Bordering Countries by Clue #2

We give you a clue - you guess the country. All the countries border the ones that come before and after.
Answer must correspond to the highlighted box
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Last updated: May 2, 2019
First submittedApril 29, 2019
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Kathmandu is its capital
Where the Yellow River flows
The largest country that doesn't
border the ocean
Its leader enjoys judo and riding
horses while shirtless
Has the same name as a U.S. state
Its currency is the Lira
Home to the Black Sea port of Varna
Contains the region of Transylvania
Its citizens are known as Magyars
Where Mozart lived
Is led by a chancellor
Its most famous cathedral caught
fire in 2019
European country with a few small
possessions in Africa
Fez and Marrakesh are former capitals
The largest country in Africa
Named after a river
N'Djamena is its capital
Its name describes its geographical
position in the continent
Central African
Once owned by the King of Belgium
D. R. Congo
Where Mt. Kilimanjaro can be found
Level 64
Apr 29, 2019
That was fun.
Level 57
Jun 4, 2020
It was fun but going from Nepal to Tanzania via Russia, Germany, Morocco, Congo is pretty bad route. Just take a bus to Mumbai and from there, a Ship to Dar es Salaam. =P
Level 65
Apr 29, 2019
shouldn't the first and the last ones be neighbors as well?
Level ∞
Apr 29, 2019
Not this time. It kind of limits the possibilities.
Level 42
Oct 27, 2019
nepal and tanzania actually share a border
Level 60
Apr 30, 2019
We've got pretty far
Level 63
May 2, 2019
Isn't the easternmost point of Moldova more east than Romania? If so, the hint "The easternmost European country that speaks a Romance language" isn't correct and should be rephrased.
Level ∞
May 2, 2019
Well, dang. Changed the clue entirely.
Level 72
May 7, 2019
Would SOUTH AFRICA apply as a correct answer, the same as Central African Republic ?
Level 60
May 10, 2019
South Africa doesn't border Chad or Congo.
Level 76
May 9, 2019
"Possessions" sounds a bit strange - wouldn't exclaves (or are they enclaves) be better?
Level 44
Jun 18, 2019
Spain doesn't border morocco
Level 55
Jun 18, 2019
Its possessions in Africa do ...
Level 54
Jul 15, 2019
The cities of Ceuta and Melilla do, as well as a few other exclaves.
Level 67
Jun 29, 2019
Nice quiz :) bulgaria took me some time though, got that last...
Level 52
Mar 22, 2020
Level 36
Oct 13, 2020
Me three!
Level 59
Jul 15, 2019
great quiz, 1:45
Level 45
Jul 15, 2019
Its name describes its geographical

position in the continent.

SOUTH AFRICA is equal valid as CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. Both are refering to geographical locations in the continent.

Level 54
Jul 15, 2019
South Africa borders neither Chad nor the DRoC whereas the Central African Republic does.
Level 30
Jul 15, 2019
If QM thought is necessary to change the Romania question because another country, even though it did not border the country previous to it, fit the requirements, I believe it would be proper to rephrase the question regarding the Central African Republic.
Level 50
Oct 13, 2020
Romania question was incorrect because Romania isn't the most eastern country in Europe to speak Romance language. South Africa can't be an answer because it doesn't border Chad, that's lack of knowledge from people, not bad question that needs to be changed.
Level 18
Jul 15, 2019
With river first thing that came in mind is Congo and Jordan.

P.S. Dont mind me... bordering countries...

Level 52
Jul 15, 2019
Average score is 18 ya'll are crazy lol.
Level 31
Jul 15, 2019
nice quiz. Are you going to make more of these??
Level 56
Jul 16, 2019
Nepal does not border Tanzania
Level 36
Oct 13, 2020
Doesn't have to. As QM said it limits the possibilities for countries and clues.
Level 48
Aug 31, 2019
I really like this series!!
Level 40
Sep 1, 2019
Got all with 3 seconds left
Level 34
Nov 7, 2019
One of the best quizzes I've ever had the pleasure of completing, very good work m8.
Level 62
Mar 4, 2020
kept thinking geographical feature meant South Sudan because it is south of Sudan so why not?
Level 51
Oct 20, 2020
Nice quiz, but A LOT of these are the same as in the first quiz of this series, and with similar hints too
Level 43
Nov 16, 2020