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Technoblade, an amazing legend, is dead. I did not know about this until a commenter on my last blog informed me.

Here's how a Geography Snap World Record lasted for only 3 minutes.

The monthly round up for JetPunk's Daily Word Search, including the 4 themes you get to decide on for July's Community Choice.

I love doing puzzles and a couple of years ago I did this one.

Malaysian Flight 370 is a missing flight. Where did it go?

A short story in the universe of Geopro's Dawn of the JetPunk Empires

Many people know that the most incredible cultural and natural sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the legendary Stonehenge, the Statue of Liberty, the Kremlin, the Seine, Ha Long Bay. But there are also undeservedly forgotten masterpieces of nature and culture, which will be discussed in this blog.

In this blog, you can find updates about my quizzes and share ideas yourself.

These are my favorite songs of the 70s, by year, with comments. The 70s is my favorite decade for popular music. (I'm still working on it, so it's not finished yet--apologies to those this offends, but I want my nephew to be able to use it, even in it's unfinished state)

The story about my trip to India when I was 15 years old. Quite an adventure with many culture shocks and delicious food! Enjoy my travelogue!

Back in February, some countries boycotted the olympics. But how? Why?

Keyboards are some of the most famous and most recognizable musical instruments. In this article, I will talk about Pianos, Harpsichords, and Pipe Organs.

In June 2022 an agreement was reached which led to the official appearance of a new land border. This will have influence on a lot of border quizes on Jetpunk...!

Gumbledalf was the greatest player of Geography Snap, with 27 World Records in February 2021. All those 27 World Records are no more.

Part 2 of my series, this time a civil war in the VC

A milestone I just realized I hit.

This is the unofficial badge for debatably the greatest African country - Botswana!

It's only a matter of time before WWIII is officially declared. Countries are in civil war, the world is in disarray, Napoleon is invading Greece...

Today's Word Search features a bunch of letters at the end which seem random and garbled. In fact, there is a hidden code!

Thanks to overtired, this is now solved!

Netherlands has always been a country that I wanted to visit. The pandemic had unfortunately delayed my trip there for 3 years but as soon as I was able to, I took a cheap EasyJet flight to the capital Amsterdam.

Claptime’s Superhero Quiz Monthly Blog

Another Marvel quiz arrives this July following the release of Thor: Love and Thunder.

This past April break, I went on a trip that I will NEVER forget. Read this blog to find out more...

Spotlight imminent!

On June 11th 2022 took place the 131st Daily Word Search. But there was a weird thing with it.

The Voice of Holland is canceled for the time being. I am making this very limited because of the seriousness.

I'm writing a series introducing some of my favourite artists and their songs, including the lyrics for some of them.

The third edition of the "JetPunk Word Search Puzzle Statistics" blog, where I share with you the latest stats about the word search puzzles (updated to June 12, 2022)!

Enough to buy three licorice sticks.

In this blog I will present some statistics and facts about country capital cities' sister cities or twin towns.

Here is one of the most devistating Jetpunk tragedies. KazakhstanKitten.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are five more islands for your delectation, on this occasion, Greece.

This is my new Zelink Fanfic I have been working on, Got You on My Mind! I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to Jack's Fun Facts. Five topics, fifty fun facts, every week.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, and subsequent support by Belarus might have serious consequences. Belarusian and Russian athletes have been banned from the 2022 Winter Olympics. Lets get into the information.*Please do not send hate to Oleg Matsyin, or anyone else mensioned in this info, this is simply meant to report on the news and give insight on the current situation involving Russian and Belarusian athletes in the 2022 and 2024 Winter and Summer Olympics.*

So, the case is done! The verdict is in. And some people are going to be shocked.

The monthly round up for JetPunk's Daily Word Search, including the 4 themes you get to decide on for June's Community Choice.

On Geography Snap, Changedaworld is a competitive player. On the other side, there is me who has only been on JetPunk for 1 year, but a certain battle is going on between him and me.

This is the last part of my Balkan Trip Blog Series.

After a long time of waiting, we cover a Chinese dynasty in this series. With this case, the Qing Dynasty, which was one of the largest and most powerful of them all. In this blog, I will be explaining the empire's features if it reunited today in the 21st century. Enjoy! :)

Welcome to Jack's Fun Facts. Five topics, fifty fun facts, every week.

In a nutshell, this is a rant about a very immature minority amongst activists whose thoughts were wired the wrong way.

This is the 5th part of my Balkan Trip Blog Series.

This is some information for newcomers.

Fantasy Premier League for JetPunk, 2nd "season" and the 1st Cup final results.

Flags! One of the most common topics on JetPunk. But the flags you are going to see here are not at all common! Over the past few days, I have been trying to make a collection of weird, unusual, amusing, interesting and relatively unknown flags from around the world. This is the sixth part of the series!

I know it's super annoying that America is like one of the only countries that uses the Imperial System. In this blog, I'm going to explain why we use it, and what is it, and that sort of stuff.

A story blog taking place in my DOTJE empire (the location isn’t necessarily relevant to the story lol, though a couple parts will be)

Update 1.1: New title-CC or DD (Communist Cataclysm or Democratic Doom)

Blurb: Now it's on. The conflicts have boiled over. Now the two superpowers have engaged in direct conflict with each other. With a new threat arising in South Africa, as well as the threat of nuclear armageddon, the world is more tense than ever, with separatist movements blossoming everywhere. Will the US or the USSR be disunited? And who is this mystery character? Find out now!

Some thoughts.

Part 10!!! The smell of war is in the air as the empires all scramble to get their hands on a magical and mysterious orb, that may unlock the secret to world domination.