Guess the Type of Shark by Hint

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Last updated: July 28, 2016
First submittedJuly 28, 2016
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largest fish species, type of megamouth shark, has around 3,000 tiny teeth
whale shark
gray-brown in color, habitat of reefs, channels between mangrove islands, and sand flats, name resembles an occupation
nurse shark
distinctive, recognizable head, earmarked with set lateral projections called cephalofoils, smaller than average mouths
hammerhead sharks
fourth largest shark, many naen the sourmes including White Death, Great Pointer or White shark, has long bece of legends and myths, often described as a ‘maneater’.
great white shark
species of carpet shark, broad, flat bodies, spend most of their time on the ocean floor or hidden in the rocks or coral, have spots, splotches, lines of color that help camouflage them, have flaps of skin around their mouths that looks like shaggy carpet fringe and small, sharp teeth that help them catch prey, found in shallow waters in coral reefs near Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and Japan (begins with a "w").
have flattened bodies and broad pectoral fins, strong resemblance to rays, name resembles "servants of God"
Angel Shark
blade-like snouts edged with teeth, used for slashing and disabling prey, long and slender
Second largest fish in existence, diet only consists of plankton, very recognizable, tremendously large mouth.
basking shark
can live in both freshwater and saltwater, this shark has been nicknamed “The Pit Bull of the Sea” because if its aggressive behavior.
bull shark
Found specifically in BURMA (Myanmar), name resembles the world's largest type of grass found commonly in China, lives in tropical waters,
Burmese bamboo shark
Closely resembles an eel, hasn't changed much since prehistoric times, nicknames such as “Loch Ness Monster,” “Sea Serpent,” and “Living Fossil.”
frilled shark
dwell at the bottom of the ocean, name resembles a "mythical" misdoing demon, extremely rare
goblin shark
Live in exceedingly cold temperatures, extremely large in size, found off the coast of Greenland
Greenland shark
aggressive predator and is found mostly in tropical and warm waters, earned the nickname The Wastebasket Of The Sea because they will eat virtually anything, including human garbage and trash which floats out to sea, sometimes caught on fishing lines
tiger shark
incredibly fast, tends to look like a smaller version of the Great White Shark, two species: shortfin and longfin
mako sharks
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