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Video Games by Synonyms

Guess these video game titles, where most of the words have been replaced by synonyms.
Not all synonyms are exact
Last updated: September 16, 2015
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Video Game
Upset Avians
Angry Birds
Avenue Combatant
Street Fighter
Crypt Invader
Tomb Raider
Shimmy Shimmy Insurgency
Dance Dance Revolution
Requirement for Velocity
Need for Speed
Deity of Conflict
God of War
Magnificent Larceny Car
Grand Theft Auto
Insane Cab
Crazy Taxi
Scarlet Deceased Pistol
Red Dead Revolver
Last Imagination
Final Fantasy
Video Game
Stone Ensemble
Rock Band
Inhabitant Malevolence
Resident Evil
Vegetation Against Undead
Plants vs. Zombies
Deceased or Living
Dead or Alive
Association of Myths
League of Legends
Confectionary Smash
Candy Crush
Goose Search
Duck Hunt
Confrontation of Tribes
Clash of Clans
Quarry Skill
Mute Knoll
Silent Hill
level 32
Jun 15, 2013
Good and original quiz :)
level 43
Nov 25, 2016
Yeah quite: made me think in the morning
level 76
Jul 1, 2013
Never heard of Red Dead Revolver or League of Legends but managed to get 100% anyway. I like these quizzes. I should do a few more of my own. So far I only have this one on movie title antonyms, but I'll get around to doing a synonyms one eventually, maybe for band names.
level 82
Jul 1, 2013
I know you have a note that says all synonyms are not exact, but goose is kind of a stretch for duck, don'tcha think? It'd be like using lion for tiger or chimpanzee for man.
level 76
Jul 1, 2013
Thought that, too. Though I still got it. Maybe... mallard, drake, waterfowl, etc?
level 76
Feb 21, 2019
level 45
Jul 1, 2013
I really enjoyed that quiz. I got 16/20. Sequel?
level 72
Jul 2, 2013
Shimmy Shimmy Insurgency made me laugh. I envisioned a bunch of rebels from wherever doing Zumba
level 66
Jul 30, 2013
I got them all except Final Fantasy. I even wrote down Final and had NO idea what came next. I'm embarrassed for myself.
level 71
Nov 15, 2013
Shows the all-pervasiveness of popular culture - I got 17/20 and the only one I've played is asteroids, and that was when it was the latest hot new thing. Oh god I'm old...
level 75
Dec 21, 2015
I'd only played two of these but was able to guess most of them from the clues, and got close with a couple more - I tried Legion of Legends and Plant vs. Zombie.
level 15
Dec 16, 2013
i don't do games… this was pretty fun :)
level 58
Mar 11, 2014
If you accept DDR, you should accept NFS, GTA, PvZ, and LoL as well.
level 28
Sep 1, 2014
I liked this one a lot. I'm not a gamer and had a chance!
level 27
Nov 7, 2014
Velocity is not a synonym for speed. Speed shows that something is moving. Velocity shows that something is moving, in a specified direction.
level 59
Dec 20, 2015
One sign of wisdom is knowing when not to show it.
level 60
Oct 7, 2015
Nice quiz. Plug for my new Final Fantasy quiz: http://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/121975/final-fantasy-series-quiz
level 44
Dec 20, 2015
level 57
Dec 20, 2015
never played a video game in my life but got 12. good quiz!
level 24
Dec 20, 2015
Quarry Skill is bloody tenuous, otherwise good quiz.
level 66
Dec 24, 2015
I believe that, since "Minecraft" is compound and without spaces, the synonym should be as well. Otherwise, I found these to be hilarious!
level 21
Feb 27, 2018
I love this quiz! It is awesome but so hilarious! The funniest is "requirement for velocity" in my opinion.