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Famous "Sons"

Guess these famous people whose last name ends with "son".
Last updated: February 18, 2019
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Purchased Louisiana
Thomas Jefferson
The first known European in North America
Leif Erikson
Mr. Bean
Rowan Atkinson
Hermione Granger
Emma Watson
American inventor who held 1,093 patents
Thomas Edison
L.A. Lakers point guard 1979-1991
Magic Johnson
4th U.S. President
James Madison
Admiral who won the Battle of Trafalgar
Horatio Nelson
Manager of Manchester United 1986–2013
Alex Ferguson
She starred in "Lost in Translation" and "The Avengers"
Scarlett Johansson
He created the Muppets
Jim Henson
He bit Evander Holyfield's ear
Mike Tyson
His murderous cult killed Sharon Tate in 1969
Charles Manson
He founded a guitar company that bears his name today
Orville Gibson
Controversial "Top Gear" co-presenter
Jeremy Clarkson
Won his first Oscar for his role in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Jack Nicholson
DJ who recorded "Uptown Funk"
Mark Ronson
This Massachusetts poet became well-known only after her death in 1886
Emily Dickinson
English engineer known as the "Father of Railways"
George Stephenson
Rocker known as "The Lizard King" with a much-visited gravesite in Paris
Jim Morrison
level 74
Feb 15, 2019
Some big hitters in there. I can never remember scarlet Johansson
level 85
Feb 18, 2019
A minor error - the Morrison answer requires the 's' instead of just accepting 'Morri'...
level ∞
Feb 18, 2019
level 71
Mar 27, 2019
No argument with your clue for Mr. Bean, but Orson Bean (you saw him as a young man in "Anatomy of a Murder" and much older in "Being John Malkovich") also fits the category. A little rewording would avoid the ambiguity.
level 56
Mar 27, 2019
Reread the directions.
level 62
Mar 27, 2019
Great quiz! (Even if I didn't do as well as I should.) Can't believe only 30% got Emily Dickinson though.
level 61
Mar 27, 2019
There's a big cognitive difference between recall and recognition. I'd be willing to bet that Dickinson is a name a lot of folks would recognize but I'm not at all surprised only 1 in 3 recalled it (especially as clued).
level 54
Mar 27, 2019
It's a simple life. I see Mr.Bean on a quiz, I click.
level 72
Mar 27, 2019
I just lost the game :-(
level 61
Mar 27, 2019
I lost the game
level 72
Mar 27, 2019
Great quiz. I don't know what Top Gear is. I'll have to look it up.
level 61
Mar 27, 2019
Given his unique "...son" last name, you should add Zion Williamson.
level 49
Mar 27, 2019
Jackson guitars are very popular, too. Grover Jackson was founder of the company.