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Historical Nicknames

Guess the real names of the historical figures with the nicknames shown below.
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Last updated: May 3, 2015
First submittedJanuary 8, 2013
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Real Name
Honest Abe
Abraham Lincoln
The Bard
William Shakespeare
Hanoi Jane
Jane Fonda
The British Bulldog
Winston Churchill
Dwight Eisenhower
Eva PerĂ³n
Iron Chancellor
Otto von Bismarck
Louis Armstrong
Nelson Mandela
The Little Corporal
Tricky Dick
Richard Nixon
Iron Lady
Margaret Thatcher
Real Name
Buffalo Bill
William Cody
The Desert Fox
Erwin Rommel
The Mad Monk
Old Blood and Guts
George S. Patton
The Teflon President
Ronald Reagan
The Wizard of Menlo Park
Thomas Edison
Ernesto Guevara
William Henry Harrison
Al Capone
Edward Teach
Old Hickory
Andrew Jackson
Lucky Lindy
Charles Lindbergh
Level 52
Jan 26, 2013
Missed Rasputin. Couldn't get that one out. Good quiz.
Level 71
Mar 16, 2013
2.39 left. Fun quiz . . . I like the ones I do well on :-)
Level 54
Jul 30, 2015
Me too...I hope you do well on more quizzes so there's more that I will like.
Level 62
Jul 30, 2015
I could only guess Tipper Gore for Tippecanoe knowing this to be incorrect :)
Level 77
Jul 30, 2015
Never heard Madiba used before for Mandela. Learned something new today. Thanks.
Level 58
Jan 13, 2017
it is the name of the clan of which Mr Mandela was a member.
Level 58
Jul 30, 2015
100% I only got the teflon president by going back through the presidents. Knew I wouldn't have to go back much further than the space age! For the clue "Che" even though the obvious would have worked I made sure I put his real first name. Conversely I know Blackbeard's slightly odd surname but probably wouldn't have remembered his first name if it was required.
Level 51
Feb 25, 2018
In some records, Blackbeard's name was Thatch or Drummond.
Level 68
Dec 26, 2018
According to the Smithsonian Magazine, he went by the name Edward Thatch and it was falsely reported by a newspaper as "Teach". It even says so on Wikipedia, so "Thatch" should be accepted as an answer.
Level 81
Jul 10, 2019
might cause a problem with the iron lady clue
Level 76
Oct 16, 2015
Go Horrible Histories for teaching me what Blackbeard's real name was! I loved Horrible Histories. So much useless stuff to learn about.
Level 25
Jul 27, 2016
The only reason I knew Blackbeard's real name was because of One Piece.....
Level 75
Dec 3, 2016
I did awful on the right column, it seems to be very American.
Level 33
Dec 31, 2016
For some of us The British Bulldog is David "Davey Boy" Smith I think that should be acceptable.
Level 58
Jan 13, 2017
missed Napoleon and Shakespeare
Level 61
May 7, 2017
I tried Davey Boy Smith for "The British Bulldog" it should have worked
Level 26
Apr 9, 2018
Level 37
Dec 5, 2018
Missed William Henry Harrison! - Face palm because his first and middle names are variations of my father's first and middle names.
Level 65
Feb 11, 2020
Accept Tony Montana for Scarface?