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True of flase there is Parental controls on the Nintendo SwitchTrue
When you are playing a game and you want to play something else how do you get out of the game?Push the little home button on the right joy con
How do you play a game?Insert a game card in the switch
Where do you insert the game card?On the top right corner on the consle
How do you find out about new things and new games on the switch without watching an ad about it on the tv?Look on Nintendo Switch news
How do you take a screen shot?Press the little square screenshot button on the left joy con
How do you take a video for up to 30 seconds on your Nintendo Switch screen?Hold down the screenshot button for 5 to 10 seconds
How do you acess the home accessibility?Hold down the home button
What are the three ways to put your switch on sleep mode?Push the power button or click on the sleep mode option in home or do it in the homeaceesibility

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