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1,7202021-04-19Countries with Unusual Demonyms
3092021-04-08How many times can you type A R M E N I A in 15 seconds?
1062021-02-04Top 6 Exporters by Continent
1042021-04-22Regions of Namibia Click Map Quiz
1022021-02-26Random Countries of the World Click Map Quiz
632021-02-16Top Six Countries by Continent by Education Index
612021-02-10Countries Where Alcohol is Illegal
592021-02-13Six Countries by Continent with Highest Government Budgets
542021-02-19Unscramble the European Countries
422021-02-18Top Six Most Muslim Countries by Continent
392021-02-22Top 30 Countries with Highest Average Life Expectancy
382021-04-22Process of Elimination
372021-02-10Six Richest Countries by Continent by Nominal GDP
362021-02-08Six Most Rural Countries by Continent
342021-02-05Six Richest Countries by Continent by GDP per Capita
342021-02-09Top Five Producers of Agricultural Commodities (Spices)
332021-02-09Six Poorest Countries by Continent by GDP Per Capita
332021-02-19Six Countries by Continent by Number of Internet Users
312021-02-15Countries with a Population Less than 1 Million
312021-02-20Least Peaceful Countries (2020)
312021-02-20Countries Hidden in Sentences #1
312021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘T’ Countries
312021-04-22Countries that Beat Kazakhstan
302021-04-04Europe Border Countries
292021-02-26Countries that Are More than One Percent Buddhist
292021-03-2420 Poorest Countries in the World with Exceptions
292021-03-2515 Most Densely Populated States
292021-02-27Countries with English as an Official Language
272021-03-3110 Countries with Most and Least Press Freedom
272021-02-01Least Fragile Countries by Continent
262021-02-17Countries Larger than 1,000,000 Square Kilometers
262021-02-03Six Countries by Continent by Global Militarization Index
262021-03-26Countries by Category #1
262021-04-06Top 20 Safest Countries by GPI (2020)
262021-02-02Six Most Corrupt Countries on Every Continent Except Oceania
252021-02-10Unscramble the African Countries
252021-02-12Most Peaceful Countries A-Z 2020
252021-03-12Countries Bordering ‘A’ Countries
252021-02-25Top Six Countries per Continent by Catholic Percentage
252021-03-3120 Countries with Lowest Crime Rate
252021-04-06Top 20 Countries by Drug Abuse Death Rate
242021-03-26Six Most Forested Countries by Continent
242021-02-18Top Six Most Christian Countries by Continent
242021-04-20Countries that Beat Denmark
242021-02-03Six Countries by Continent in Good Country Index
242021-02-14Regions of Guyana
232021-02-05Six Largest Countries by Continent
232021-03-0550 Most Corrupt Countries According to CPI
232021-03-25Present Day Countries that the United Kingdom Has Bordered
222021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘B’ Countries
222021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘V’ Countries
212021-02-02Six Least Corrupt Countries by Continent
212021-02-17Countries Smaller than 10,000 Square Kilometers
212021-02-24Most Corrupt Countries by Letter
212021-03-02Countries by Category #2
212021-03-02Countries with Legal Homosexual Marriage
202021-03-01Unscramble the South American Countries
202021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘F’ Countries
202021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘Y’ Countries
202021-04-18Countries that Beat Pakistan
202021-02-02Top 50 Countries by Tertiary Education
202021-04-17Countries that Beat Afghanistan
192021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘N’ Countries
192021-02-16Landlocked Countries by Three-Word-Clue #1
192021-02-16Countries by Clue #1
192021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘C’ Countries
192021-02-07Countries with Four Borders
192021-03-2615 Least Densely Populated States
192021-04-19Countries that Beat Armenia
192021-03-24Random Geography Quiz #1
192021-04-07Different Countries in Armenian
192021-04-21Countries that Beat Norway
182021-02-09Six Countries by Continent with Least Economic Freedom
182021-02-12SSundee Quiz
182021-04-05Asia Border Countries
182021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Alcoholism Death Rate
182021-04-18Unscramble the North American Countries
182021-02-02Countries Where Minors Can Drink Legally
172021-03-31All Fortnite Weapons As Of Season 15
172021-02-07Countries with 8+ Borders
172021-02-09Top Three Producers of Agricultural Commodities (Fruits)
172021-03-30Top 6 Countries by Continent by Guns per Capita
172021-04-17Countries that Beat Somalia
172021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘P’ Countries
