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Guess these answers that contain the word Saint.
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Last updated: December 11, 2016
First submittedNovember 20, 2010
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Very large dog breed
Saint Bernard
Santa Claus
Saint Nicholas
He slew the dragon
Saint George
Patron saint of Ireland
Saint Patrick
Caribbean island that
is half French, half Dutch
Saint Martin
The first pope
Saint Peter
November 1 holiday
All Saints' Day
December 26 holiday
St. Stephen's Day
Biggest metro area in Missouri
Saint Louis
London's tallest cathedral
Saint Paul's
Location of the world's oldest golf course
Saint Andrews
Paris's top soccer team
Cascade volcano that erupted in 1980
Mount St. Helens
What LDS means to a Mormon
Latter Day Saints
Seaway that connects the Great Lakes
to the Atlantic Ocean
St. Lawrence
Most populous of the U.S. Virgin Islands
Saint Thomas
Capital of Newfoundland
St. John's
Oldest city in the United States
Saint Augustine
French luxury brand
Yves Saint Laurent
Patron saint of lost causes
Saint Jude
Level 61
Sep 2, 2011
not that surprise that the french luxury brand was so low, just doesn't immediately come to mind
Level 20
May 17, 2012
You should maybe make people have to guess both st. maarten and st. martin, since they are completely separate countries.
Level 53
Aug 25, 2015
Agreed. I was going to try St. Martin after trying Sint Maarten. I was surprised it took it when it was the wrong one.
Level 37
May 25, 2017
What do you mean the "wrong one"?
Level 43
Feb 25, 2020
Neither are countries
Level 67
Feb 26, 2020
So you think the Netherlands isn't a country either? Sint Maarten, together with the country the Netherlands are 2 of the 4 countries that make up the Kingdom of The Netherlands.(Since 2010, before that it was part of the constituent country Netherlands Antilles)

Saint Martin is indeed not a country but overseas collectivity with EU status, since it is considered part of France proper.

people need to think for themselves instead of blindly copying a quizsite, which has set parameters. It is like on a quiz name all capitals, with a caveat that asian capitals are excluded. Just because asian capitals are not accepted on the quiz does not suddenly not make them capitals anymore.

Level 67
Feb 26, 2020
Oops the last part didnt mean to be small, only notice it now, but time to edit has just expired (got caught up in other things before returning to my comment.. usually immediately check after hitting submit.
Level 70
Aug 28, 2014
Great quiz! Very good variety.
Level 64
Aug 28, 2014
Rather unfortunate name for Saint Jude's Children's Hospital, eh?
Level 53
Aug 25, 2015
I think that might be why it's called that; their last hope? I could be wrong.
Level 81
Sep 24, 2015
Founder Danny Thomas was a devout catholic, and as a young man, promised to build a shrine to the saint, if he ever became successful.
Level 73
May 27, 2017
Shouldn't Anthony also be acceptable for the lost cause saint?
Level 64
May 31, 2017
Lost things ≠ Lost causes
Level 63
Jun 2, 2017
St John shouldn't be an acceptable answer for the capital of NFLD. St John's is the capital of NFLD and St John is a city in New Brunswick. Two different places.
Level 84
Dec 23, 2019
I agree, there's a lot of confusion between the 2.

Also, Johns isn't acceptable without St or Saint before it, even though St John is. The only one on the quiz that requires St to be typed. It might discourage people who think they're wrong.

Level 70
Nov 4, 2020
I was gonna say exactly the same thing. All the other answers allowed just the other words (ie, the Saint(s) to St or St. part wasn't required). I was beginning to question myself, as o knew it was St John's. Time ran out and I didn't get the point. I also didn't get St Jude, but that's my own fault.
Level 58
Jun 25, 2019
Rita definitely is another patron saint for lost causes and should be an accepted answer
Level 62
Jan 28, 2020
You accept Paul for St Paul's but not Stephen for St Stephen's day.Boo.
Level ∞
Jan 28, 2020
We do accept Stephen.
Level 80
Jul 23, 2020
"Johns" should work for St. John's.
Level 83
Sep 9, 2020
For reals, I was double guessing myself, not cool.
Level 85
Mar 27, 2021
Why is St. John's the only answer on this quiz which requires you to type st., or saint? I was really second guessing myself because "John" and "John's" didn't work.