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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
10,124Jun 19150 Largest Contemporary Ethnicities in the World
2,524Jun 19All 100k+ Cities in the World by Proximity on a Map
520Jun 19Name a City in Every Asian Country - No Capitals
234Jun 19Countries Ending with "An"
226Jun 19Most Common Words by Letter
179Jun 19Modern-Day Countries of Aksum on a Map
88Jun 19Serie A champions
60Jun 19Administrative Counties (Second-Level Subdivisions) of the United Kingdom with a Map
27Jun 19Music Trivia: Bands in Movies (real and fake)
7Jun 19Drag Race Franchise Queens
2,927Jun 18Moons of the Solar System
1,521Jun 18Countries of the World - By Official Names (Insanity Level: 9999)
868Jun 18World Capitals Furthest from the Sea
582Jun 18Countries by Road Signs
359Jun 1850% Single Letter Capitals
351Jun 18Countries by Chinese Meaning
259Jun 18Mystery USA Link Quiz
180Jun 18Eleanor Rigby Lyrics
140Jun 18US states ranked by topographic prominence
96Jun 18Edmonton Oilers head coaches (NHL)
3,976Jun 17Top 20 IQ's of Fruits
2,182Jun 17UK Citizenship Test
1,471Jun 17Flags of the Countries with Four Letters
1,266Jun 17Terrible Capital Spellings Accepted by JetPunk #1
404Jun 17Current US Senators by Picture
399Jun 17Official languages of Oceania
172Jun 17Oceania Islands Map Quiz
158Jun 17Regions of Ancient Anatolia
151Jun 17Guess the Canadian City from the Bodies of Water
19Jun 17What's My Line?
10,369Jun 16Can you name every Survivor contestant? (Part 1: S1-34)
3,659Jun 16500 Biggest Cities in the World on a Map
2,686Jun 16World Capitals Closest to Moscow
1,194Jun 16Countries That Exist
548Jun 16Three Biggest Cities in Each European Country on a Map
498Jun 16Updated: Largest Landlocked Cities with a Map
487Jun 16Stuff White People Like
388Jun 16Fibonacci Sequence
204Jun 16Poetry: Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII
173Jun 16Spoonerism Quiz
2,795Jun 15Free the World Map by Largest Cities for each Latitude Degree
1,257Jun 15Denmark.... or Norway
1,086Jun 15100 Most Common Spanish Words
673Jun 15Countries with less than 100km of Coastline
624Jun 15Hidden Words In Bordering Countries
564Jun 15Sudoku Puzzle #1 - Map Quiz
352Jun 15Top 100 Scorers in the Top 5 Leagues of the 21st Century
304Jun 15G20 Leaders
234Jun 15Music Trivia: artists & groups by their uniforms, costumes or outfits
151Jun 15Eight-Thousander Mountains
3,742Jun 1450 Largest Countries on the Clickable Empty Blue World Map Quiz
1,109Jun 14100 scientists who changed the world
597Jun 14100 Most Influential People of the 2nd Millennium (easier)
491Jun 14US States Ranked by Highest Point
270Jun 14Famous Art Museums
218Jun 14Biggest Movie Opening Weekends
215Jun 14NBA 100+ Win Shares with One Team
212Jun 14Military leaders A-Z
190Jun 14Song Titles: Missing Names - 1960's
56Jun 14Auburn Bowl History Opponents
17,251Jun 13All-Time NBA Players With The Most MVPs
7,510Jun 13County towns of England (with map)
1,224Jun 13Canadian Capitals - Map Quiz
1,204Jun 13Top 10 Detroit Tigers of All-Time
740Jun 13Random Name a Valid European Country
710Jun 1350 Biggest Cities in the European Union
401Jun 13Largest Cities, that start and end with the same letter
350Jun 13Countries Similar to Chinese Provinces by Population
294Jun 13Most densely populated US metro areas
164Jun 13Countries in the Dymaxion Map of the World
2,672Jun 12How Lucky Are You? (Tile Select)
1,349Jun 12Countries of the World by Population Density
