Recent User Spotlight Quizzes

A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
11,219Mar 3Human Biology Multiple Choice Quiz #2
7,176Mar 3World Language General Knowledge #4
5,161Mar 3Name 6-Letter Words Containing Each Letter A-Z
3,139Mar 3Country Quiz on a Map - Germany
1,274Mar 3Best Current NBA Player by Letter
883Mar 3Ontario Counties Quiz with a Map
486Mar 3Famous Art Museums
128Mar 3Food Each Animal is Eating
125Mar 3Famous Spanish Footballers by Picture
26Mar 3Most Popular Songs in USA 2/24/2024
10,822Mar 2Five Languages with the Most Total Speakers by Continent
5,868Mar 2Countries in Triangles of an Empty World Map
3,023Mar 2Official and Regional Languages of Oceania on a Map
1,443Mar 2All 100k+ Urban Areas of Europe
1,314Mar 2Language Families and Subfamilies with a Map
477Mar 2If Football Clubs Had Flags
475Mar 2ASOIAF Who Rode what Dragon
267Mar 2Jeppy on Football Logos #2
243Mar 2All US States Flag-Shape Picture Quiz
80Mar 2Jimmy Buffett Big 8 Songs
6,581Mar 1Terrible Capital Spellings Accepted by JetPunk #1
6,154Mar 1Countries of Europe in 1453 with a Map
3,880Mar 1All Ligue 1 Teams Ever
3,791Mar 1Borussia Dortmund 2010's Starting XI
3,027Mar 1Provinces of Spain on the Map
1,162Mar 1World Capitals Trivia
620Mar 1Islands of the U.S.
454Mar 1Musical Acts from London
435Mar 1Olympics: Historic and Obsolete IOC country codes
204Mar 1U.S. State Flags: Northeast Region
16,550Feb 29Liverpool Current Squad
15,210Feb 29Random Physical Geography on a World Map
2,159Feb 29LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Character Grid
1,393Feb 29FIFA World Cup: All-Time Table
662Feb 29Historical Occupations True or False
517Feb 29ALL American 50k+ Cities with Exceptions
277Feb 29Minecraft? or Terraria?
173Feb 29Polyatomic Ions for AP Chem
138Feb 29Chinese Folklore Multiple Choice
134Feb 29NHL Career Shutout Leaders
3,252Feb 28Fill the World Map by Guessing the Closest Country
2,898Feb 28World Puzzle (Easy - With Empty Map!)
2,812Feb 28Cities by Old Photos
2,426Feb 28Longest Straight-line International Borders
1,676Feb 28Capitals of European Monarchies
1,005Feb 28Countries by clues but it gets really hard/weird
863Feb 28All New York City Neighborhoods
768Feb 28Name a Valid Country that uses Time Zone of ...
440Feb 28Sun Belt Football Teams
110Feb 28Taylor Swift Vocabulary Quiz
7,546Feb 27Provinces (Voivodeships) of Poland (With a Map)
7,400Feb 27Chelsea 2010's Starting XI
7,197Feb 27100 Biggest Cities in Australia on a Map
5,237Feb 27Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Decade in the US
2,663Feb 27World Capitals With The Least Vowels
1,645Feb 27Countries of Southeast Asia in 1500 with a Map
789Feb 27Texas Groups of Things
358Feb 27Word Scramble - Spain
271Feb 27Catholic Feast Days by Date
43Feb 27VI Nations Championship 2024 : Ireland squad
11,043Feb 26English Football Clubs by Badge
7,756Feb 26Countries Bordering Libya
7,663Feb 26Five Closest Countries by City #1
2,768Feb 26Famous Painting to Artist Click Quiz
2,668Feb 26NBA All-Star Game MVPs
2,559Feb 26Countries Containing W (no continent prompts)
1,005Feb 26American Geographic Groups of Two
504Feb 26Emily Blunt Movies Quiz
263Feb 26Anatomy of the Ankle and Foot on a Click Map
44Feb 26Beanpot Winners
6,104Feb 25Country Quiz on a Map - USA
5,227Feb 25The Logical Elimination Click Quiz
4,708Feb 25Five Countries in Their Native Language by Continent
4,248Feb 25Biggest Cities in Africa - Extreme
2,665Feb 25Merged Country Flags #3
2,428Feb 25Every Flag to Continent Click Quiz
980Feb 25Countries With Over 10 Letters In Its Name
619Feb 25Rhyming Band Names
589Feb 25Largest Cities in Each Section of the World
475Feb 25200 Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with Z (2022)
31,693Feb 24Random Country Dots on an Empty World Map
3,316Feb 24Pink Floyd Songs Using Any Word
2,200Feb 24US States That End In -A
1,372Feb 24U.S. Cities Beginning with "Fort-"
1,186Feb 2420 Countries on a Topological Map #4
803Feb 24Nations that knocked Brazil out of World Cups
404Feb 24Jeppy on Flags #1
354Feb 24Michigan A-Z
262Feb 24NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest Winners
168Feb 24Municipalities of the Netherlands (2024)
27,771Feb 23Find The Mystery Country Using Border Hints - Randomized!
