Countries by GDP per Capita

What is the World's Richest Country?

Monaco is the world's richest country, with a per-capita income of $203,404 as of 2015. Note that this number hasn't been updated in some time. I estimate their current GDP per capital to be around $300,00 assuming that their growth has been the same as that of the United States.

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10 Richest Countries
ContinentCountryGDP per Capita
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates$96,846
EuropeSan Marino$86,989
North AmericaUnited States$85,373
What is the World's Poorest Country?

South Sudan is the world's poorest country. This war-torn African nation had a GDP per capita of just $455 as of 2024.

Burundi is the second poorest, followed by the Central African Republic, the D. R. Congo, and North Korea. Of the world's ten poorest countries, nine are located in Africa.

10 Poorest Countries
ContinentCountryGDP per Capita
AfricaSouth Sudan$455
AfricaCentral African Republic$1,123
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo$1,552
AsiaNorth Korea$1,588
What is the Poorest Country in Europe?

Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. The invaded nation has an estimated per-capita GDP of just $15,464 as of 2024.

10 Poorest Countries in Europe
CountryGDP per Capita
Bosnia and Herzegovina$20,623
North Macedonia$22,249
What is the Richest Country in Africa?

Seychelles is the richest country that is considered to be part of Africa. With a per-capita GDP of $43,151 as of 2024, the island nation is buoyed by a strong tourism industry. Among countries on the continent itself, Libya is the richest.

Keep in mind that both countries suffer from extremely high income inequality, so the average person is much, much poorer than these numbers might suggest.

10 Richest Countries in Africa
CountryGDP per Capita
Equatorial Guinea$18,378
South Africa$16,424
Is Canada Richer than the United States?

No. Measured by per-capita GDP, Canada is poorer than the United States. As of 2024, the U.S. has a per-capita GDP of $85,373 while Canada's is just $60,495. However, this is mainly due to the earnings of high-income people. In terms of median household income, there is a much smaller difference between the two countries.

Is Mexico a Poor Country?

No. Mexico is a middle-income country. With a per-capita GDP of $25,963 in 2024, Mexico ranks 73rd out of 195 countries. This is comparable to Serbia, Argentina, or China. However, Mexico is considerably poorer than the United States, whose per-capita GDP is more than three times higher.

