New and Reset Quizzes

This is a list of all the featured quizzes that have been added or reset in the last 14 days.
2020-10-280Most Valuable Brands Quiz
2020-10-280MLB Baseball by Year, 1990–present
2020-10-280The Los Angeles Quiz
2020-10-280World Series Winners Quiz
2020-10-280Animals in American History
2020-10-270U.S. Cities with the Most Homeless People
2020-10-270Animals in World History
2020-10-270World Leaders by Picture
2020-10-260U.S. Supreme Court Members
2020-10-260Top 15 Countries with the Most Hindus
2020-10-260U.S. States with the Most Homeless People
2020-10-260Countries of the World With a Disappearing Map
2020-10-260All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe by Proximity
2020-10-260Animals in British History
2020-10-250The United Kingdom for Americans - True or False
2020-10-240Global Cities on a World Map
2020-10-240Most Common U.S. Last Names - Extreme
2020-10-24075 Americans Named John
2020-10-230U.S. Presidential Last Names as Baby Names
2020-10-220General Knowledge Quiz #209
2020-10-220General Knowledge Quiz #132
2020-10-220Animals - Taxonomy to Common Name
2020-10-210English Cities With Multiple Football Teams
2020-10-210Foods that Start with W
2020-10-210Foods that Start with T
2020-10-200Foods that Start with S
2020-10-200Foods that Start with R
2020-10-200Foods that Start with P
2020-10-200Foods that Start with O
2020-10-190Divided Country Shape Puzzle #1
2020-10-190Modern-Day Countries of the Umayyad Caliphate on a Map
2020-10-190History: What Came First?
2020-10-190Dying Words in Movies
2020-10-180SNL Cast Members Quiz
2020-10-180Foods that Start with M
2020-10-180Foods that Start with L
2020-10-180U.S. History Multiple Choice #4
2020-10-170Random Spanish Words #3
2020-10-1704-Letter Geography Chain #3
2020-10-160Top 10 Least Happy U.S. States
2020-10-160Top 10 Happiest U.S. States
2020-10-160Red State or Blue State Trait?