Top 25 Deadliest Animals

Source: and Wikipedia
Quiz by Ragoat
Last updated: January 25, 2015
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25) Highly venomous scorpion residing primarily in North Africa and the Middle East
24) An experiment gone wrong, in 1957 a Brazilian bee keeper
Africanized Honey Bee
23) How terrible eyesight and are the cause of many deaths around the world
22) Very venomous sea snail
Cone Snail
21) Stay camouflaged on the ocean floor and strikes at lightning speed
20) They don't whats edible and whats not even though they are commonly believed to be maneaters
Great White Shark
19) One of the most feared snakes in the world in Numerous African Legends
Black Mamba
18) Has never been tamed by humans and is other wise known as "widowmaker" and "blackdeath"
Cape Buffalo
17) Colorful tiny frog that contains enough poison to kill 20,000 mice
Poison Dart Frog
16) Bear that lives mainly in the Arctic Circle and has no predators
Polar Bear
15) World's most venomous animal
Box Jellyfish
14) Normally doesn't humans. Also known as the King of the Jungle
African Lion
13) Generally doesn't attack humans but its venom disables blood clotting
12) On of the most venomous vertebrates in the world and is a delicacy in Japan
11) Skilled hunter that also scavenges for left overs
10) Largest LIVING lizard in the world
Komodo Dragon
9) A large blood sucking fly that is indirectly killing 250,000 people a year
Tse Tse Fly
8) An elusive big cat that mostly hunts at night
7) This snake is responsible for most of the snake related deaths in the world
Carpet Viper
6) The Guinness Book of Record's most venomous spider
Brazilian Wandering Spider
5) This octopus is as small as a golf ball, but has enough to kill 26 grown adults
Blue Ring Octopus
4) Although they are mostly herbivores, they are very aggresive and considered one of the most deadly african animals
3) The largest reptile in the world
Salt Water Crocidile
2) This large mammal has been known to charge rhinos to death
African Elephant
1) It transmits diseases that kill 2 to 3 million people a year
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