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1990s General Knowledge #2

Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1990s?
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: December 5, 2019
First submittedJanuary 30, 2015
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In what city did Princess Diana die?
What family's pets were Buddy and Socks?
If an egg is your brain, what is a fried egg?
Your Brain on Drugs
What brand of push-up bra was heavily publicized?
What tunnel connected England and France?
Channel Tunnel
What ADHD drug became heavily prescribed?
What cult leader died at age 33 in Waco, Texas?
David Koresh
In what city was child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey killed?
On what holiday was an important Northern Ireland peace treaty signed?
Good Friday
What website hosted 38 million personal web pages?
Who was a busty model for Playboy and Guess before becoming a famous gold digger?
Anna Nicole Smith
What offensive operation followed Desert Shield?
Desert Storm
What dialect did the Oakland School Board propose teaching classes in?
What brand of soccer shorts were incredibly popular, and worn by Brazil's national team?
What video game ended with a "Fatality", or rarely "Friendship"?
Mortal Kombat
Complete the advertising slogan: I've fallen and I ___ __ __
Can't Get Up
What was the name of Susan Powter's high-carb diet infomercial?
Stop the Insanity
What was Michelangelo's weapon?
What major Japanese city was devastated by an earthquake?
What brand of durable German sandals was popular among hippie types?
level 76
Feb 1, 2015
It's Sandals, not Sandles. Otherwise a fun quiz.
level ∞
Feb 2, 2015
level 61
Jun 24, 2015
Ergh. I knew JonBenet died in Colorado...I must have tried every city in that state except Boulder.
level 51
Jan 31, 2019
Same. Couldn't get Boulder.
level 65
Jun 24, 2015
Please accept Eurotunnel - it's really popular name here in Europe. It's also the name of the company that operates it and the official site is eurotunnel.com
level 74
Feb 6, 2018
level 71
Jun 24, 2015
I didn't know Birkenstocks were German. They have a really trippy looking, campus north of San Francisco in Novato. It was shuttered for about 5 years and they re-opened it a few years ago I believe.
level 48
Jun 24, 2015
Sheesh, that was almost impossible for a non-US resident! I still managed to scrape 11 though, which is allegedly above the average, so I'm not complaining!
level 16
Jun 24, 2015
How did only 32% get Mortal Kombat?
level 19
Jun 27, 2015
Not very nice to refer to a dead woman as a "gold digger". Otherwise, a good quiz.
level 63
May 3, 2018
She didn't marry an 89 year old oil tycoon because of some deep and abiding love. In fact, it was the absolute epitome of gold-digging. Is there another marriage that was more clearly about money than this one?
level 76
Nov 26, 2015
You should put the tunnel question in the present tense. Last time I checked it still connects England and France.
level 76
Sep 23, 2016
It is correct in this sense, because the act of connecting them was carried out in the 90s.
level 72
Mar 12, 2017
I kept spelling it Karesh
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