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1,5422021-03-21Disputed Territories Flag-Shape
4572021-05-06Name a Valid European Country
4092021-04-031 letter words
1732021-01-19Regions of Spain by Borders (with a map)
1472021-01-25Countries where Coca-Cola is not sold
1442020-12-06Monarchs of Spain
1402021-01-06The Habsburg Monarchs
1272021-03-28Find the hidden U.S. State
1242021-02-04US States by Flag Maps
1232020-11-20Every Romanov Ruler of Russia
1172020-11-28Every British Monarch
1072020-11-28Every German Kaiser
952021-01-18Divided Country Names
912021-03-23Umstrittene Gebiete Flaggenform
902021-03-15Random Countries of the World in 1945
882021-02-06Top 20 Biggest Cities in Europe (with a map)
872021-03-23Terytoria sporne w kształcie flagi
852021-03-20All Eurovision Winners - Flag Hearts
832021-01-22Canada Provinces and Territories by Borders
822021-04-07Countries Bordering Eurovision Countries
792021-03-17Countries of Europe by Flag-Shape
762021-03-17Countries of Asia by Flag-Shape
752020-10-27What European City?
752020-12-07Monarchy or... Republic
752021-01-29Words Spelled wrongly quiz
722020-11-27All the Portuguese Monarchs
722021-01-28Select World Capitals
712021-03-24Territori contesi a forma di bandiera
712020-12-29English Monarchs
702021-01-23Flags of Europe in 1914
702020-12-16Tsars of Bulgaria
692021-03-22Find the Mystery City
692021-01-25My Favorite Countries by Flag Maps
692021-01-24Provinces of the Netherlands by Borders
692020-12-31Prussian Kings
682021-03-16All Eurovision Winners
672021-02-21Arab League Map Quiz
662021-01-05Kings and Queens of Sweden
662020-12-01The Dutch Monarchs
632021-03-17Flag-Shape - Multiple Choice
622021-02-13Prophets of Islam
602021-03-23Forme du drapeau des territoires contestés
592020-12-17Female Monarchs of Britain
582021-03-17Flag-Shape Chain
582021-03-10Subdivision Flag Maps
572021-01-24Favorite Subdivisions by Flag Maps
572021-03-23Formato de bandeira dos territórios disputados
562021-04-06Majority Muslim Countries Flag-Shape
552021-01-04The Monarchs of the Kingdom of Denmark
552020-11-22Arunachal Pradesh/South Tibet: India or China
542021-04-22Languages I speak
542020-11-29Ottoman Sultans
542021-03-17Republics of the USSR by Flag-Shape
542021-02-08Countries turnbacktwo has been to by Flag Maps
522020-12-13Famous Monarchs by Country
522020-12-03French Monarchs
512020-12-28Biggest Empires in History
512020-12-16Monarchs of Brazil
512021-03-17Countries of South America by Flag-Shape
502020-12-23Monarchies of Europe Map Quiz
502021-03-17Countries of Africa by Flag-Shape
502020-10-29What Country?
492021-04-04Capital Cities Flag-Shape Quiz
492020-12-22European Union Map Quiz
492020-12-25Emperors of Austria
492021-01-20European Countries by Female Monarchs
492021-03-17Countries of Oceania by Flag-Shape
482021-03-31Flags with Plants
482020-11-24Flags of Countries that are in Southern Europe
472021-02-01Most Populous Slavic Cities (with a map)
472020-12-03Kings of Saudi Arabia
462020-12-08Kings of Greece
462020-12-14Monarchs of Italy
452020-12-23Eurozone Map Quiz
452020-12-11Holy Roman Emperors
452020-12-16The 1 king of Albania
442021-02-065 Closest Countries to Monaco
442021-01-10Flags with Animals
432021-02-27Countries ProximaCentauri has been to by Flag Maps
432021-01-17Portuguese History A-Z
432021-01-09Monarchs known as the Great ( European Version )
432021-01-27Scottish Monarchs
422020-12-24Crowns of Europe
422021-02-08Countries Quizzer218232 has been to by Flag Maps
422020-11-12Capitals of the top 10 smallest countries
412021-03-02Abbasid Caliphs
412020-12-21Major World Cities in Russian
412020-12-16The Monarchs of Serbia
412021-01-20Autonomous Regions of Spain by Flag Maps
412020-12-21Castilian Monarchs
402021-03-23Territorios en disputa en forma de bandera
402020-12-24Coolest Flags ( my opinion )
402020-11-10Capitals of the top 10 most populous countries
392021-02-04Every countries flag that ends in -ia
392021-02-23Countries FaroPor has been to by Flag Maps
382020-11-22Flags of the top 10 biggest countries
382020-11-21Countries with Red, Black, Green and White Flags
372021-04-13The Germany Quiz
372020-12-26Flags of Europe in 1938
372021-02-08Countries MG17 has been to by Flag Maps
372021-01-26Slavic Countries Map Quiz
362020-12-20Christmas in other Languages - Hard
362021-03-30States of Germany by Flag Maps
362020-12-24Monarchies of Oceania Map Quiz
362020-12-23Monarchies of North America Map Quiz
362020-12-19Christmas in other Languages - Easy
352020-11-28The Monarchs of Belgium
352020-12-16Polish-Lithuanian Monarchs
352021-01-27South America True or False
352021-01-07Countries containing z
352021-04-04Flags with Text
342021-03-14ASEAN Map Quiz
342020-12-03The Hungarian Monarchs
342021-03-17Countries of North America by Flag-Shape
332021-02-1012 Biggest Cities in Brazil (with a map)
332021-03-21Longest Reigning Monarchs in World History
332021-05-19Number of Eurovision Wins by Country
322020-11-02Capitals of the top 10 biggest countries
322020-12-19Current Monarchs of Europe
322021-01-20Provinces and Territories of Canada by Flag Maps
322021-03-14States and Territories of Australia by Flag Maps
312020-12-20Kievan Rus' Grand Princes
312021-01-30The Five Pillars of Islam
312020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering Poland
312021-03-11Fast Typing Letters
302021-04-13The France Quiz
302020-10-29What Empire(s) ?
