and only had the top international city left. I know I put that, must have accepted it for Michigan and I didn't realize...
Dec 22, 2014
What? San Dimas is not on here? But San Dimas High School Football RULES!!
Jan 18, 2015
You get an A on your history report.
Jan 30, 2015
Not to pick too fine a point, but "Santo Domingo" doesn't begin with any of the four choices you presented (St, San, Sao, Santa)
Jan 19, 2015
Santo means Saint.. I missed it but I didnt think of it .. so it slipped my mind opps
Jan 23, 2015
What about Sana'a? Perhaps in brackets like Santiago? Almost 2 million according to wikipedia
Jan 24, 2015
I think there was a previous version of this quiz where there was a pretty silly argument about whether or not Santiago was really named for a saint or not. And the quiz title was slightly different. IMO those arguing against Santiago's inclusion were making pretty bad arguments but if I remember correctly QM decided to concede the point and removed Santiago from the quiz. Now it is back on but in brackets and given as a freebie, with a change to the title of the quiz, I guess in efforts to avoid the same argument. But, now a new issue has been raised since Sana'a, while not named for any saint obviously, does start with "san"... that didn't come up before.
Jan 30, 2015
Santiago means Saint James so I don't see how it couldn't be included in this list as a genuine 'Saint City'. Maybe I'm missing something.
Jan 30, 2015
If I recall correctly they were saying that the city was named after another city named Santiago or something along those lines and so therefore it wasn't named after the saint. But, of course, that's silly... like I said...
Jan 30, 2015
Too bad it's not large enough to qualify because I would have liked to see the "Comments" debate as to whether Sandusky (Ohio) would be a legit answer.
Jan 30, 2015
Well I feel stupid! I took the "Saint" part a little to literally and could only think of 3.
Jan 30, 2015
St. Paul's urban area is 3.28 million according to Google (Twin Cities). It would be considered its urban population if Minneapolis was one of the cities and since they are the Twin Cities the stats are correlated together since they are directly next to each other.
Feb 3, 2015
Well... I didn't read the instructions
Jul 27, 2015
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