1,282Jun 12Countries of Europe before World War II with a Map
441Jun 12Americas Cities in the Top 200 Worldwide
369Jun 122000's European Leagues Top Scorers by Season
316Jun 12Countries Visited by the Giro d'Italia
168Jun 12States with the Most National Wildlife Refuges
141Jun 12All Formula One Drivers of the 2010s
125Jun 12Every City and Town in Wales on a Map
119Jun 12One On One - 101 True Encounters
2,955Jun 11All U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ever
1,598Jun 11Internet Brand Logos
1,573Jun 11Five Letter Geography - Hero Mode
1,196Jun 11407 Islands on the World Map
1,069Jun 11Alphabets, scripts or writing systems
568Jun 11Every Country to Have Competed in the Eurovision Song Contest
404Jun 11Hairstyle by Picture
317Jun 11First 100 words of A Tale of Two Cities
211Jun 11States Gaining/Losing House Seats in the 2020 Census
102Jun 11New Zealand Bird of the Year
15,059Jun 10All RuPaul's Drag Race Queens
4,908Jun 10All World Capitals from North to South, with Dots only Map
3,205Jun 10Biggest Export Partners For Every Country
1,295Jun 10The Only Remaining European Country . . .
1,040Jun 10The Legend of Zelda Trivia
631Jun 10Countries with Green on their Flags
441Jun 10Name The Country By The Picture #3
304Jun 10Modern Day Countries under Italian Rule
204Jun 10Most Common World War II Rifles
143Jun 10EVERY Municipality of Switzerland on a Map!
7,898Jun 9Take Me Home, Country Roads Lyrics
1,855Jun 9All Retired MLB Numbers
1,720Jun 9All UEFA European Championship Teams Ever
1,472Jun 9Current US Governors
843Jun 9Flags by Description
580Jun 9Largest U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies
528Jun 9Countries that have been to the most Summer Olympics
402Jun 9Countries with Wild Lions
347Jun 9Snooker quiz
150Jun 9Country calling codes
11,818Jun 8Harry Potter Quotes
7,361Jun 8Top 4 UEFA Champions League
940Jun 8All Countries that... #2
844Jun 8Teams Never To Win the Champions League
344Jun 8Statues by picture
337Jun 8Airports Named for People #3
221Jun 8Top 10 Tour de France by year
214Jun 8UCL Winners Starting Eleven
115Jun 8ATP Tennis Players 2021
20Jun 8Super Smash Bros. Melee EVO Champions
1,890Jun 7Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 2
950Jun 7Monty Python and the Holy Grail
782Jun 7Films winning at least one of the Big Five Academy Awards
666Jun 7Monarchs of France
659Jun 7Primate Cities of Europe
607Jun 7All Serie A Teams Ever
488Jun 7Countries with a letter E - Three Minute Sprint
407Jun 7Countries With Most Vowels
340Jun 7Countries of the Caribbean with Capitals
235Jun 7U.S. States by Admission
5,593Jun 620 Countries on an Empty Map #3
2,749Jun 6Pink Floyd Songs
1,744Jun 6Asia Map with 8 Extra Borders
1,552Jun 6Asian Geography By Letter - E
857Jun 6Football European Cup Winners
755Jun 6Random European Football Team Logos
412Jun 6Destroy The Death Star!
323Jun 6Ancient Rome A-Z
241Jun 6Really Huge List of Famous Mountains
239Jun 6Longest Rivers in Africa by Country
1,353Jun 5Countries that Declared War in WW1
1,055Jun 5UEFA Euros Top 4 Every Year
677Jun 5Biggest U.S. Cities within 50 Kilometers on a Map
655Jun 5All Countries Never To Qualify For A FIFA World Cup
502Jun 5Countries of the World in 320 B.C. with a Map
353Jun 5U.S. States With A UNESCO World Heritage Site
286Jun 5Illumination Entertainment Animated Movies
231Jun 5Women by Country #2
205Jun 5Biggest Cities in Atlantic Canada (with map)
61Jun 5Magnum, P.I. Quiz - for Fans