JetPunk Charts

If you are a geography or demographics nerd, then you might enjoy these charts!
Level 60
Jul 5, 2018
Can we also make charts, or is it only for the QM ?
Level ∞
Jul 5, 2018
Sorry, only for me right now.
Level ∞
Feb 4, 2020
We'd have to write the code to do that and it would take awhile.
Level 67
Apr 1, 2020
maybe make suggestions and/or supply the info and quizmaster could decide if he wanted to put it up there.
Level 68
Jul 17, 2018
Level 43
Sep 28, 2019
Hoping to see more many more of these again..
Level 21
May 17, 2020
Quizmaster, can you do a chart about population or richness of Poland? I'll be really thankful.
Level 50
Aug 16, 2020
Level 50
Nov 10, 2020
You can comment here? But anyway, these are pretty cool...
Level 38
Nov 18, 2020
Good charts but can you make them a bit more british
Level 30
Mar 8, 2021
Have you seen the charts for ice cream sales and murder is America? Maybe that could be on here, amazingly they rise at the exact same level and pace, making some Americans belive there is some chemical or something in ice cream that causes murder. A total fallacy but really weird to see those charts compared. Woould like to see it here!