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There are 196 different countries in the world. How many can you name? That's just one of over 20,000 geography quizzes and trivia games that you'll find on, the internet's #1 site for geography nerds.
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How many countries do you know? In this quiz, you've got 15:00 to name as many as you can. Go!
Name all 50 states in the USA. Easy, right?
20 random countries have been removed from the map of the world! Can you identify them in 3 minutes?
Can you type the first 2 letters of each country in 90 seconds?
There are 196 nations on Earth. Can you name their capital cities?
Fill in the map of Europe by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Do you know where all 50 states are located? Fill in the map of the U.S. by correctly guessing each highlighted state.
When you guess a country, all the countries it borders will also be completed. Can you fill in the world map in just 90 seconds?
A harder version of the countries of the world quiz.
I've never even come close - and it's not for lack of trying!
There are 45 countries that are generally considered to be part of Europe. How many can you name?
33,241,899 Countries of the World Quiz
11,825,087 US States Quiz
5,260,947 World Map Without 20 Random Countries
4,213,940 Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds
3,837,378 World Capitals Quiz
3,639,137 Europe Map Quiz
3,534,967 United States Map Quiz
2,803,636 Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds
2,788,152 Fifty US States in One Minute
2,582,980 Countries of the World with an Empty Map
2,371,104 Countries of Europe Quiz
2,175,806 All Country Flags of the World
2,110,272 Country Flags Quiz #1
2,032,370 Random Capital to Country
1,964,408 US States by Borders in 30 Seconds
1,730,421 Africa Map Quiz
1,726,135 Countries that Start with B
1,670,737 Countries of Africa
1,647,767 Word Scramble - Countries
1,588,982 Countries that Start with A
1,396,760 Find The Mystery Country Using Color Clues - Randomized!
1,367,351 Countries that Start with C
1,323,870 Countries that Start with S
1,307,328 U.S. State Capitals Quiz
1,234,908 South America Map Quiz
1,227,391 East Asia Map Quiz
1,208,812 Countries of Asia Quiz
1,156,837 Europe Capitals Quiz
1,152,701 Middle East Map Quiz
1,148,021 World Map with Random Merged Countries
1,147,316 Biggest Countries by Population
1,102,661 Countries that Start with G
1,064,311 Random Countries on the World Map
1,040,181 U.S. States by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds
1,035,501 Countries that Start with M
1,006,678 Countries that Start with E
975,559 Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint
953,680 Countries that Start with I
900,340 Countries that Start with P
867,306 Country Flags Quiz #2
833,947 Flags of Europe Quiz
814,441 Countries that Start with N
813,375 Biggest Countries by Area
793,331 Countries that Start with L
779,512 Central America and Caribbean Map Quiz
740,223 Countries that Start with T
740,035 Countries of the World - One Minute Sprint
721,460 Country Shape Quiz #1
691,960 Biggest Cities in the United States
687,470 Countries of Oceania
681,934 Countries of North America Quiz
679,707 Random Country to Capital
668,072 Countries that Start with U
663,110 Countries in World War II
634,325 Asia Map Quiz
600,409 Countries of South America
580,905 Country Flags Quiz #3
567,120 Island Countries Quiz
561,123 Top World Languages
560,659 Counties of England Quiz
559,069 Biggest Cities in the World Quiz
553,802 Countries that Start with K
515,369 Canada Provinces Map Quiz
512,271 Africa Capitals Quiz
493,620 Oceania Map Quiz
488,362 Asia Capitals Quiz
447,324 Countries that Start with D
445,072 Countries that Start with V
436,576 US States with an Empty Map
415,231 All 1M Cities by Proximity
412,760 Flags of Asia Quiz
409,165 Countries that Start with F
396,834 Biggest Cities in Europe
389,558 UK Cities Map Quiz
382,927 Word Scramble - U.S. States
380,050 Countries that Start with J
376,864 Countries that Start with H
375,292 Communist Countries in History
374,680 Random Flag to Country
365,507 Random Sequential Countries on the World Map
360,886 Countries That Border Russia
357,787 Word Scramble - National Capitals
351,715 South America Capitals Quiz
351,305 One Border Countries
348,685 Countries with the Longest Coastlines
338,732 Country Shape Quiz #2
335,348 Top Five Countries By Category #1
328,356 Landmarks Picture Quiz #1
326,192 Asian Countries by Borders in 30 Seconds
