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Technically, Manila is not the most populous city in the Philippines. The neighboring municipality of Quezon City has a higher population.
Gandhi never won the Nobel Peace Prize. (But Yasser Arafat did).
The only U.S. presidents to run unopposed were George Washington and James Monroe.
Lake Baikal is both the deepest and the oldest lake in the world.
The largest island in the United States is Hawaii, also known as "The Big Island".
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Aug 22, 2018
I though that George Washington ran opposed against John Adams, hence why Adams became vice-president?
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Oct 30, 2018
Washington ran twice.
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Jan 13, 2019
Washington did run twice but the first election there were several other people running. He did not run unopposed. What's true is that he was elected unanimously. In the first presidential election there was no popular vote. Electors from each state voted for the two candidates that they most wanted to be president. Washington was picked by 100% of the electors. John Adams received the 2nd most votes (possible because every elector chose two candidates), and thus was made vice president.

If Adams had received the most votes, egotistical as he was, I'm sure he would have taken the job.