Government Headquarters Quiz

Name the cities that are home to these government and international bodies.
† Give the nearest major city
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Last updated: August 25, 2015
First submittedDecember 5, 2011
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United Nations
New York City
NASA mission control
EU capital (primary)
EU capital (2)
EU capital (3)
European Central Bank
U.S. Army academy
West Point
U.S. Naval academy
U.S. Air Force academy
Colorado Springs
Russian Pacific fleet
Mormon church
Salt Lake City
Catholic church
Vatican City
Central Intelligence Agency
Langley, VA
Centers for Disease Control †
U.S. Pacific fleet
International Criminal Court
The Hague
World Health Organization
FBI academy
Quantico, VA
Level 85
Dec 5, 2011
Minor quibble - if it's okay to list the CDC as Atlanta (nearest major city), then why isn't it okay to list the US Pacific fleet as Honolulu?
Level ∞
Dec 5, 2011
You're right. I changed the answer to Honolulu.
Level 44
Dec 5, 2011
please accept Den Haag for The Hague
Level 66
Jan 28, 2019
Agreed. After I tried 'Den Haag' and it wasn't accepted, I moved on.
Level 29
Dec 5, 2011
Other than Interpol, the only ones I didn't get were the American ones...
Level 54
Apr 14, 2015
Same, except European bank (I was going around all the cities of western Germany but ran out of time). I know this is an American website, but nearly half being American for a world quiz is a bit much.
Level 76
Dec 8, 2015
Only 50% American answers? How are we supposed to learn all about a place we don't live in if you stop at 50% O.o
Level 74
Mar 2, 2016
got all except for the 2 lesser known eu capitals and one american one the cia
Level 61
Dec 5, 2011
Only knew the CIA one from watching the Jason Bourne films over and over again lol
Level 23
Feb 14, 2012
GEE! this quiz was swell!
Level 20
Sep 25, 2012
for the Fbi academy could Washington DC not work,you ask for the nearest major city
Level ∞
Sep 28, 2012
Only for that one question
Level 50
Oct 30, 2013
Why? The Academy is almost 4 times as far from Washington as the CIA campus in Langley. It is at least a 30 minute drive to the Academy without traffic from central Washington. At least, Langley is inside the Beltway.
Level 36
Jan 17, 2014
9/20. Hard quiz.
Level 83
Nov 9, 2014
Should've gotten the FBI one too, I've watched enough Criminal Minds or other police series. Got CIA just because of that. Also a bit peeved of thinking "Strasbourg" all the way, but writing down "Salzburg". Yes, it's a different city. My bad. Got 15/20.
Level 79
Mar 3, 2015
I tried Stafford... Quantico... same thing... pff. Downside of living there and being too familiar maybe.
Level 72
Aug 29, 2016
Yeah, not knowing the local area at all, there's no chance of making that mistake. It's just an abstract name heard in TV and movies.
Level 54
Jan 11, 2016
Accept Den Haag for The Hauge, please?
Level 51
Feb 18, 2016
If you want Den Haag to be accepted then create the quiz again in Dutch.
Level 38
Feb 10, 2019
^ If Den Haag is not acceptable for The Hague, then you should also translate Strasbourg into Strasburg and Luxembourg into Luxemburg.
Level 73
Dec 15, 2018
But it‘s a point that needs to be addressed. Italian and German cities do always have the English and local expressions accepted, whereas I‘ve never seen Den Haag or Warszawa for example accepted in a quiz.
Level 50
Mar 29, 2016
Could you please accept Den Haag for The Hague ?
Level 72
Aug 29, 2016
Slightly embarrassed to have forgotten West Point. I just suddenly drew a complete blank. Also had no idea about Interpol, but in that case I just flat out didn't know.
Level 68
Nov 17, 2017
I tried Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatsky for the Russian Pacific Fleet base, because it's the only city I could remember on the East Coast of Russia.
Level 67
Dec 13, 2017
Just another UScentric quiz...
Level 38
Jun 4, 2018
West Point is not a city; it is the name of the U. S. Army Academy. The nearest city would Highlands, NY.