172021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘M’ Countries
162021-02-10Countries by Flags and Shapes Quiz 1
162021-02-10Poorest Six Countries in Each Continent by Nominal GDP
162021-02-08Six Countries by Continent with Most Public Debt Per Capita
162021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘Q’ Countries
162021-02-01Countries by Average Intelligence Quotient
162021-02-09Six Countries by Continent with Most Economic Freedom
162021-02-09Top Three Producers of Agricultural Commodities (Vegetables)
162021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘U’ Countries
162021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘D’ Countries
152021-02-17“At Risk” Countries on Environmental Vulnerability Index
152021-02-26Six Countries by Continent by Diabetic Percentage
152021-02-22Six Countries by Continent with Highest Avg. Life Expectancy
152021-02-24Ten European Countries with the Lowest Natural Disaster Risk
152021-02-20Six Countries by Continent by Internet Use Percentage
152021-01-28Unscramble Oceanian Countries
152021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘I’ Countries
152021-03-2510 States with Worst Dental Health
152021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘K’ Countries
152021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘L’ Countries
152021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘G’ Countries
152021-02-07Countries with Seven Borders
152021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘E’ Countries
152021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘Z’ Countries
142021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘J’ Countries
142021-04-21Countries that Beat Albania
142021-02-22Six Countries by Continent with Lowest Internet Use Percent
142021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘H’ Countries
142021-03-26Six Least Forested Countries by Continent
142021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘S’ Countries.
142021-02-09Top Three Producers of Agricultural Commodities (Milk)
142021-02-19Six Countries by Continent by Vehicles per Capita
142021-03-0320 Countries with Largest Decrease in Terrorism Index Score
132021-02-01Countries Intersected by the Prime Meridian
132021-02-15Top Six Countries by Continent by Size of Agriculture Sector
132021-02-24Ten Highest HDI Countries in the Americas
132021-02-01Least Homophobic Countries
132021-02-18Six Most Urban Countries by Continent
132021-02-04Six Countries by Continent by Electricity Production
132021-02-08Countries by Continent with Largest Trade Surplusses
132021-02-12Countries Bordering ‘R’ Countries
132021-02-09Top Three Producers of Agricultural Commodities (Nuts)
132021-03-02Countries Where Homosexuality Results in Arrest and Enforced
122021-03-03Six Countries by Continent with Highest Human Flight Score
122021-03-0320 Highest Countries by GTI Score and Rank Deterioration
122021-02-25Naruto Characters by Special Move
122021-04-22Countries that Beat Papua New Guinea
122021-02-24Main Naruto (and Boruto) Characters
122021-02-01Upper Middle Income Countries - One Minute Sprint
122021-02-03Countries Whose GDP Is Decreasing
122021-02-12Unscramble the Asia Countries
122021-02-24Ten Lowest HDI Countries in Asia
122021-03-25Central Asia Quiz
122021-03-02Countries Where Homosexuality Results in Unenforced Prison
112021-02-28Countries by Continent with Lowest Average BMI
112021-04-20My Favorite JetPunkers
112021-03-0410 Worst Generation 4 Pokémon
112021-03-15Countries by Highest Population Growth and GDP Growth Rate
112021-02-24Ten Lowest HDI Countries in Africa
112021-03-2510 States with Best Dental Health
102021-02-20Countries Bordering China’s Border Countries
102021-04-20Countries by Letter to Number Values #8
102021-03-0850 Worst Pokémon Generations I-IV
102021-04-20Countries by Letter to Number Values #5
102021-03-31Guess the European Countries by GPI Score
102021-02-01Low Income Countries
102021-02-11Countries Bordering ‘O’ Countries
102021-02-03Six Countries with the Largest GDP Growth per Continent
102021-04-07Among Us Rooms (Airship)
92021-02-24Countries by Letter with Lowest Natural Disaster Risk
92021-02-08Countries by Continent with Largest Trade Deficits
92021-02-01Countries with No National Drinking Restrictions
92021-02-04Countries by Continent with the Least Electricity Production
92021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Lung Cancer Death Rate
92021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Breast Cancer Death Rate
92021-02-01Countries With Eighteen as Official Drinking Age N-Z
92021-03-31Quiz About Me!