325,044 Europe by Borders in 30 Seconds
315,215 Countries with Four Letters
315,071 Random U.S. States on a Map
312,979 Countries with the Most Borders
309,816 English Speaking Countries
304,011 Every Country Shape
303,401 Countries Bordering France
302,089 Smallest Countries by Population and Area
302,046 Win the U.S. Presidential Election
298,042 States of the U.S. in Alphabetical Order
297,097 Countries with the Most Tourists Quiz
294,752 Flags of Africa Quiz
292,821 Europe Cities Map Quiz
290,821 Spanish-Speaking Countries Quiz
290,769 Northernmost Countries Quiz
288,737 Countries that Start with R
290,477 100 Biggest Cities on a World Map
286,611 Countries Bordering Germany
282,789 Biggest Metro Areas in the USA
282,736 Landlocked Countries Quiz
279,900 Countries of Africa by Borders in 30 Seconds
278,526 Australia Map Quiz
277,400 Foods by Country of Origin #1
276,689 Majority Muslim Countries
274,725 World Map without 12 Countries
263,484 Save Humanity by Guessing Countries
260,140 World Capitals by Proximity
257,286 Click a Valid Country A-Z
256,245 Counties of England Map Quiz
255,386 100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Map
252,026 Countries with the Most Billionaires
250,879 World Map with 10 Random Extra Borders
250,004 Most Populous Countries A-Z
245,614 Flags of North and South America Quiz
245,537 Canada Provinces and Territories
242,821 Country Shape Quiz #3
242,099 Countries with the Longest Total Borders
241,369 Countries in Random Squares of the World Map
237,955 "Land" Countries
237,752 Countries of Europe with an Empty Map
235,153 Countries with the Biggest Economies by GDP
235,287 Random Category Elimination - Countries
233,179 Category Elimination - Countries #1
225,864 Countries of the World with an Empty Map - Hard Version
223,278 Random Flags Quiz
221,951 The Seven Continents Map Quiz
221,254 Biggest Cities in Germany
221,076 Cross Flags of Europe
220,117 U.S. Map with Random Merged States
219,725 Countries with Z
212,422 Countries and Languages Quiz
210,829 World Capitals by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds
209,748 All Counties of the United States by Proximity
208,813 European Map without 10 Random Countries
208,767 Countries that Border China
207,396 Random European Countries on a Map
209,158 Top 50 Countries by Population - In Order
204,092 Geography General Knowledge #1
203,641 EU Countries Quiz
203,301 Countries with the Most Military Troops
202,557 Commonwealth of Nations Countries
202,201Countries that Start with O
200,974 Five Most Populated Countries by Continent
199,905 Richest Countries by Per-Capita GDP
198,944 Longest International Borders
198,153 All 3,143 Counties of the United States on a Map
197,665 NBA Cities Map Quiz
196,663 Countries with Nuclear Weapons
196,401 Europe Map with Random Merged Countries
195,928 Europe Capital to Country
195,707 World Currency Quiz
194,742 Lonely Planet Top 200 Cities
194,138 Countries of Africa with an Empty Map
192,738 Countries by Clue #1
192,739 Random African Countries on a Map
192,019 Official Cities in the UK
190,983 French-Speaking Countries Quiz
190,914 Biggest Cities by Language
190,760 NATO Countries Quiz
190,406 Five Closest Countries by Country #1
189,202 Countries with Five Letters Quiz
188,532 Geographic Groups of Two #1
187,626Countries that Start with Q
186,104 Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds with an Empty Map
184,767 Biggest Cities in Italy
183,792 Places in their Native Language #1
183,142 World Capitals by Map
182,018 United States Cities Map Quiz
181,862 Ten Highest Ranking FIFA Countries by Year
181,447 Countries of Asia with an Empty Map
181,054 Countries Closest to the U. S.
179,695 Southernmost Countries of the World
179,287 Capitals of Oceania Quiz
178,708 Countries in World War I
177,596 Axis Occupied Countries of WWII
177,276 Country Shape Quiz #4
177,937 Megacities on a World Map
176,365 Countries by Alcohol Consumption
174,599 Random Point on Land to Country
173,965Countries that Start with Z
173,412 Random Sequential European Countries on a Map
173,201 Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map
173,127 Flags of Oceania
172,713 Countries by Capitals and Borders in 90 Seconds
172,474Countries that Start with Y
170,627 Most Populous Countries in 2050
170,142 Mediterranean Countries Quiz
169,934 First Five Countries Alphabetically by Continent
168,921 Category Elimination - Countries #2
168,344 NFL Cities Map Quiz
167,423 World Capitals - One Minute Sprint
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