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This is a drama filled tale about REAL JETPUNKERS FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE!!!!!!!

3 factions

Each with a dream


How I came to be on JetPunk.

Please read until the end! Thanks!

I will be announcing some good news pertaining to my mental health and a new blog series.

I'M BACK. I forgot about this series, until one of my friends brought it up. Back up with another part of state fun facts this time with the first state of the United States of America, Delaware.

You guys spoke out about wanting to be in the next GOL, so here you are. New countries: Republic of the Philippines (SirPhilippines), Porto (Portuguese city-state ruled by FaroPor), The Empire of Turnbacktwo (self-explanatory), and Pandoria (C'mon, if you don't get it...). Also, Vatican City was recently annexed by Italy. Malkiboy helped.



We have suggestions :))

It will definitely surprise you...they are very similar!

This is the second week of the Blog Games Season 1, a game in which blogs each week are ranked in put in a leaderboard.

This is a countdown of my five favorite retro games.

Burkina Faso! Sorry Its late!

During this pandemic that we are currently in, we have used our devices way too much. The only two ways to access programs, games, and websites are either to use an app or a web browser. The vast majority of us use web browsers. Today, I will be exploring the different web browsers, covering Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

This is a blog about how I became a jetpunker.

So, it's Friday. I will start this new series called Things I Want To Talk About (TIWTTA), and this issue will be with AFOTWIT series, because AFOTWIT is in here. So yeah, let's begin.

I'm taking a big break from JetPunk.

Posting new information about One Piece here.

Something preeetty weird happened

This is important. Please look.

Next episode of Riddle Me This, my new game show! Check it out!

His skills are unmatched.... or are they?

Struggling with my own quiz.

These is no summary.

An arrangement of 6 things together

I'll be reviewing the basics of Georgia. Everything from the population density, to Georgia's date of statehood.

Inspired by the Puzzle Blogs on JetPunk, I decided to make a place for Puzzle blogs in JetPunkland! :)

Well, for starters, dinosaurs were a diverse group of "reptiles" that appeared on our planet in the Triassic Period, then mysteriously were wiped out in the Cretaceous. The birds on our planet today are avian dinosaurs, being related to these beasts.

I made a brand new game show! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never really knew how... thank you SirPhilippines for the inspiration.

Nature is beautiful, and Brazilian one isn't exception. Today, we'll continue the series, showing pictures, and information about the 73 Brazilian National Parks. Of course, I won't show all of them just in this article, but we already can see the beauty that nature can offer. This is part 2...

I am going to share meanings of some countries in this blog

I'm delighted to try out the fancy new blogging features to write this post about logical fallacies.

In arguments and reasoning, many people make illogical assumptions and reach illogical conclusions, usually through something called a 'Logical Fallacy'. This can lead to both frustration and hilarity. Read here to learn more.

I tried to make it more descriptive. Hope this is good.

Note: Text in italics means Amy is thinking.

This is a blog about the history of Jetpunk Homepage through images!!

I bet you will enjoy this! So cool!

There are three puzzles, each with eight clues! Can you connect the clues?

worst to best, in my opinion

Thanks to everyone that enjoys and takes my quizzes! To "celebrate," I've created a 100th quiz.

One of the most powerful, and most complicated, parts of the Blog Editor is the new "Split View" component that allows to split the view vertically or horizontally. This aims to help explain how to use this component, and the potential it has to make better blogs. This was added as part of The Blog Update.

Another Puzzle blog! Although this might be my most recent blog for a while (see inside)

Amy Blyde is a 13-year-old girl who has black hair that is always in a ponytail. She wears glasses. Something unexpected is about to arrive.

Huzzah! Thank you all for 5,000 takes!

Yesterday, I released my first quiz with a SVG map (without copying). This is a mark in my life as a JetPunker. I’m getting, ideas, ideas, ideas, and more ideas.

I’m very excited with it, but here comes the questions: And the blogs? Will you continue blogging? What ideas do you have for SVGS? What are you using/want to use for make the SVGS? How do you did the quiz of the Brazilian National Parks, the first with your own SVG?

I’ll try to answer these questions in this blog.

The Portuguese Empire was one of the largest and leading empires in the world during the Discovery of the New World. However, as time passed by, they gradually lost power and influence in South America and India, later granting independence to its prized colony, Brazil... But what if this great Empire reunited today? Enjoy! :)

A announcement about a new contest.

A silly idea I decided to do. Don't forget to register for the Grandese army and drink Grandacola!

Ever since the blog section has been updated, there has been an explosion in the quality, quantity, and energy of blogs!

So, I clicked the Blog button...

This is the last AJS I'm going to be making. Also, there is a new prize for solving Easy(mainly because the same people keep solving Easy)!

Shoutout to turnbacktwo for solving Easy on the last blog!

An introduction to the editorial and official members of the Octotune Gang.

Quite possibly the most critical buzzword in sports, "momentum" is an athletic phenomenon unlike any other. However, does it really exist, or is it all in our heads?

This is the first week of the Blog Games Season 1, a game in which blogs each week are ranked in put in a leaderboard.

We all need to learn about ARMENIA! The beautiful land of my birth. A majestic mountainous place full of history, and apparently, extremely attractive women. Tune in!