List of All Countries by Per Capita Income
ContinentCountrySourceYearGDPGDP per Capita
EuropeMonacoCIA World Factbook2015$7,672 mil$203,404
EuropeLuxembourgIMF2024$96,886 mil$143,743
EuropeIrelandIMF2024$712,056 mil$133,895
AsiaSingaporeIMF2024$794,179 mil$133,737
EuropeLiechtensteinCIA World Factbook2014$4,978 mil$133,735
AsiaQatarIMF2024$337,521 mil$112,283
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesIMF2024$948,045 mil$96,846
EuropeSwitzerlandIMF2024$816,456 mil$91,932
EuropeSan MarinoIMF2024$2,978 mil$86,989
North AmericaUnited StatesIMF2024$28,781,083 mil$85,373
EuropeNorwayIMF2024$461,107 mil$82,832
South AmericaGuyanaIMF2024$63,822 mil$80,137
EuropeDenmarkIMF2024$462,019 mil$77,641
AsiaBruneiIMF2024$34,249 mil$77,534
AsiaTaiwanIMF2024$1,792,349 mil$76,858
EuropeNetherlandsIMF2024$1,329,039 mil$74,158
EuropeIcelandIMF2024$29,077 mil$73,784
AsiaSaudi ArabiaIMF2024$2,354,392 mil$70,333
EuropeAustriaIMF2024$634,362 mil$69,460
EuropeSwedenIMF2024$736,398 mil$69,177
EuropeAndorraIMF2024$6,001 mil$69,146
EuropeBelgiumIMF2024$803,166 mil$68,079
EuropeMaltaIMF2024$36,870 mil$67,682
EuropeGermanyIMF2024$5,686,531 mil$67,245
OceaniaAustraliaIMF2024$1,791,358 mil$66,627
AsiaBahrainIMF2024$101,549 mil$62,671
EuropeFinlandIMF2024$340,043 mil$60,851
North AmericaCanadaIMF2024$2,472,227 mil$60,495
EuropeFranceIMF2024$3,987,911 mil$60,339
AsiaSouth KoreaIMF2024$3,057,995 mil$59,330
EuropeUnited KingdomIMF2024$4,029,438 mil$58,880
AsiaCyprusIMF2024$54,104 mil$58,733
EuropeItalyIMF2024$3,347,103 mil$56,905
AsiaIsraelIMF2024$552,151 mil$55,533
AsiaJapanIMF2024$6,720,962 mil$54,184
OceaniaNew ZealandIMF2024$285,582 mil$53,797
EuropeSloveniaIMF2024$112,913 mil$53,287
AsiaKuwaitIMF2024$264,301 mil$52,274
EuropeSpainIMF2024$2,516,376 mil$52,012
EuropeLithuaniaIMF2024$144,585 mil$50,600
EuropeCzech RepublicIMF2024$551,958 mil$50,475
EuropePolandIMF2024$1,800,540 mil$49,060
EuropePortugalIMF2024$485,742 mil$47,070
North AmericaBahamasIMF2024$18,989 mil$46,524
EuropeCroatiaIMF2024$175,269 mil$45,702
EuropeHungaryIMF2024$437,767 mil$45,692
EuropeEstoniaIMF2024$61,598 mil$45,122
North AmericaPanamaIMF2024$202,013 mil$44,797
EuropeSlovakiaIMF2024$239,326 mil$44,081
AsiaTurkeyIMF2024$3,831,533 mil$43,921
EuropeRomaniaIMF2024$817,986 mil$43,179
AfricaSeychellesIMF2024$4,345 mil$43,151
EuropeLatviaIMF2024$78,421 mil$41,730
EuropeGreeceIMF2024$430,125 mil$41,188
AsiaOmanIMF2024$207,604 mil$39,859
AsiaMalaysiaIMF2024$1,305,942 mil$39,030
North AmericaSaint Kitts and NevisIMF2024$1,860 mil$38,870
EuropeRussiaIMF2024$5,472,880 mil$38,292
AsiaMaldivesIMF2024$15,124 mil$37,433
EuropeBulgariaIMF2024$229,107 mil$35,963
AsiaKazakhstanIMF2024$693,415 mil$34,534
North AmericaTrinidad and TobagoIMF2024$46,679 mil$32,685
AfricaMauritiusIMF2024$40,468 mil$32,094
South AmericaChileIMF2024$622,779 mil$31,005
South AmericaUruguayIMF2024$107,946 mil$30,170
EuropeMontenegroIMF2024$18,812 mil$29,696
North AmericaCosta RicaIMF2024$152,141 mil$28,558
EuropeSerbiaIMF2024$185,014 mil$27,985
North AmericaAntigua and BarbudaIMF2024$2,829 mil$27,309
North AmericaDominican RepublicIMF2024$293,365 mil$27,120
AfricaLibyaIMF2024$182,897 mil$26,456
South AmericaArgentinaIMF2024$1,244,646 mil$26,390
North AmericaMexicoIMF2024$3,434,224 mil$25,963
EuropeBelarusIMF2024$234,661 mil$25,685
AsiaGeorgiaIMF2024$94,020 mil$25,248
AsiaChinaIMF2024$35,291,015 mil$25,015
AsiaThailandIMF2024$1,644,322 mil$23,401
EuropeNorth MacedoniaIMF2024$45,905 mil$22,249
North AmericaGrenadaIMF2024$2,502 mil$21,799
AsiaArmeniaIMF2024$64,432 mil$21,746
AsiaIranIMF2024$1,854,845 mil$21,220
South AmericaBrazilIMF2024$4,273,668 mil$20,809
EuropeAlbaniaIMF2024$58,795 mil$20,632
EuropeBosnia and HerzegovinaIMF2024$71,254 mil$20,623
North AmericaBarbadosIMF2024$5,989 mil$20,592
AfricaBotswanaIMF2024$54,657 mil$20,097
South AmericaColombiaIMF2024$1,041,705 mil$19,770
AsiaTurkmenistanIMF2024$130,172 mil$19,729
North AmericaSaint LuciaIMF2024$3,610 mil$19,718
AfricaGabonIMF2024$43,915 mil$19,452
AsiaAzerbaijanIMF2024$199,195 mil$19,328
North AmericaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesIMF2024$2,133 mil$19,196
South AmericaSurinameIMF2024$12,248 mil$18,928
AfricaEquatorial GuineaIMF2024$29,226 mil$18,378
