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Last updated: August 30, 2018
First submittedAugust 25, 2010
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Singers compete to become America's next pop sensation
American Idol
Wannabe business executives try not to get fired by Donald Trump
The Apprentice
Contestants are voted off the island until only one remains
Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real
The Real World
Like the above, but with has-been celebrities such as MC Hammer
The Surreal Life
Sexy carpenter dramatically upgrades family homes
Extreme Makeover:
Home Edition
Obese contestants compete to lose the most weight
The Biggest Loser
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie live with Arkansas farmers
The Simple Life
Italian-Americans share a beach house
Jersey Shore
Two tabloid-friendly parents raise sextuplets
Jon & Kate Plus 8
Show that brought us One Direction
The X Factor
Series that follows vain, wealthy women in Orange County and other places
Real Housewives
Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do?
Fashion designers compete to design the best clothes
Project Runway
Show that takes us inside the depressing world of child beauty pageants
Toddlers and Tiaras
Chefs do battle to make the best food using a secret ingredient
Iron Chef
For some reason, women compete to win the love of Bret Michaels
Rock of Love
Level 29
Sep 5, 2013
The Apprentice is not about Donald Trump at all, Lord Alan Sugar is the boss. You may of meant The Apprentice USA but that, albeit a similar name, is a different show.
Level 88
Sep 5, 2013
The original Apprentice, about Trump, started in 2003. The same producers created Lord Sugar's version in 2004 after the success of US version's first season.

Also: may *have*

Level 62
Sep 5, 2013
"May of" ... haha awesome.
Level 32
Sep 5, 2013
With the clue for The Real World I thought of Big Brother
Level 50
Sep 5, 2013
I hate myself for knowing so many of these.
Level 66
Sep 12, 2013
I'm embarrassed to say I got all of these correct.
Level 65
Aug 19, 2014
I love the little snide remarks ("for some reason," "depressing") but that may be because I loathe reality TV. Well, except for that sexy carpenter.
Level 47
Nov 17, 2014
This Old House should work for the sexy carpenter one. Someone probably thinks he's sexy.
Level 51
Dec 23, 2014
Love the clue for rock of love! Very funny!
Level 78
May 31, 2015
Not big on reality shows, but just watched a marathon of The Quest - not as bad as some of these.
Level 63
Mar 23, 2016
You should accept "Pop Idol" for the first question. That was the original show, which also had Simon Cowell as a judge. "American Idol" is the American version. There are also versions in many other countries. Nothing about the question suggests it's exclusively asking for the American version.
Level 49
Apr 6, 2017
maybe because it says "singers compete to become AMERICA'S next pop sensation
Level 67
Jun 9, 2016
I appreciate that I was able to get the right answer from typing "tom and kate plus 8"
Level 50
Jul 10, 2017
'survivor' is known as im a celebrity get me out of here in the UK. Adding that will definitely help as we have to comply with the other American versions
Level 61
Oct 4, 2017
are you daft?
Level 52
Oct 18, 2018
not even close.....
Level 67
Jul 29, 2019
survivor is the american adaptation of expedition robinson.
Level 49
Feb 23, 2018
well, I dont care so I only got 1 point, Ive watched Survivor and the Real World, other than that I dont care about any of those show..I even missed American Idol because i couldnt remember the name of it haha
Level 67
Jul 29, 2019
I ve heard of most, got 6 and seen 0 (that is a complete episode, I might ve seen a few minutes here and there before changing the channel).

One thing I did see that wasnt one here was masterchef, (though also just snippets, since I allways came across it by chance but atleast didnt allways change the channel with that one.) Ow and great british bake-off, you could say I ve actually watched that one, because I saw consecutive episodes (still missed most of it often missed the beginning or entire episodes haha) I am not british btw. But often wathc the bbc. (Mainly because I want to get away from all the (reality) drama on other channels haha. It is one of the more peacefull channels, even more than kids channels)

Level 26
Aug 6, 2018
"Two tabloid-friendly parents raise sextuplets"

A little has changed from 2013 lol. This needs to be updated.