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There are going to be some new quizzes dropping on JetPunk in the next couple of days!

Recently, in RUB (Recent User Blogs), there has been an influx of people with "#thisblogwasnotneeded". However, a lot of these blogs are necessary. This blog will go through some examples of some necessary blogs, and also some rules which will help the RUB become the best it can.

In this blog, I will be explaining a few of the differences between Java Edition, and Bedrock Edition.

Quick Maths is my best performing better than my monarchs quiz, which me no likey

Beside the question of Cyprus being in Asia or Europe, or Australia being the largest island or the smallest continent, the question on which city is the largest in the world is one of the most contentious subjects on JetPunk. So let's examine the question further in this blog.

Pepsi is one of the most popular soft drink chains in the world, sold in almost every country, and has been featured on commercials, vending machines, and billboards. Pepsi is known for its caramel color and its rich sugary taste. This blog will tell you (almost) everything about PepsiCo!

A blog about Bhutan!

Austria-Hungary was one of the most powerful empires in history and at its height in 1914, just before the First World War, it controlled a very significant portion of the world in Europe. In this blog, I will be explaining the empire's features if it reunited today in the 21st century. Enjoy! :)

This is an All About Mauritius!

I have finished 30 All about blogs!

Note: the WWIII that I have explained in a different blog does not exist. There are no tensions, but the AAE is independent. My current territories are Niger, Nigeria, and Crete. (And no, I am not pretending that Macedonian Empire doesn’t hate me because I am definitely NOT afraid of them and their allies. Riiiiiight?). Also this takes place right after Episode III

Anyway, read this blog to find out the way that the VC can dominate the world! Next: Chilefornia

I want to say why I like JetPunk, and what it has done for me.


19 interesting facts about the country of Nicaragua!

Ceylon, Taprobana, Ilankai, Sri Lanka. This island off the coast of South India is one of the most fascinating places in Asia and the world, with a lot of history, interesting places, and names! In this blog brought to you by MrBLOGGER and TheNatureThread, you will learn all about it.

Read this blog to discover the possibility of a Jetpunk Empire WWIII In Geopro’s fantastic blog series, Dawn of the Jetpunk Empires.

(This takes place right after episode 3)

Week 5 of Movie Thursday: The Mask of Zorro and Hancock.

Stop.... China Time Sorry it has been awhile.

I'm very patriotic(like the user OldDakile2nd), love my country so much...So are you interested for getting knowledge about beautiful country of Republic of Korea?

These are my favorite songs from the '00s

I watched White Lotus recently and a question asked by one of the characters in the drama was "what do you stand for?". So let's see if any of these fits you.

Continue to follow the storyline of the world as it continues its progression through the age of JetPunk!

Today is the National Hindi Day! It being my primary language, I wanted to share some interesting and unknown facts about the Hindi language. Read the blog to find them!

Every other 3 weeks, i will be releasing history posts

I have reached Level 35 and I have planned to do a QnA since I reached a high level so far. Anyone can participate. If you want to ask a question. Ask them in one of my quizzes or blogs

My Favorite albums from the 1970s (which might be my favorite decade for music)

I'm very patriotic, love my country so much...So are you interested for getting knowledge about beautiful country of Serbia?

This is my first blog in Jetpunk, which I'm making to celebrate that 1 year ago, September 13, 2020, I made my first Jetpunk quiz.

Do you like Minecraft? Well, here you go, cuz Minecraft has a cute ocean animal the Axolotl! Have fun reading about this animal and all about it. This is all I can find in a nutshell.

Hello! I have finally returned from my extended break and am ready to jump back in to blogging!

Welcome back to the journey to discover the 500 most beautiful cities in the world! This edition’s ranking covers 15 more of these incredible cities from #455–441.

Please refer to the previous editions for ranking criteria and, as always, keep in mind that these are my rankings, you are free to disagree.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy! The world is our oyster 🌎

A blog about Lesotho, which I enjoyed writing!

Denmark has decided that as their country is 71% vaccinated, on September 11 2021 it will drop remaining restrictions that were managing the pandemic, with its government claiming the outbreak is "under control" despite their recording 557 new cases, and 4 deaths, that day. Let's see what the effect of their removal of restrictions will be...

We all know what today is.

At its height in 1940, the Italian Empire was among one of the most powerful European empires in history and controlled many colonies around the world, spread over several continents. In this blog, I will be explaining the empire's features if it reunited today in the 21st century. Enjoy! :)

Just want to hop on and let you know why I haven't been on lately.

This is about my first animal ever! It's about the Okapi, an animal that lives in the forests of Africa.

The quality of the average blog in RUB is pretty disappointing so I thought I'd make this blog as an attempt to help improve the standards in the blogging community.

Week 4 of Movie Thursday: Rio and Luca.

A blog about Nigeria!

Mars is a medium-sized planet located the fourth away from the sun in our solar system. Named after the Roman god of war, it has been nicknamed the "Red Planet" due to its distinct red color. Humans have been considering settling on Mars for hundreds of years, and that might soon become reality. In the meantime, this blog will tell you all that is needed to know about the planet of Mars.

This is a brief description of my summer break and why I having been active on JetPunk around the past 2 months.

A blog about the evolution of mammals, as well as their ancestors and related groups, shown through a series of extinct and extant animals.

How much do you know about Catholicism? Enough to earn the badge?

To anyone who remembers my old blogs, I'm back!

link to my last blog (I think I made it in March or April):

i will post a new blog each TUESDAY, no specific time

A blog about Finland!

Updated list. I know I have a same blog before but I want to show an updated version, not update a former blog.

Update per 3 months.

Welcome to the Football quiz page. Here you can find all about the most trending football quizzes in 2021. Here at JetPunk, we have the best quizzes and you will learn more about your favorite club.

A collection of interesting quotes.

Here are the answers from my last blog.

Pick the winners of each game in week 1 and do better than all the other competitors