EuropeMoldovaIMF2024$43,882 mil$17,902
AfricaEgyptIMF2024$1,898,538 mil$17,614
OceaniaFijiIMF2024$16,059 mil$17,403
OceaniaPalauIMF2024$307 mil$17,381
AsiaIndonesiaIMF2024$4,720,542 mil$16,861
EuropeKosovoIMF2024$29,719 mil$16,775
South AmericaPeruIMF2024$566,582 mil$16,631
AsiaMongoliaIMF2024$58,580 mil$16,504
AfricaAlgeriaIMF2024$768,521 mil$16,483
AfricaSouth AfricaIMF2024$1,025,930 mil$16,424
South AmericaParaguayIMF2024$124,726 mil$16,291
AsiaBhutanIMF2024$12,377 mil$15,978
AsiaVietnamIMF2024$1,558,898 mil$15,470
EuropeUkraineIMF2024$515,947 mil$15,464
North AmericaDominicaIMF2024$1,144 mil$15,280
South AmericaEcuadorIMF2024$268,199 mil$14,485
AsiaSri LankaIMF2022$319,248 mil$14,255
AfricaTunisiaIMF2024$168,315 mil$13,645
North AmericaJamaicaIMF2024$37,239 mil$13,543
AfricaEswatiniIMF2024$14,861 mil$12,637
North AmericaEl SalvadorIMF2024$80,151 mil$12,561
AsiaJordanIMF2024$141,191 mil$12,402
AsiaPhilippinesIMF2024$1,391,800 mil$12,192
AfricaNamibiaIMF2024$32,302 mil$12,008
AsiaIraqIMF2024$530,861 mil$11,937
North AmericaCubaCIA World Factbook2017$134,800 mil$11,892
AsiaLebanonIMF2022$78,166 mil$11,784
North AmericaBelizeIMF2024$5,204 mil$11,320
North AmericaGuatemalaIMF2024$213,276 mil$11,006
AfricaMoroccoIMF2024$409,073 mil$10,947
AsiaUzbekistanIMF2024$401,838 mil$10,936
OceaniaNauruIMF2024$141 mil$10,823
South AmericaBoliviaIMF2024$131,422 mil$10,693
AfricaCape VerdeIMF2024$6,016 mil$10,304
AsiaLaosIMF2024$78,713 mil$10,242
AsiaIndiaIMF2024$14,594,460 mil$10,123
AsiaBangladeshIMF2024$1,619,803 mil$9,416
South AmericaVenezuelaIMF2024$224,526 mil$8,486
AsiaCambodiaIMF2024$142,392 mil$8,287
North AmericaNicaraguaIMF2024$54,890 mil$8,137
AfricaDjiboutiIMF2024$8,038 mil$7,707
AfricaMauritaniaIMF2024$34,779 mil$7,680
North AmericaHondurasIMF2024$79,975 mil$7,503
OceaniaTongaIMF2024$742 mil$7,462
AfricaGhanaIMF2024$241,450 mil$7,156
AfricaAngolaIMF2024$270,981 mil$7,153
AfricaKenyaIMF2024$365,854 mil$6,976
AsiaPakistanIMF2024$1,642,572 mil$6,955
AfricaIvory CoastIMF2024$219,391 mil$6,860
AsiaKyrgyzstanIMF2024$48,054 mil$6,790
OceaniaSamoaIMF2024$1,421 mil$6,721
AfricaNigeriaIMF2024$1,443,708 mil$6,340
OceaniaMarshall IslandsIMF2024$287 mil$6,313
OceaniaTuvaluIMF2024$66 mil$6,056
AsiaTajikistanIMF2024$59,415 mil$5,832
AsiaMyanmarIMF2024$283,572 mil$5,203
AsiaNepalIMF2024$159,139 mil$5,032
AfricaCameroonIMF2024$141,929 mil$4,842
AfricaRepublic of the CongoIMF2024$29,904 mil$4,740
OceaniaFederated States of MicronesiaIMF2024$443 mil$4,690
AfricaSenegalIMF2024$86,978 mil$4,661
AfricaBeninIMF2024$64,413 mil$4,558
AfricaZambiaIMF2024$92,175 mil$4,361
AfricaSão Tomé and PríncipeIMF2024$1,005 mil$4,238
AfricaEthiopiaIMF2024$431,688 mil$4,019
AsiaEast TimorIMF2024$5,162 mil$3,767
AfricaTanzaniaIMF2024$244,363 mil$3,746
OceaniaKiribatiIMF2024$460 mil$3,614
OceaniaPapua New GuineaIMF2024$44,300 mil$3,534
AfricaComorosIMF2024$3,629 mil$3,532
AfricaSudanIMF2024$169,189 mil$3,443
AfricaRwandaIMF2024$46,658 mil$3,367
AfricaGuineaIMF2024$51,894 mil$3,366
AfricaUgandaIMF2024$156,696 mil$3,345
AfricaGuinea-BissauIMF2024$6,406 mil$3,239
AfricaLesothoIMF2024$6,983 mil$3,227
North AmericaHaitiIMF2024$38,506 mil$3,108
AfricaGambiaIMF2024$8,151 mil$2,993
AfricaZimbabweIMF2024$49,035 mil$2,975
OceaniaVanuatuIMF2024$1,015 mil$2,939
AfricaTogoIMF2024$27,039 mil$2,911
AsiaSyriaCIA World Factbook2015$50,280 mil$2,794
AfricaBurkina FasoIMF2024$66,910 mil$2,781
AfricaMaliIMF2024$65,413 mil$2,714
OceaniaSolomon IslandsIMF2024$2,056 mil$2,713
AfricaChadIMF2024$48,301 mil$2,620
AfricaSierra LeoneIMF2024$18,942 mil$2,189
AsiaAfghanistanIMF2022$72,512 mil$2,116
AfricaSomaliaIMF2024$34,027 mil$2,062
AsiaYemenIMF2024$69,535 mil$1,996
AfricaMadagascarIMF2024$60,551 mil$1,979
AfricaLiberiaIMF2024$10,468 mil$1,882
AfricaEritreaIMF2019$6,405 mil$1,832
AfricaMalawiIMF2024$40,029 mil$1,712
AfricaNigerIMF2024$47,024 mil$1,675
AfricaMozambiqueIMF2024$57,466 mil$1,649
AsiaNorth KoreaCIA World Factbook2015$40,000 mil$1,588
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the CongoIMF2024$160,197 mil$1,552
AfricaCentral African RepublicIMF2024$5,868 mil$1,123
AfricaBurundiIMF2024$12,241 mil$916
AfricaSouth SudanIMF2024$7,031 mil$455
EuropeVatican Cityn/a#N/A$0 mil$0

