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50 Questions and Counting!
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Last updated: April 4, 2015
First submittedMarch 5, 2015
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Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton
Michael Scott
Actor who plays him^
Steve Carell
Gets his stapler in Jell-O in the pilot
Dwight Schrute
We should celebrate his Mexican heritage, not the other thing.
Oscar Martinez
Has had two men duel over her twice
Angela Martin
Michael's "best friend"
Jim Halpert
Dressed up as a cat for halloween(not Angela)
Pam Halpert
Is a bartender in the finale
Kevin Mallone
The section of the Office where Kelly, Ryan, Toby, and Holly work
The Annex
What website did Ryan create?
Pam's main hobby
Michael''s startup company
Michael Scott Paper Company
How long has Michael worked for the Office(in minutes) :)
9986000 minutes
What is the Office's annual awards cermony called?
The Dundies
What book did Jim write?
Throwing a Garden Party
What character was the CEO of Sabre for the duration of Season 8?
Robert California
Who buys Dunder Mifflin at the end of Season 8?
David Wallace
What is the name of the device that Sabre hires Jim, Ryan, and Dwight to sell?
The Pyramid
What sport did Jim play in High School?
Which sport does Charles Minor love?
What position do Michael and Jim fight over in Season 6?
Who went to high school with Michael?
Who does Angela marry before Dwight?
Robert Lipton
Why do they get divorced?
Because he is gay
What does Michael buy to try to get Toby fired?
Caprese Salad
Jim plays what character in Michael's Movie?
How does Jim's character meet his end?
Hockey Puck to the Face
What is the pub called that is often in the Office?
Poor Richard's
Where do the Dundie's take place?
On what does Michael burn his foot
George Foreman Grill
What injury does Dwight sustain in the same episode?^
A concussion
What is Robert California's main goal in life?
In the episode "Booze Cruise" what does Roy do?
Engages to Pam
How does Michael get to the Shareholder's meeting?
What does Michael give his "tots" instead of college scholarships?
Laptop batteries
Dwight's Brother
What does that^ brother farm?
What Dwight grows on his farm?
Who is Michael Scott's wife?
Holly Flax
What city does Michael go to at the end of Season 7?
Where does Pam say goodbye to Michael?
At the airport
What is Michael's favorite catchphrase?
That's what she said
Where does Jim take Pam to get married?
Niagra Falls
In Season 8, Pam takes Jim to the pharmacy to use a "lie-detector" only to find out what?
Jim has high blood pressure
What does Michael Scott's cup say, exactly, in the pilot episode?
World's Best Boss
Scott's movie
Threat Level Midnight
Scott's book
Somehow I Manage
What color belt does Dwight have in Karate?
Robert tries to demote her from manager, but he can't
Nellie Bertram
To whom did the job rightfully belong to?
Andy Bernard
What type of music did Andy sing in college?
Which college was this?
Cornell University
Who is his girlfriend?
Erin Hannon
She throws what at him
A pie
Level 25
May 15, 2015
First of all, it shoulder be "Niagara" Falls and not "Niagra" Falls. Second, the answer should probably be "gets engaged to Pam"
Level 17
Feb 27, 2019
They were already engaged he sets a date on the booze cruise