JetPunk Information Pages

A useful list of informational pages about JetPunk and more.
JetPunk Change Log
The one-stop shop for all JetPunk updates and new features. Sometimes we change the way things work on JetPunk. Here's a place to make a note of these changes.
Collaboration on JetPunk
A guide to how you can collaborate with other users on your quizzes and blogs, allowing them to edit your quiz or blog or take your quiz before it is published.
Countries by Coastline
Which countries have the longest coastline? Wikipedia has two separate sources both of which I believe to be flawed. I decided to create my own list, which I believe to be the most accurate currently available on the internet.
Countries by GDP per Capita
What are the world's richest and poorest countries? How about the richest country in Africa? All this with the full data and methodology inside.
Countries by Obesity
Do you know which Country ranks the highest as the World's Fattest Country? We tabulated a list of the obesity rates for all Countries of the World, find out more inside!
Quiz Creation Limits
In order to increase the visibility of high effort quizzes, we have instituted quiz submission limits that may affect some users.
U.S. States by Coastline
Which states have the longest coastline? Until now, there has been no accurate source for state coastlines. Wikipedia has two separate lists, both of which are very inaccurate. I decided to make a better list.
U.S. States by Commute Time
How long does it take workers in each state to get to and from work?
U.S. States by Education Level
Which percentage of the residents in each state who are 25 years old or older have earned at least a bachelor's degree?
U.S. States by Manufacturing Employment
Which percentage of the employees in each state are employed in the manufacturing sector?
U.S. States by Median Household Income
Which U.S. States have the greatest household income on average?
U.S. States by Population in 2070
In 2070, the United States could have almost 500 million people. Which states might have the greatest population, and which might increase the most compared with 2018?
U.S. States by Public Transportation Use
Which percentage of the commuters in each state use public transit to get to work?