Our primary source is the International Monetary Fund, April 2023 World Economic Outlook.

For countries that weren't listed by the IMF, we got the GDP from the CIA World Factbook, and population for the corresponding year from Worldometers.

Data for China does not include Hong Kong or Macau.

Note that these numbers use Purchasing Power Parity, not current foreign exchange rates. We believe that this a better approximation of actual wealth, but other people disagree. You can read about this method here.

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It's amazing how much GDP can vary. Your source gives China a GDP of around $23 trillion, but simply googling, "gdp china" gives me a figure of half that, 11.2 trillion.
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That's the difference between Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and nominal GDP. I think PPP is a better measure. Others disagree, but PPP is more consistent year to year and also has a higher correlation with life expectancy.
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Nov 6, 2019
Ireland uses the modified gross national income not GDP now because GDP can be so skewed by companies restructuring but doesn't reflect the value seen by the population. GNI for Ireland is much lower, $64k according to one source but one report said just over the UK's figure for GDP so around $46k (as of 2019).
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Not any more. Guyana GDP/capita has flown far past those pesky middle income countries.

Guyana is sitting on one of the largest oil deposits in the world. It also has a tiny population.

By 2028, Guyana is estimated to have a GDP per capita of $144,000, making it by far the richest country in the Americas, and more than 50% richer than the United States by per capita GDP.

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This does somewhat depend on the rest of the world. If left alone and as long as no one gets greedy, it is entirely possible that Guyana could become something close to a utopia. Imagine, if the government had the fortitude to ensure that all Guyanese benefited from their windfall. Alas, Venezuela has been posturing and, sadly, Guyana doesn’t have the forces or the population to defend itself adequately. No doubt the US will provide security guarantees - they’re not going to allow an expansionist regime to start throwing their weight around on their doorstep. But at what price to the Guyanese? How much of their newfound oil wealth will be commandeered by American multinationals in exchange for protecting them from the Maduro’s advances?
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Yeah, Guyana's oil boom is crazy. I think I read that it was one of the only countries to have massive growth during the pandemic. I imagine it must be crazy living through Guyana at this point in time, as it suddenly skyrockets from a middle-income country into one of the richest in the world (even as its neighbor Venezuela has gone the opposite direction).
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