302020-12-22Middle East Map Quiz
302021-04-02Subdivisions of Portugal which have 4 letters
302020-12-11Places of Worship
292020-12-23Monarchies of Asia Map Quiz
292021-02-08Countries Chad has been to by Flag Maps
282020-11-10Russian Quiz
282021-02-08Countries NeilVedwan has been to by Flag Maps
282021-02-08Countries SirPhilippines has been to by Flag Maps
282020-12-23Monarchies of Africa Map Quiz
282021-05-17JetPunkers Interviewed by baptistegorce
272021-03-05Quiz about myself :)
272021-01-06Norwegian Monarchs
272020-12-20The Kings of Jordan
272020-12-16Romanian Monarchs
272020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering France
262021-01-13Husbands of the Queens of the United Kingdom
262020-12-15Famous Monarchs by Country #2
262020-12-22Monarchs of Croatia
262020-11-22Flags of Countries Bordering France
262021-01-30Countries by Random Picture #1
262021-03-11Random English Monarchs
262021-01-23Mughal Emperors
262021-02-10Countries raaaadish has been to by Flag Maps
252021-02-09Europe but it is Only My Top 25 Favorites
252021-03-24Kiistanalaisten alueiden lippu
252021-01-29Belarusian... or Byelorussian
252021-03-07Seljuk Sultans
252020-12-20Christmas in other Languages - Medium
252021-04-07The Spain Quiz
242020-12-19The Grand Dukes and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
242021-02-11Countries FelixStar1965 has been to by Flag Maps
242021-03-01Countries Beginning with Nepal
242021-04-07The Russia Quiz
242021-03-31Flags with Cantons
242020-12-16The 1 king of Montenegro
232021-03-30JetPunkers by First 3 Letters
232020-12-23Stan Countries Map Quiz
232020-12-21Monarchs of Aragon
232021-01-24Top 5 Tallest Buildings in History
232021-03-28Countries where I know all the subdivisions
222021-02-08Countries Jetpunker180 has been to by Flag Maps
222020-11-27Got the Month? Guess what Season - Northern Hemisphere
222021-01-15Elizabeth I... or Elizabeth II
222021-01-30Countries by Random Picture #2
222021-02-08Countries TheBerryLegend has been to by Flag Maps
212021-04-29Days of the Week in Ukrainian - Easy Version
212021-01-16Flags of Countries Bordering Saudi Arabia
212021-02-05Monarchs by Picture
202020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering Brazil
202021-02-19Rashidun Caliphs
192021-02-08Countries 4knowledge has been to by Flag Maps
192021-01-06Ottoman Cities in Italy
192021-01-23Answers that start with Ts
192020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering Germany
192021-02-22JetPunk Users by Former Name
182020-12-19What Russian Monarch?
182021-02-08Grand Princes of Moscow
182020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering China
182020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering India
182021-01-07The 1 king of Libya
172021-02-05English Monarchs during the Russian Time of Troubles
172021-02-10Countries GrandOldMan has been to by Flag Maps
172021-01-16Victoria... or Elizabeth II
172020-12-23Schengen Area Map Quiz
172020-12-22Female Monarchs of the Netherlands
172020-12-22Flags of Countries Bordering Russia
172020-12-17Female Romanov Monarchs
162021-03-30Spanish Monarchs by Picture
152021-04-29Days of the Week in Ukrainian - Hard Version
142020-12-31Russian Monarchs by Picture
142020-12-20Russian Tsars During the Times of Troubles
142021-01-08The 1 king of Finland
142021-01-30Countries by Random Picture #3
142020-12-27History of Russia Part 1
142021-02-07Monarch Nicknames
132022-05-20im back..
132021-02-02Monarchy Family Trees that UsefulCharts has made Videos on
122021-03-30ACD Map Quiz
122021-04-04Dutch Monarchs by Picture
112021-02-13Jetpunk Badges I Have ( No Clues )
112020-11-27Got the Month? Guess what Season - Southern Hemisphere
112021-01-06History of Russia Part 4
112021-02-28Ruthenian Monarchs
112020-12-23Flags of Countries Bordering D.R. Congo
112021-03-24Vlagvorm van betwiste gebieden
112021-01-29Crowns of Asia
102021-03-03My Favorite Jetpunkers
92021-05-14French Monarchs during the Russian Time of Troubles
92021-02-05Spanish Monarchs during the Russian Time of Troubles
92020-12-27History of Russia Part 2
92021-01-08The 4 Wives of King Philip II of Spain
82021-03-03Ghurid Rulers
82020-12-24Shortest Reigning Monarchs
72020-12-20The Monarchs of Bosnia and Herzegovina
72021-03-25Naval Jacks
72020-12-28History of Russia Part 3
72021-05-17Subdivisions I've Been to
52021-02-21Rulers of the Umayyad Caliphate
52021-03-09Sultans of Rum
52021-03-06Sultans of the Ghaznavid Empire