92021-04-20Countries that Beat Hungary
92021-02-02Countries where the Legal Drinking Age is Above 18
92021-04-04OECD Member States
92021-04-22Countries by Letter to Number Values #3
92021-03-03Guess the Asia Countries in Order by GPI Score
92021-04-20Countries by Letter to Number Values #1
92021-02-09High Income Countries
92021-03-0425 Worst 1st Generation Pokemon
92021-02-24Recurring Naruto Characters
82021-02-21Countries by Letter to Number Values #7
82021-02-18Countries by Continent-Average Yearly Cigarette Consumption
82021-04-06Thank You for 4000 Takes!
82021-02-09Country and Flag Shape Quiz 2
82021-04-22Countries that Beat Bahrain
82021-02-20Countries by Letter to Number Values #2
82021-02-08Six Countries by Continent with Most Money in Education
82021-02-04Top 6 by Continent with Highest Central Bank Interest Rate
72021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Tuberculosis Death Rate
72021-02-28Countries By Continent with Highest Average BMI
72021-02-03Countries With the Least GDP Growth by Continent
72021-04-20Countries by Letter to Number Values #6
72021-03-01Tri-Color-Bar Flag Quiz
72021-04-04MENA Member States
72021-02-20Countries by Letter to Number Values #4
72021-02-24Ten Asian Countries With Lowest Risk of Natural Disasters
72021-02-05Top 6 Countries per Continent by Energy Consumption/Capita
72021-02-07Countries with Six Borders
62021-02-24Ten African Countries With the Lowest Natural Disaster Risk
62021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Stomach Cancer Death Rate
62021-02-05Lower Middle Income Countries
62021-03-0425 Worst Generation 2 Pokémon
62021-02-23Second Largest City by Country
62021-02-01Bottom 30 Countries by Tertiary Education
62021-02-01Most Fragile States by Continent
62021-04-01Top 20 Countries by Lung Disease Death Rate
52021-02-01Countries Where Eighteen is the Legal Drinking Age A-M
52021-02-07Countries with Five Borders
52021-02-14Regions of All Countries Beginning with A
52021-03-10Primarily Ground Type Pokémon
52021-03-09Primarily Bug Type Pokémon
52021-03-01Guess the African Countries In Order by GPI Score
52021-03-10Primarily Rock Type Pokémon
52021-03-0410 Worst Generation 3 Pokemon
52021-02-15Dzongkhags of Bhutan
52021-03-09Primarily Grass Type Pokémon
52021-03-23Random Pokémon by Evolution Quiz #1
52021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Skin Cancer Death Rate
42021-03-24Primarily Psychic Type Pokémon
42021-03-09Primarily Steel Type Pokémon
42021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Esophagus Cancer Death Rate
42021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Kidney Disease Death Rate
42021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Anemia Death Rate
42021-03-09Primarily Ice Type Pokémon
42021-02-28Five Worst Performing Countries by GPI Region
42021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Coronary Heart Disease Death Rate
42021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Liver Cancer Death Rate
42021-03-26Dan and Riya Characters
42021-02-23Dragon Ball Fusions Minor Playable Characters
42021-03-11Primarily Poison Type Pokémon
42021-03-09Primarily Fighting Type Pokémon
42021-02-08Countries by Ease of Doing Business Index (Top 6)
42021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Prostate Cancer Death Rate
42021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Leukemia Death Rate
42021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Ovarian Cancer Death Rate
42021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Bladder Cancer Death Rate
32021-03-04Top 25 Worst Gen VIII Pokémon
32021-02-28Best and Worst Performing Country by Region in 2020 GPI
32021-02-17Countries that Rank “Resilient” on the EVI
32021-03-02Top 20 in Miss World 2015
32021-03-10Primarily Dark Type Pokémon
32021-03-09Primarily Normal Type Pokémon
32021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Hypertension Death Rate
32021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Parkinson’s Death Rate
32021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Pancreatic Cancer Death Rate
32021-03-30Top 20 Countries by Stroke Death Rate
32021-03-10Primarily Ghost Type Pokémon
32021-03-31Top 20 Countries by Neoplasms Death Rate
32021-03-09Primarily Electric Type Pokémon
32021-03-09Primarily Fairy Type Pokémon
32021-03-08Primarily Water Type Pokémon
22021-03-04Top 25 Worst Generation V Pokémon
22021-03-04Top 25 Worst Gen VI Pokémon
22021-03-10Primarily Flying Type Pokémon
22021-03-09Primarily Dragon Type Pokémon
22021-02-27Next Lowest HDI Ladder
22021-03-08Primarily Fire Type Pokémon
22021-03-04Top 25 Worst Gen VII Pokémon