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City Skylines Quiz

Name the cities featured in these famous skylines and cityscapes.
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got them all. booyah!
Oct 23, 2010
way 2 easy...
Nov 7, 2013
Had 0:20 left...only traveled to DC and Paris out of them and I'm only 13 😝
Nov 22, 2014
Random queston. How do you make emojis?
Dec 16, 2014
Go on google chrome, and download chromoji onto your browser 😀
Jan 3, 2015
so did we
Apr 8, 2011
Whoo hoo 15/15. Now to travel there, lol
Apr 25, 2011
got em all my favorite is rio
Apr 27, 2011
got all of them but toronto. & ive even been there too wtf lol!
Jul 24, 2011
You never really see this view unless you take the ferry out to one of the islands and look back toward the city. From anywhere else, Toronto's skyline looks like basically nothing. :)
Jul 11, 2013
Mar 28, 2014
just look for the CN Tower :)
Aug 16, 2014
lol saw teh skydome and was like toronto then noticed the tower :)
Jan 16, 2015
I thought Toronto would be one of the most obvious.
Jan 17, 2014
15/15 whew! that was close!
Jul 24, 2011
This was easy. Tokyo could be a tougher if it were correct. You cannot see Fuji from Tokyo. Well considering it's about 70 miles away, it takes a perfectly clear day to see it in tiny form. I know. I lived in Japan.
Aug 10, 2011
Wait, first you say you can't see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo, and then you say you can see it, but only on a clear day? What's the problem then? The photo was simply taken on a clear day and with a zoom lens. How is it incorrect? The picture is from this wikipedia page:
Dec 13, 2013
Only missed one although I did have to guess at alot of the others- I'm not very well travelled.
Aug 28, 2011
WOW. i lived in LA for the last two years and didn't even notice the picture. I completely forgot to even type it in. *sigh*
Sep 6, 2011
Boy, Las Vegas' skyline kind of burns a hole in the retina, eh?
Sep 8, 2011
LOL @darkseraphim21...I looked at the Vegas pic and thought to myself "That's a foreign city, but I don't know which one."
Sep 10, 2011
It is a foreign city, to those of us not from US of A Too many quizzes on here are top heavy on US questions, this one is a perfect example why no Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Belfast, etc
Nov 19, 2012
i got them all with 1:32 to spare, but i had to search the Honolulu one in the new google images...;-)
Sep 25, 2011
Mar 9, 2013
well... then you didnt get them all, thats called cheating
Mar 15, 2013
14/15 good for a 14 yr old
Nov 16, 2011
Jan 17, 2013
15/15 for a 12 year old. i dont travel @ all!!!
Mar 9, 2013
I got all of them and im 10.
Dec 16, 2014
Vegas should work for Las Vegas..
Nov 23, 2011
Nov 23, 2011
it shouldnt, if you dont have the common sense to put las in front then please dont take the quiz
Mar 15, 2013
dang cant believe i didn't recognize washington d.c.! wat a fail
Dec 30, 2011
Been to LA twice and somehow couldn't match it up to the image... Not to mention having seen a million trillion films... grr :(
Jan 31, 2012
didn't get Miami or Honolulu. Miami I didn't even know looked like that, and that is a very bad angle of honolulu, it makes it look like cape town.
Feb 20, 2012
I bet you can see Fuji from Tokyo...thats why photos of the city have Fuji in the background. and I immediately thought Cape Town for Honolulu also.
Mar 3, 2012
Got 'em all at 3:27 minutes past
Apr 6, 2012
playing Guess The City on skyscrapercity 14..
Apr 17, 2012
14/15, missed Honolulu (typed Hawaii instead!)
May 9, 2012
Honolulu looks beautiful.
May 28, 2012
I so agree. Iwant to go there so badly
May 28, 2013
got 100% (im only 9)
Aug 19, 2012
80%.. not bad but i know i can do better ! Los Angeles thoe c:
Oct 20, 2012
LA and L.A. should be acceptable for Los Angeles.
Oct 22, 2012
P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney :P!
Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013
I still remember that perfectly and haven't seen the movie in years!
Jul 20, 2014
Darn there were alot of American cities in this quiz. Knew I shoulda just typed random American cities. Still... a good quiz though.
Mar 13, 2013
lol, I love how people like to get mad about how american websites are being biased for american things....lmao.
Mar 14, 2013
Apr 13, 2013
Honolulu had me stymied.
Apr 13, 2013
Only one missed was Honolulu.....that's probably the last city I would have expected too...Hawaii's really steppin up it's game!!
Apr 24, 2013
How did I not get Miami and chicago
May 14, 2013
Personally, I think there's too many USA ones. Like half of them are in the states. There are thousands of cities in the world, there's really no need for more than one per country. That's just my opinion.
Jul 30, 2013
can i suggest not to put to many U.S cities as it isnt fair to the non americans
Aug 16, 2013
Too much time? I answered the ones I knew then had two minutes to just guess random famous cities. Got three through pure luck.
Oct 30, 2013
8 of 15 are American cities.. :-/
Nov 6, 2013
That was almost really easy (Honolulu took me quite a bit of time to figure out)
Nov 16, 2013
So apparently there are hardly any other skylines other than American states??
Nov 19, 2013
I have been to 11 of them haha ... was easy then !
Mar 4, 2014
Got all except Miami. Tokyo tricked me up but you can tell that it's Tokyo by mt fuji lying behind there.
Mar 24, 2014
Darn Moscow! ;) Got all of the other ones though.
Apr 23, 2014
Thank you Hawaii Five-O! :D
May 10, 2014
100% with 2:39 to spare! yippee!
Jun 3, 2014
All but Honolulu...
Jul 6, 2014
i got all of them other than moscow or las vegas, which is good considering i havent been to either of the two
Nov 30, 2014
St. Basil's must be one of the most iconic buildings in the world!
Feb 1, 2015
Suprisingly thought of Denver before Tokyo.
Dec 16, 2014
Took a total shot in the dark on los angeles and Honolulu. Others were very easy.
Dec 25, 2014
Can't believe I missed Honolulu! It's one of the few I've actually seen! :/
Jan 26, 2015
54% Los Angeles? 31% Honolulu? YET 98% SYDNEY AND 97% PARIS?
Feb 21, 2015
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