13,372Feb 23World War 2 Tanks Quiz (Difficult)
6,931Feb 23All Serie A Teams Ever
3,908Feb 23Ancient Greek States in 300 B.C. with a Map
2,530Feb 23High School Foreign Languages
1,876Feb 23All countries starting with "K"- Map Quiz (official English spelling)
1,039Feb 23The Soviet Union (USSR)
886Feb 23Rock and Pop Quiz
615Feb 23Find a Country Flag in the Picture #2
343Feb 23Biggest Cities in Qatar on the Map
9,785Feb 22Category Elimination - NBA
4,321Feb 22NFL Top 100 Players 2023
2,279Feb 22Countries Furthest from the US's 48 Contiguous States
2,055Feb 22Ancient cities: Mediterranean sea and Near East - Map Quiz
1,285Feb 22License plates of the world
622Feb 22Every Flag to Country Click Quiz
586Feb 22Shakespeare or the Bible?
408Feb 22Colleges With Both Super Bowl Winning-Quarterbacks and U.S. Presidents
185Feb 22Every Place in Mauritania
158Feb 222024 NFL Draft Top 100 Prospects
4,822Feb 21CSGO/CS2 - HLTV Top 20 Players (2013-2023)
3,143Feb 21Every NBA All-Star Ever
1,526Feb 21European Union Construction on a Map
832Feb 21Country by Year of Independence - Asia
580Feb 21Country by Subdivision Flag
569Feb 21Star Wars Trivia - Tile Quiz
399Feb 21Name the Deadly 60 #1
122Feb 21Every Incorporated City in Washington State - Alphabetical Order
94Feb 21History of Canterbury
41Feb 21ALL Dwellings, Cities and Villages in Assassins Creed Odyssey
13,147Feb 20Top 20 Most Jewish Countries
6,969Feb 2020 Biggest US Cities In Each State On A Map
2,211Feb 20Countries that Beat Bougainville (197th Country)
1,329Feb 20UEFA members by Logo
1,249Feb 20Countries Where it Doesn't Snow
542Feb 20Think of a country/U.S state that... (jog)
286Feb 20Flags on Volleyballs
273Feb 20Parks and Recreation Most Character Lines
222Feb 20Tits - Picture Quiz
92Feb 20Jet Lag Trivia
9,878Feb 19Top 100 Greys Anatomy Characters
6,580Feb 19Conquer Europe by Guessing Countries 🌎
3,054Feb 19Countries Occupying France after the Napoleonic Wars with a Map
2,721Feb 19Which one is bigger?
1,858Feb 19Name a Country That Ends in A-Z
1,053Feb 19Most Fragile Countries
604Feb 19#1 Songs with Geographical Names
563Feb 19Country vs. Country: GDP
441Feb 19Functional Anatomy of the Brain on a Click Map
29Feb 19All Jon Bellion Songs
8,602Feb 18All UEFA Europa League Teams Ever
1,999Feb 18First Country Alphabetically - By Letter
1,280Feb 18World Cities by Map
972Feb 18Countries With an "Ian" Demonym
897Feb 18Name a Valid James Bond Movie
725Feb 18Formula One Drivers by Car Numbers
483Feb 18American Revolution A-Z
479Feb 182024 in Various Calendar Systems 📅
360Feb 18Capitals with Other Names on Wikipedia
60Feb 18Barbershop Harmony Society International Quartet Champions