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Game of Thrones Super Quiz

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Quiz by olliet0y
Last updated: May 8, 2014
First submittedMay 8, 2014
Times taken3,645
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Where is Jorah Mormont from?
Bear Island
Who Killed the 'Mad King'?
Jaime Lannister
Where is the seat of House Arryn?
The Eyrie
What position was Jon Arryn before he died?
Hand of the King
How do you kill a White Walker?
How many Old Gods are there?
What is the seat of House Bolton?
The Dreadfort
What is the mercenary force Daario Naharis now commands?
The Second Sons
What does Gilly name her baby?
What is the name of Rikkon Stark's Dire Wolf?
Shaggy Dog
What is the seat of House Martell?
What is the name of Cersei Lannister's Daughter that is sent to Dorne?
What is the name of Robb Stark's Wife?
What was Robb Stark's son supposed to be called?
What is the Dothraki Capital city?
Vaes Dothrak
Level 38
Jun 8, 2014
For some reason typing in "Jaime Lannister" doesn't work. Also, sorry buy "countless" is a ridiculous answer, unless you're also accepting every possible synonym.
Level 3
Jun 17, 2014
Hi, I am not quite sure why typing in the kingslayer's name does not work i will try to fix it but it has not worked when i have edited. and regarding the "countless" in regards of the old gods, it was my first quiz on here so i did not really have much trivia to start out with, thanks for taking the quiz!
Level 43
Feb 11, 2015
Good quiz! Just repair the Jaime Lannister problem, it only accepts Kingslayer. And add more possible answers for Eyrie or Dreadfort. THE is not that important if the answer is correct ;)
Level 76
May 8, 2016
*Rickon - by the way
Level 32
Jul 5, 2016
Tried typing in Obsidian and it will not accept the answer.
Level 69
Aug 6, 2016
Seriously? I missed multiple answers because I didn't put "The" in front? Lame.
Level 27
Nov 28, 2016
Yeah, really need to not require "the," that's really annoying. Also, Valyrian steel kills the others, as well as dragonglass/obsidian. And needs to specify that the answers are from the show, not the books.
Level 18
Nov 14, 2017
you shoudnt need 'the' in second sons, also is there something wrongs because 'jaime lannister' didnt work
Level 41
May 7, 2019
Great quiz! Interested in more GoT Quizzes, check out mine! https://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/336164/test-of-the-maester