Geography Quizzes
There are 196 nations in the world. Take this quiz to see how many you can name.
Updated for South Sudan! There are 196 nations on Earth. Can you name their capital cities?
Name the capital cities of the 45 countries of Europe.
Namge the capital cities of the 48 countries of Asia.
Name the 20 countries with the highest populations.
Name the 20 countries with the largest land area.
Name the 20 countries with the largest economies.
We have a list of the 50 largest metro areas in the entire world. See how many you can name.
Name the countries in the world that don't border an ocean.

Hint: Africa has a lot!

Fill-in-the-Map Quizzes
Travel and Culture Quizzes
We have a list of the top 50 world languages by estimated number of native speakers. How many can you guess?
See how many U.S. national parks you can name.
How many types of world currency can you name? Bet you can't get more than 10.
Based on the airport code, name the city.
Based on the nickname, guess the city.
Translate these Spanish food words into English.
What do you call people from these places? For example, what does one call a person from Rome?
Translate these British words into their American equivalents.
Name the cities where these famous landmarks are located.
Based on the description, name the food.
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