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A ranking of my ten favorite bloggers in JetPunk history.

Here are the most Interesting facts of the day I will try and do one every day but I will not always be able to because of school but I know I can do one tomorrow

this is a blog about the biography of John F. Kennedy. Source:

This is a poll for Jetpunkers asking them who they think is the greatest person to ever come from the USA. Inspired by Terestar's blog.

Saarbrucken have had an unbelievable run in the DFB Pokal beating Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Monchengladbach to create a huge upset even though they lost to Kaiserslautern. This is the story of Brucken, a 3.Liga side and their almost fairytale run.

The Countries of the World Quiz is almost always the most taken quiz in a day. Here’s a list of quizzes that had more takes in a single day.

Have you ever thought about who the greatest person from your country is? For some nations, like South Africa or India, they have a very obvious answer. While others, not so much. So, during the 2000s many nations ran polls to determine who their greatest citizen to ever live was. So, let's take a look at some of these results!

Have you ever clicked on a quiz about a topic that might appeal to the younger generation, scrolled down to the comments and realised that there's a strange amount of pride in knowing nothing about the quiz? Let's talk about that!

Fine, you might have heard of them, but they’re still cool.

An academic overview of the core tenets of utilitarianism and notable counterarguments.

Do you like tanks? Do you like military history? Do you like blogs? Do you like crappy ideas that came into existence on a random Sunday morning?!?

Then read this blog. You'll regret it! Maybe!

What is a data map, and should JetPunk add them?

This is a sequel to my original history of green blog and it will delve into the history of green in ancient times

The second chapter of my Travelogue. This offers a firsthand account of the Lastonian Civil War.

I recently took a trip to Lastonia, and thought I would make a travelogue. Read to find out more.

An academic overview of the effects of the Congress of Vienna (1814–1815) on European affairs and diplomacy.

In this edition of CQMB, we will be talking about the new title for Venom 3, the announcement of a new DCU film, the release of X-Men ‘97, the trailer for The Penguin, the delay of a DC movie, the release of another Sony movie on Disney+, and the beginning of production for Thunderbolts.

Hey everyone. We're taking a brief break from the normal iceberg to look at some forbidden knowledge. These are the countries that they don't want you to know.

An exciting new age for JetPunk charts.

An introduction to the 21st centuries's most important staple and cash crop.

This blog is all about the evolution of the colour green.

Please note that this is not meant to offend anyone in any way.

The apocalypse is fast approaching and Zambia is hellbent on destroying the world and sowing chaos.

WHO WILL WIN? Find out now.

At first, i wish you all a nice Easter. This is a blog where the story of Christianity is told. I hope you're gonna like this blog. God Bless.

My story on JetPunk. A lot of people in this community have taken my quizzes, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

Welcome back to the Countries Iceberg, featuring nearly every political entity that currently exists. In this blog, we will cover tiers eleven and twelve.

This is a blog where is describe the top 10 richest companies of all time. There are some companies that are active in 2024 but there are also companies on this list that were 400 or 500 years ago.

We all experience seasons in life that can be discouraging and stressful. Whether you're dealing with the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or an overall confusion about where life is heading, reading through inspirational Bible verses is an excellent way to lift your spirits and gain a new perspective on a difficult situation. The word of God has a profound way of encouraging its readers to be strong and courageous in the midst of tumultuous circumstances. Here are strong bible verses.

Winters in Oregon are beautiful. It is a wonderful experience for every person. The snow is arguably the best part-but that could all go out the window.

An academic overview of the differences between act and rule utilitarianism.

Showering and bathing is good for you, that's why you're doing it right? But which countries are taking the most showers and baths? the statistics are mentioned in this blog.

Chapter Two of Origins of Civilization. Romulus and Remus have just been rescued by a wolf. Tikal has finally amassed an empire. The Greeks are on the verge of developing democracy. Han China will soon grow powerful. But a storm, one that could alter history, is sweeping over the sea. What will happen? For now, one can only guess.

The FIFA world cup 2026 will hold place in the USA, Canada en Mexico. But the are some things that have changed. There are for example 16 more teams than previous world cups. I've you like to see more of this. Go check this blog.

Hello, I am starting a new blog series called Origins of Civilization. It is an alternate history of the world. This is the first chapter. Enjoy.

A brief examination of the Internet's negative impact on information and how it can be remedied.

I was wondering who still uses Jetpunk who I talked to before.

Another edition to my "Five Islands" blog series.

How fast can the humble quiz be done?

Here are some statistics about Geography Snap, for the month of February 2024.

There are some people who criticise migration. They argue that migration is dangerous for our security and take up tax money which are paid for by the people. In my opinion, these are prejudices. Migration has so many benefits! In this blog, I will discuss points which opponents of migration may bring up.

In this years- I mean today’s blog we are going over the game made by RobTop games, Geometry Dash! We going over some cool features, its history and other things!

I recently designed a potential new flag for the state of Oregon. I love my state a lot, but I think the flag must be changed. Here are some of my designs.

This is a blog about travel tips I often use when traveling

Results from the Quiz Creation Challenge: Legends that I held a while back.

An analysis of the pros and cons of democratic forms of government.

Here you can vote on the responses from Jetpunk Survivor #14.

Hello, JetPunking community! It's already time for Step-by-Step Story #3! For this prompt, the world has been plunged into a pandemic. Millions have died in the past three days. What will you do?

Today I have reached a new milestone. I have posted 300 live quizzes on this site.

Information and song links for the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

It's a special! Check the first part of the blog for more details.

In this edition of CQMB, we will be talking about my thoughts on Madame Web and Echo, my thoughts on the X-Men '97 and Deadpool 3 trailers, the official cast for the MCU’s Fantastic Four, and a title change to Superman: Legacy.